20 Financial Tips Every College Student Should Learn

It’s widely acknowledged at this point that student loan debt – and debt among young people in general – is a national crisis, holding young adults back from many of the traditional markers of financial security – buying a home, saving for retirement, and more. But many problems young adults face are also due to […]

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Tax Havens Made Clear: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for guidance on whether the judicious use of a tax haven might legally lessen your tax liability and improve your family’s financial situation, look no further. This Expensivity guide introduces and explains the relevant issues, then points you to resources that will get you started on protecting and preserving your family wealth. […]

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The Price of Happiness in Every Country

They say you can’t buy happiness – but money can help prevent you from being unhappy. In fact, Scientists at Purdue have even put a figure on unhappiness. If you live in the United States,  $105,000 per annum will help to stop you  from becoming unhappy. Anything you earn over that figure will have a […]

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Get Shorty! A New Era of Retail Trader “Rebellions”?

The Retail Trader “Rebellion” of January ’21 was, in itself, a short-lived affair. The concern that it would send the markets into a chaotic downward spiral that would extend through February proved false. The only residue left of the meteoric rise of stocks like Gamestop (GME) and AMC is their mildly elevated trading levels from […]

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