Manhattan Prep GMAT Course: A Review

The One, The Only, The GMAT Anyone preparing to pursue their MBA knows they will most likely have to take the GMAT – the Graduate Management Admission Test. This test is an essential part of the graduate business school application process and a marker that schools use as an acceptance deciding factor. Especially if you […]

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50 Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Business

Starting a business can be complicated stuff. There's a ton to think about even before you open the doors to that first customer. We've compiled 50 questions to help you think of everything before you launch your own business.

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101 Shadow Work Prompts for Small Business Owners

Overview “Shadow work” is a concept from Jungian psychology that refers to the process of exploring and integrating the unconscious aspects of ourselves, often referred to as the “shadow.” The shadow consists of the parts of ourselves that we deny, suppress, or disown, often because they don’t align with our conscious self-image or societal expectations. […]

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The Risks of Opening a Restaurant–Is It Worth It?

The restaurant industry is notoriously fickle and unforgiving. If you are an aspiring restaurant owner, it’s important that you fully understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The restaurant business is plagued by unique challenges including low profit margins, high turnover, and a broader industry that continues to face post-pandemic challenges including labor shortages, wildly […]

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Winners Take All — Book Review

Anand Giridharadas, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. New York: Knopf, 2018. xvi + 288 pages. $26.95. Overview This book is an engaging, ground-level, journalistic report about a world hidden in plain sight. The author calls it “MarketWorld.” What is MarketWorld? MarketWorld is hydra-headed monster consisting of a physical space, a […]

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Titans of Industry, Old and New

We all reflect the times in which we live—even the most influential and powerful among us. It is just that most lives whisper in 8-point type, in keeping with a modest place in the scheme of things, while the makers of history shout in 72-point size. For this reason, the study of “parallel lives” from […]

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Ten Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Travel

Following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry is making a comeback. But the travel experience is a little different these days. Today, travel reflect the balance between a partial return to normalcy and acclimation to a “new normal.” For a look at what travel is like these days, check out these 10 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Travel.

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The Highest Paying Business Majors

When it comes to majoring in business, there are countless educational avenues you could travel. We strongly recommend choosing your path based on what most interests and excites you. But as you narrow the focus of your studies to your area of concentration, you should also know what to expect in terms of salary potential. We’ve compiled a list of popular areas of business study that offer some of the highest returns on your educational investment.

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Ten Reasons Your Company Needs a Great HR Department

Human Resources (HR) covers a lot of ground. In a given organization, HR can play a direct role in everything from recruitment, hiring, and firing to training, evaluation, and oversight of company ethics. While the exact duties charged to an HR department may vary from one company to the next, the importance of a strong, functional and rational HR department is indisputable.

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What Kind of Insurance Do Small Businesses Need?

What Kind of Insurance Do Small Businesses Need?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, why not protect it? The best way to do so is through insurance coverage, but what kind of insurance do small businesses need? For a small business owner, like you, it’s hard to know which insurance policies are necessary, and which ones you can do without.  […]

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How to Start a Small Business in 10 Steps

So you have an amazing idea for a business and you’re ready to make the leap from concept to reality. But how do you actually start your own business? What steps must you take to transform your vision into a fully-functioning and eventually profitable endeavor? If you’re ready to dive full-throttle into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, follow these ten steps. The exact sequence may vary depending on the nature of your business and your personal circumstances but in most cases, you will need to check these items off of your list on the way to a viable business.

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The Unreasonable Sway of College and University Rankings: An Interview with Jeffrey Stake and Jed Macosko

It may seem strange for a money and business website like to present this interview about college rankings and the problems they raise. But these academic rankings are big business, and the actual school ranking lists that they produce have significant business and financial implications for the schools listed, especially depending on where they […]

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