Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes in 2022

From gathering all of your documents in one place and calculating your expenses to navigating changes in the tax code and managing the inherently obfuscating tangle of forms, schedules, and ledgers required by the IRS, filing your taxes can be challenging. But in the end, your goal is always the same—to reduce the amount that you are legally obligated to pay to your federal and state governments. Fortunately there are countless opportunities within the confines of these rules to reduce your tax burden, but it’s up to you to recognize and seize these opportunities.

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The Five Best Online Tax Preparation & Filing Services for 2022

Whether you’re preparing to owe the government a few bucks, you’re anticipating a nice return, or you're ultimately expecting a neutral outcome, the fact of the matter is that taxes are rarely fun. They can be complicated and confusing and a little stressful. From gathering your documents and calculating your expenses to navigating the tangled web of rules, regulations, liabilities, credits, deductions, and penalties, there’s a lot to figure out. That's why we’ve scoured the web in search of online tax preparation services that can help ease the process of filing for you this year.

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How to Start a Small Business in 10 Steps

So you have an amazing idea for a business and you’re ready to make the leap from concept to reality. But how do you actually start your own business? What steps must you take to transform your vision into a fully-functioning and eventually profitable endeavor? If you’re ready to dive full-throttle into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, follow these ten steps. The exact sequence may vary depending on the nature of your business and your personal circumstances but in most cases, you will need to check these items off of your list on the way to a viable business.

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10 Ways Telecommuting Can Save You Money

According to Hudson River Community Credit Union, an individual working from home can save as much as $4,000 a year, though the exact rate of savings may vary depending on factors like geography, profession, and lifestyle habits. Still, there are plenty of saving opportunities for anybody who trades in the briefcase and the commute for a home office and a new ergonomic chair. So if telecommuting is actually an option for you, either permanently or partially, it may be worth considering. 

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Could Moving to Puerto Rico Reduce Your Taxes?

Since the United States taxes based on citizenship, if you’re an American citizen or permanent resident, the IRS will follow you all over the world, demanding you pay taxes on everything you earn, even if no US resources were involved in generating your income. Even moving to a country with no income taxes won’t reduce […]

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The Top 5 Asian Tax Havens

While no Asian countries function as a pure tax havens, various locations in Asia have governmental structures, banking, and finance laws beneficial both for individuals and for businesses concerned about reducing their taxes, protecting their assets, expanding their investment strategies, and having confidentiality in their banking and financial transactions. We will survey some of the […]

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Tax Havens Made Clear: A Comprehensive Guide

The Problem of Taxation Taxes. They’re the bane of the existence of honest and hard-working people everywhere. We’d much rather preserve our capital for the benefit of our families and for important charities than pay the bill for all manner of government waste and inefficiency—often in the service of projects we would rather not support. […]

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Life in the Caymans: Not So Taxing

When the words “tax haven” are uttered, the Cayman Islands are one of the first locations that come to mind. The Caymans are one of the most well-known tax havens on the planet. [NOTE: This article is a chapter in ourComprehensive Guide to Tax Havens.] Contents The Tax-Free Caymanian Life Tax Laws in the Cayman […]

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Everything You Need To Know About The Gift Tax

Gifts of money or property sometimes also bring stress as both the gift giver and gift recipient have to consider any tax implications. However, most of the time a gift tax isn’t something to worry about. “Gift tax”, for purposes of this article, means a federal tax on money, property, or anything of value that […]

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The Top 11 European Tax Havens

Extending from western Europe into the Caucasus, countries as diverse as Switzerland and the Republic of Georgia host a variety of tax havens. These countries provide a refuge from income taxes, capital gains taxes, and corporate taxes. In consequence, they have attracted a variety of tax refugees, including large companies and private investors, seeking to […]

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Tax Havens: A Short Introduction

Tax havens are jurisdictions around the world where the tax laws are lenient or non-existent. The oldest tax havens in the contemporary world are places like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Panama, which have each had this status for about a hundred years. GAO: International Taxation and Tax Havens OECD: List of Uncooperative Tax Havens Let’s get […]

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The Top 10 Caribbean Tax Havens

Many Caribbean nations are pure tax havens that offer tax security to business owners and investors because of their financial privacy laws, non-existent income taxes, and non-existent corporate taxes. These nations became tax havens to attract foreign investment, bolster their own economies, and reduce their dependence on foreign nations, though their effectiveness has been curtailed […]

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A Guide to Countries with no Income Tax

The idea of living tax-free is exhilarating! You may live somewhere with a high tax rate. Or be looking to have zero income tax. You may look at your income tax return and wonder if there are any tax free countries. Find out more about no tax countries. [NOTE: This article is a chapter in […]

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How Secure Are Tax Havens?

Scrutiny of offshore banking accounts and financial activities has increased and a variety of national and international organizations are applying pressure to establish treaties and exchange agreements that would eliminate the tax advantages that tax havens provide. Many countries are not happy about the existence of tax havens that lower the amount of money they […]

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A Guide to Offshore Banking and Investments

Offshore accounts: they’re not just a tax reduction strategy for the rich. They can be useful for anyone concerned about their financial future. Rich or not so rich, then, let’s explore some of the possibilities and complications of moving money offshore. [NOTE: This article is a chapter in ourComprehensive Guide to Tax Havens.] The complexity […]

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