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How can I contact American Express Customer Service?

It’s easy to connect with an American Express Representative by phone. Personal credit card users can access 24/7 support by calling 1-800-528-4800. You can also correspond online with American Express Customer Service representatives 24/7 by logging into your existing account dashboard or through your mobile app and clicking on the “Chat” icon in the bottom corner of your home screen.

American Express’s customer service is noted for its general excellence. Account holders typically report high levels of satisfaction with their customer service experiences. One reason is because American Express offers its customers a variety of ways to get in touch. Customers may connect with representatives by:

  • Phone
  • Online Chat
  • Mobile App
  • Social Media
  • Mail

In order to access many of these channels, you must be an American Express account holder. Not yet an American Express account holder? Find out how likely you are to qualify.

Otherwise, read on to learn more about connecting with American Express Customer Service.

How can I get the fastest customer service?

The fastest way to get customer service is to call the phone number connected to your specific account type. American Express customer service makes it easy to connect with live human help by channeling accounting holders to specific customer services departments. So for the most efficient help, your best bet is to check out the American Express directory of numbers.

You’ll find contact numbers for every type of credit card that American Express offers along with hours of availability, options for hearing impaired customers, and alternative automated calling systems if you just wish to make payments over the phone.

American Express offers unique phone numbers for Personal Cards, Corporate Business Accounts (1-800-528-2122), Traveler Rewards Cards (1-800-297-2977) and Membership Rewards Cards (1-800-297-3276). But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The phone numbers listed in the American Express customer services directory include specific departments for small businesses, merchants, and those who use AmEx for their accounts payable solutions. You can also find specific phone numbers for booking cruises, managing personal loans, and much more.

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How can I contact American Express customer service online?

You may contact American Express Customer Service online using the “Chat” feature on your American Express website account dashboard. In order to use the Chat feature, you must be an account holder with access to your online account portal. If you already have an American Express card, but you have not yet created an online account, you can register here.

Once you have created an account, you will not only be able to manage payments, request higher credit limits, redeem rewards and and replace lost or stolen cards through your online dashboard, but you will also be able to use the online “Chat” feature to contact 24/7 customer service. Simply locate the “Chat” icon on the bottom of your homepage to initiate a conversation.

How can I connect with American Express Customer Service using my mobile app?

Once you have an American Express account, you’ll want to grab the AmEx mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. The mobile app gives you the power to manage your account, make payments, request credit limit increases, and replace lost or stolen cards all while on the go. And the mobile app also offers direct access to a 24/7 Chat feature. Find the “Chat” icon on the top right corner of your mobile app, click it, and connect with American Express customer service.

How can I connect with American Express on Social Media?

American Express also invites its customers to reach out directly through a number of leading social media channels in order to engage on a variety of topics. Customers may use these channels to engage directly with public facing company representatives.

For instance, American Express has a publicly accessible Facebook page on which customers are free to share their views–both positive and negative–on the company, their experiences as customers, and their views on the company’s policies writ large. A quick scan of comments on the page shows that American Express representatives are highly responsive to customer feedback of all shapes and sizes.

At one time, American Express also operated a Twitter page called Ask AmEx. This page is no longer active, instead directing visitors, “For Amex service, please contact us directly by phone, app or at”

And in general, American Express strongly advises its customers to reach on through more private channels to address personal customer service matters. According to its own community service guidelines, “For customer care inquiries specific to your account, please call the number on the back of your Card, chat with us on or within our mobile app. If you have a Card issue from an American Express Network Partner, please contact your issuer by calling the number on the back of your Card.”

How can I contact American Express Customer Service by mail?

You may contact American Express Customer Service by mail. If this is your preferred form of correspondence, you may send communications, forms, and documents to the following address:

American Express
P.O. Box 981535
El Paso, TX 79998-1535

Protect Your Privacy

Before corresponding and transmitting personal information through any of these channels, be sure that you’ve taken all the appropriate steps to protect your privacy, your identity, and your account information. American Express stresses the importance of protecting your privacy, especially when corresponding through its social media channels.

In its Community Guidelines statement, American Express advises account holders to “protect your privacy and don’t share personal information about you, your family, or others on the American Express Facebook page. For example, you should never post your Card number, Social Security Number, phone number, or other non-public personal information about yourself or anyone else.”


While it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t share your Social Security Number on Facebook, there are plenty of far less obvious ways that identity thieves, hackers, and credit card scammers can steal your information. To learn more, and keep yourself safe, check out our list of ten ways you can protect yourself against credit card fraud.