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Which Capital One Cards Are Visa?

Visa cards were used in 22 billion global transactions last year. Besides worldwide acceptance, Visa-operated credit cards offer reimbursement benefits for eligible shopping and travel-related purchases. This article helps you discover which Capital One cards are Visa, so you, too, can select a suitable card and enjoy these benefits!

Which Capital One Cards Are Visa?

Capital One offers several Visa credit cards designed to meet diverse needs. The most notable ones among these are a couple of Venture cards and some co-branded cards. They come with various benefits, such as travel rewards along with cash back on dining and general categories.

A visa card on top of a laptop

The Visa network is coveted because it is accepted globally and offers extra perks. Capital One Visa cards can offer services like:

  • Roadside dispatch
  • Trip delay insurance
  • Coverage for lost or damaged luggage
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Zero fraud liability

You can choose a card that fits your spending habits and lifestyle needs.

Popular Capital One Visa Cards

Visa is the most used credit card network in the US. Capital One offers a variety of Visa cards tailored to different needs, including top-tier benefits and co-branded retail rewards. 

Capital One VentureOne Rewards

The Capital One VentureOne Rewards card can be issued as a Visa or Mastercard. It is designed for people who want travel benefits without an annual fee. You earn 1.25 miles per dollar on every purchase and 5x miles on booking rental cars and hotels through Capital One Travel.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards

You get an introductory bonus of 20,000 miles after spending $500 in the first three months. Also, you don’t pay an annual or foreign transaction fee with this card.


  • You pay a $0 annual fee which makes this card budget-friendly.
  • Your reward miles do not expire and can be redeemed for various travel expenses.
  • This card offers travel accident insurance and auto rental collision damage waiver.


  • You earn lower rewards compared to some premium travel cards like Venture X.
  • You don’t get travel perks like lounge access or free checked bags.
  • Some high-tier cards offer more bonus miles in their welcome offers compared to VentureOne Rewards.

Capital One Venture X Rewards

You get a cascade of 100,000 bonus miles every year you own the Capital One Venture X card. Besides this, you get up to a $100 reimbursement for the Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check fee. Being a travel card through and through, you also get access to Capital One’s airport lounges. 

Capital One Venture X Rewards

You also earn rewards like:

  • 10x miles on rental cars and hotel bookings through Capital One Travel.
  • 5x miles on booking flights or making purchases through Capital One Entertainment.
  • 2x miles on every other purchase.


  • You get a yearly $300 travel credit if you make purchases through the Capital One Travel portal.
  • You get the Priority Pass and Capital One Lounge access, giving you a comfortable experience during travels.
  • You get 100,000 bonus miles on every card anniversary, which can increase your reward pool considerably.


  • You must pay a $395 annual fee for this card, which can make it expensive. 
  • You can redeem the best value for your reward miles through travel instead of gift cards, etc. It might make this card less attractive to you. 

Williams-Sonoma Inc. Co-Branded Cards

You get several Williams-Sonoma co-branded cards using the Visa network. You can earn points on purchases made at the Williams-Sonoma family brand with special financing offers on large purchases. You also don’t pay an annual fee here.

Williams Sonoma Key Rewards Visa

You get four co-branded cards with this retail company:


  • You get special discounts and early access to sales at Williams-Sonoma brands.
  • You don’t pay an annual fee, which increases value if you are a loyal brand customer.


  • Rewards are limited to Williams-Sonoma brand purchases.
  • You don’t earn travel or general rewards. It might reduce versatility for some consumers.
  • You incur a maximum APR without an introductory period if you carry a statement balance.

Visa Card Types

In order to cater to different financial needs and preferences, Visa cards come in various types. Common features of these cards include global acceptance and $0 fraud liability.

Here are the five main types of Visa credit cards:

  • Visa Traditional: These are basic cards for everyday spending and necessary purchases. They often come with standard benefits like fraud protection for unauthorized transactions.
  • Visa Signature: Offers enhanced benefits such as travel perks, access to exclusive events, and extended warranty coverage. Cardholders can also enjoy concierge services for travel and dining reservations.
  • Visa Infinite: Provides premium services, including higher credit limits, access to luxury travel benefits, and insurance coverages. 
  • Visa Business: Designed for business owners, these cards offer rewards for business expenses, expense tracking tools, and higher credit limits. 
  • Visa Student: These cards usually reward good grades and manageable credit limits to help students build a positive credit history.
A person holding a card reader with a credit card inserted in front of a computer screen

Related Questions

Is the Capital One Savor Card a Visa or Mastercard?

The Capital One Savor card is a Mastercard. This places it in the Mastercard network, which offers additional benefits and perks. You can utilize Mastercard’s global acceptance and features like price protection and identity theft resolution with this card.

Is Capital One Platinum Visa or Mastercard?

Capital One Platinum is a Mastercard. It is designed to help individuals build or rebuild their credit. With no annual fee and a straightforward credit line increase process, it is especially beneficial for those establishing their credit profile.

What Is the Difference Between Capital One Venture and Venture One Cards?

The primary difference between the Capital One Venture and Venture One cards is the earning rate and fees. The Venture card offers 2 miles per dollar spent with a $95 annual fee, while Venture One provides 1.25 miles per dollar with no annual fee. Both cards cater to different needs based on spending habits and travel frequency.


Capital One has six cards on the Visa network. Venture X Rewards is the bank’s best travel card because of its VIP perks. VentureOne Rewards is another flat-rate rewards Visa card focusing on travel. You also get four co-branded cards with Williams-Sonoma Inc. that offer rewards and other perks for loyal brand customers.