Health and income

Health and Wealth: The Health of the Top Earners in America vs. Everyone Else

Can money buy better health? Not directly, maybe—yet research findings suggest that Americans with the highest income rates are also more likely to report better health status and achieve a longer life expectancy compared to low-income families. How pronounced is the difference in health outcomes between the ultra-wealthy and the rest of us? What factors […]

15 min read

supplements compete with the pharmaceutical industry

Is Big Pharma Losing Business to the Supplement Industry?

Is the supplement industry stealing business from pharmaceutical companies? To better understand the competition and connections between these industries, we looked at market size and growth, the results of scientific research, and current trends and future projections in the pharmaceutical and supplement industries.

18 min read

Recession Proof Jobs 2023–Part II

In part two of our look at recession-proof jobs, we take a closer look at some ominous economic storm clouds ahead. Then we tell you about 10 more jobs that might help you weather the storm.

16 min read

improve the pharmaceutical industry

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Needs to Improve

There are always opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry to do more—whether that means boosting value for shareholders, improving access to much-needed medicines in emerging markets around the world, or developing cutting-edge new drugs to cure, treat, manage, or prevent serious medical conditions. With these opportunities in mind, we asked a simple question with complex answers: how can the pharmaceutical industry be improved?

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