Because Money is Expensive

Money is expensive. We pay for it with our time, toil, and talent. In other words, we pay for it with our very lives. Consequently, what money we obtain we can’t afford to waste. Money is hard won and hard spent.

It’s therefore a crucial life skill to know what money is, how it works, and how to handle it. Yet most of our education teaches us little about money. Expensivity.com presents the critical information you need to master money, rather than letting it master you.

Here you learn the basics of money, but you also have the opportunity to dive as deep as you like to advance your understanding of money.

Money does not arise in a vacuum. It occurs in an economy, which in turn is part of a social and political order. So our discussions of money will focus not just on the nuts and bolts of money but also on the broader context in which money operates.

At Expensivity.com, we recognize just how expensive money is, and so a dominant theme in guiding our readers is the wise and careful management of money. Money is easily wasted, and the habit of wasting money causes untold stress and hardship. We will help you skirt money’s many traps and pitfalls.

In the end, money is about helping us achieve our goals and dreams. Yet getting there requires much practical knowledge and skill about money, such as:

  • Choosing the right bank.
  • Investing in the market wisely.
  • Planning for retirement.
  • Taking out a loan.
  • Managing debt.
  • Picking a good credit card.
  • Finding good insurance.
  • Paying for medical care.
  • Running a household.
  • Starting a small business.
  • Saving for education.
  • Getting an education.
  • Minimizing taxes.
  • Estate planning.

Practical steps like these are all part of reaching your goals and dreams. Expensivity.com will lay out a clear path for you to follow.

Our Team

Bruce L. Gordon, President and CEO

Bruce Gordon holds degrees in mathematics, music, and theology, as well as a doctorate in philosophy from Northwestern University. He is the author of numerous articles in professional journals, the editor of two books, and co-author of a third. He has taught at the University of Calgary, Northwestern University, the University of Notre Dame, Baylor University, and The King’s College in New York City. He is currently a professor of the history and philosophy of science at Houston Baptist University. With a long-standing interest in financial markets, he offers Expensivity.com’s readers actionable knowledge about investing, trading, personal finance, and money management.

Bernard Fickser, Senior Editor

Bernard Fickser, PhD, is the pen name of an independent scholar who writes on many different topics. Like Bruce Gordon, he too has a longstanding interest in finance and money. As an investor in cryptocurrencies as well as in precious metals, he brings both theoretical and practical insights into the uses and abuses of money. He is especially interested in making clear to Expensivity.com’s readers key concepts and subject areas that impact their monetary health.

Fred Bech, Contributing Editor

Fred Bech, PhD, is the pen name of an independent scholar who writes on philosophy, science, education, and economics. After taking a master’s degree at an Ivy League school, he worked as a college instructor and later as a proofreader and editor in the book publishing industry. He seized an unusual opportunity to return to graduate school and obtained his doctorate in the history and philosophy of science in his late fifties. Bech (pronounced “Betch”) has lived in six American states and three European countries, and speaks and/or reads some half-dozen living and dead languages.

David Zimmerman, Senior Writer

David Zimmerman is the pen-name of a seasoned editorialist and published author. In his decades of work as a social critic and education journalist, Zimmerman has written on an extremely wide range of topics from finance and education to American politics and popular culture. Zimmerman joined the Expensivity.com team with the ambition to share advice, insights and resources with families, individuals and organizations aspiring to make sound, savvy and sustainable financial decisions.


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