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Does My Capital One Credit Card Have a PIN

In 2023, roughly 426,000 cases of credit card fraud were reported to the Federal Trade Commission. You can easily avoid being a part of this statistic by beefing up your card’s security. Since the chip-and-PIN method is not that common in the US, many card owners have never thought about the one question that could potentially make their card tamper-proof: Does my Capital One credit card have a PIN?

And now that you’re thinking about it, today is the day you can make your card extra secure.

Does my Capital One Credit Card have a PIN?

Yes, your Capital One card has a PIN. Even if it doesn’t, you can request it anytime after getting your card. Most cards have adopted the chip and PIN technology to secure owners’ data against ever-increasing card frauds

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When you receive your newly-approved card, you get a choice to: 

  • Create your PIN
  • Accept a system-generated PIN, or
  • Decline a PIN 

This method is more secure than the swipe method. Swiping is becoming increasingly untrustworthy because scammers can obtain your information by swiping a plastic card right after you. Chip-and-PIN uses a different technology and has gained popularity by being more reliable and secure.

Advantages of a Credit Card PIN

A credit card PIN is the next best thing since the contactless method emerged. The chip-and-PIN method is advantageous for more reasons than you might assume.

Quick Payments

You can pay and leave the counter quicker by entering your PIN, making the payment, and collecting the receipt. You can exit the store quickly as you don’t have to wait to sign after your card receipt is generated.  It saves time and your privacy. 

Frequent Travels

Although it is a secure method that should be adopted widely, chip-and-PIN credit cards are still not popular in the US. Cards issued here use the chip-and-signature method, which leaves them vulnerable to fraud.

That said, the chip-and-PIN method is widely used outside the US. It gives users an advantageous edge, especially with Capital One. Card holders can request a PIN for their card before traveling abroad to keep their identity and finances safe. 

Additional Security Wall

The best thing about the chip-and-PIN cards is that they come with lower chances of falling prey to skimming. Scammers cannot replicate your card as it verifies you through a set of digits instead of retaining your card information like the swiping method.

A man swiping his credit card on the delivery man's payment terminal

The chip-and-PIN reader sends encrypted information directly to the business owner’s seller account. Then, that information is transferred to your issuer for approval. This process keeps fraudsters away because everything is encoded.

Disadvantages of a Credit Card PIN

Just like any other technology, there are certain disadvantages with credit cards that use the chip-and-PIN method. 

Risk of Exposure

The most significant risk is that a scammer might see you log your PIN in the ATM. Even though the screen shows a series of asterisks instead of actual numbers, a hidden camera can capture you pressing the digits to your PIN.

However, you have two options to protect your identity in case of an unauthorized purchase. Firstly, you can lock your card via your Capital One mobile app or block the merchant. Secondly, you can call the bank’s customer service helpline and request an immediate freeze and an investigation in case you suspect something.

Not Used Widely

This method is not used in the US, which might leave you vulnerable to fraud. Also, some countries do not use the chip-and-PIN method. Your trip can be ruined if you become a victim of card fraud after using your chip-and-signature card there.

It is always best to do your research and learn how to keep your card safe before traveling. You can also call your card issuer directly to find out if using a PIN code would be beneficial.

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Requesting a PIN on your Capital One Credit Card

You can request a PIN for your Capital One card anytime if you:

  • Declined it when you first received the card from the issuer
  • Forgot it 
  • Suspect exposure and want to change it
  • Are about to travel to a country where you need a PIN code

You can get a PIN through your online credit card account. Select “Control Your Card” under “More Account Settings”. Then follow the steps stated under “Get a Cash Advance.” You will receive a code through email or text to set a custom PIN you can start using immediately. 

Another option is to call the bank at 1-800-227-4825 and follow the automated instructions. You can also choose to get it by mail in 7 to 10 days. 

More Credit Card Security Measures

Besides chip-and-PIN, the EMV technology offers the following methods to keep your data secure:


This method combines a microchip and your signature to verify you. While it is the most common protection technology card companies in the US use, it is not the best. 

Most store owners don’t require your signature to process any transactions on your card these days. This makes it easy for thieves to steal your card and make purchases in your name.


It is by far the sharpest privacy protector for your cards, requiring card owners to simply hover the card over the card reader screen to complete their purchase. Fraudsters find it difficult to steal your particulars when you haven’t swiped your card or entered your PIN anywhere.

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Related Questions

How to get Cash from a Capital One Credit Card without a PIN?

You can get cash from a Capital One card without a PIN by visiting a Capital One branch. To successfully withdraw cash without a PIN, you will need to submit a check with a government-approved photo ID, like a passport or a driver’s license.

How much Cash can you Withdraw from Capital One?

You can withdraw up to $5,000 in cash daily from Capital One. This amount includes total card purchases and money withdrawn from ATMs or the bank. Remember that Capital One has a different daily limit for different types of transactions.

Can I get Cash from Capital One Credit Card without a Card?

Yes, you can get cash from Capital One without a card. You have to open your mobile app and scan the QR code at the ATM. If you are at an in-store counter, hover or tap your phone screen with the QR code on the reader.


Capital One allows you to set up or decline a PIN when you receive your card by mail. Even if you decline, you can request it anytime via your mobile app or by calling the bank. While the chip-and-PIN method is not widely used in the US, you may need your PIN to withdraw cash advances or use it for foreign travel.