10 Ways Telecommuting Can Save You Money

According to Hudson River Community Credit Union, an individual working from home can save as much as $4,000 a year, though the exact rate of savings may vary depending on factors like geography, profession, and lifestyle habits. Still, there are plenty of saving opportunities for anybody who trades in the briefcase and the commute for a home office and a new ergonomic chair. So if telecommuting is actually an option for you, either permanently or partially, it may be worth considering. 

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The Unreasonable Sway of College and University Rankings: An Interview with Jeffrey Stake and Jed Macosko

It may seem strange for a money and business website like Expensivity.com to present this interview about college rankings and the problems they raise. But these academic rankings are big business, and the actual school ranking lists that they produce have significant business and financial implications for the schools listed, especially depending on where they […]

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10 Reasons to Get Yourself a Side Hustle

The “side hustle” is one of the great phenomena of the Internet age. Now that we all have access to this wide world of engagement, communication, and commerce, we also have access to a certain type of economic and professional freedom that never previously existed. That doesn’t mean we can all just turn around and quit our day jobs in a blaze of digitally-liberated glory. But it does mean each of us has the chance to explore a side hustle—a personal pursuit that earns you a few extra dollars while fulfilling something within you that can’t be met by the responsibilities of your day job. 

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5 Ways to Save Money and Help the Environment

Making money and protecting the environment are often portrayed as being at odds with one another. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, some of the best tips for living a financially savvy lifestyle mirror the exact strategies for pursuing an environmentally conscious existence.

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What Do Americans Spend the Most Money On?

Consumer spending is the fuel running the engine of the American economy. According to Investopedia, consumer spending accounts for a massive 70% of economic activity in the U.S. This means that trends in spending can exert a profound impact on the economic health of the United States as well as American businesses and households. Americans opened their wallet to the tune of $14.5 trillion in purchases in just the first quarter of 2020. And this massive sum was spent at the start of a year which would ultimately be distinguished by a dramatic pandemic-related downturn in spending. But where is all this money going exactly? What do Americans spend the most on? From big ticket items and long-term saving goals to daily living expenses and recreational experiences, where do Americans put their money? And how have these habits been impacted by the pandemic?

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10 Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency? Should cryptocurrency be part of your investment strategy? We cut through a lot of the hype and complexity surrounding cryptocurrency so that you can understand the risks, the benefits, and the opportunities in this emergent system of alternative currency and exchange. In the simplest terms, crypto tokens are virtual currencies that can be used to make transactions without passing through conventional centralized financial entities or institutions like banks, stockbrokers or exchanges. The idea behind this decentralized financial (DeFi) system is to create a form of financial transaction that is at once more secure and transparent than traditional finance and, simultaneously, more private, more accessible, and less beholden to fees or regulations than traditional finance.

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Expensivity Decelerated: Comparing the Ten Most Economical 2022-Model Electric Cars with their Gasoline-Powered Alternatives

As competition in the electric vehicle (EV) market grows, the prices are starting to come down. The lowest-priced EVs aren’t as economical to buy as the least expensive gasoline-powered vehicles, but they’re certainly not out of reach for anyone looking for a late model car. Given tax incentives and the potential for lower operating costs […]

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What’s the Connection Between Degree Level and Salary?

There is indeed a direct connection between your degree level and what you stand to earn in your career. This should come as comforting news whether you’re helping your kid navigate the college application process, you’re a working professional planning to pursue an advanced degree, or you’re just looking for a silver lining to go with your monthly student loan repayment expenses. How far you go in pursuit of an education does have a direct relationship with your salary potential.

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What’s the Connection Between Exercise and Salary?

The benefits of exercise are numerous and well-documented. Living an active, healthy lifestyle can improve your heart health, raise your energy level, and elevate your mood. Regular healthy exercise can also prevent a wide range of long-term risk factors like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and injury from falling. But did you know that exercise can also help you make more money?

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