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Can You Upgrade Chase Credit Cards?

Can you upgrade Chase credit cards? When considering a shift in your financial tools, understanding your options is crucial. Leveraging my expertise in credit cards, I’ve explored this topic in detail. In this article, I will shed light on the process and possibilities of upgrading your Chase credit card, offering clear and reliable guidance. 

Can You Upgrade Chase Credit Cards?

Yes, you can upgrade Chase credit cards. This process allows cardholders to switch from their current Chase card to another card within the Chase portfolio that better suits their needs or offers more benefits. When you upgrade your Chase card, you’re essentially changing your existing card to a different Chase card, often with higher rewards or benefits. 

This can be a strategic move to align your credit card with your current spending habits or financial goals. It’s a straightforward process, usually involving a simple request to Chase, either online or over the phone.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Chase Credit Card

Upgrading your card can open up a range of financial advantages. Here’s a closer look:

A man in front of a monitor and the other person is putting the credit card on a card reader

Enhanced Rewards

When you upgrade, you often move to a card with a higher reward rate. This means more points or cash back for every dollar spent, which can quickly add up, especially if you’re a frequent spender in categories like travel, dining, or groceries.

Better Perks 

Upgraded cards usually come with a suite of enhanced benefits. This could include comprehensive travel insurance, higher-quality customer service, access to airport lounges, or even exclusive event access. These perks can significantly enhance your travel and purchasing experiences.

Credit Building

Responsibly using and managing a higher-tier credit card can contribute positively to your credit history, especially if it leads to responsible credit use and timely payments.

Increased Credit Limit

Often, upgrading your card can come with an increased credit limit, which can benefit larger purchases and potentially improve your credit utilization ratio, a critical factor in your credit score.

Drawbacks of Upgrading Your Chase Credit Card

While there are benefits, upgrading your Chase card can also have some downsides:

Higher Annual Fees

Many premium credit cards come with higher annual fees. It’s important to weigh whether the benefits you receive outweigh these additional costs.

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Potential Impact on Credit Score

Applying for a new card can lead to a hard inquiry on your credit report, which might temporarily lower your credit score. Also, changing cards can affect your credit utilization ratio.

Missing Out on Welcome Bonuses

One significant drawback of upgrading is that you typically won’t be eligible for the lucrative welcome bonuses that new cardholders receive. These bonuses can be quite substantial, so it’s worth considering.

What are the Requirements For Upgrading a Chase Credit Card?

Let’s delve deeper into what’s required for an upgrade:

Desired Card Type

Think about what you’re looking for in a new card. Are you after more travel rewards, or do you prefer cash back? Maybe you’re seeking lower fees or specific perks like lounge access. Your choice should align with your spending patterns and lifestyle needs.

Duration of Card Ownership

Chase usually expects you to have your current card for at least one year before considering an upgrade. This time frame allows you to establish a usage and payment history, showing Chase you’re a responsible cardholder.

Account Status

Your account must be in good standing to qualify for an upgrade. This means no overdue payments and a history of responsible credit use. Chase will look at your credit history with them to determine your eligibility.

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Chase’s 5/24 Rule

This rule is crucial in the world of credit cards. If you’ve opened five or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months, Chase may not approve your application for an upgrade. This policy is part of their strategy to discourage card churning.

How Do You Upgrade a Chase Credit Card?

Upgrading a credit card is a straightforward process. It typically involves contacting Chase customer service and requesting an upgrade to a different card. The decision is often made quickly; however, it’s subject to certain eligibility criteria, such as your credit history and account standing. Let’s explore a couple of common upgrade scenarios:

Upgrading to a Chase Sapphire Reserve® from Chase Sapphire Preferred®

If you’ve been using the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and find yourself yearning for the higher travel rewards and premium benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, you’re in luck. After holding the Sapphire Preferred® for at least a year, you can request an upgrade by simply calling Chase customer service. 

However, remember that the Sapphire Reserve® has stricter qualification criteria, so approval isn’t guaranteed. You’ll typically know by the end of your call whether your upgrade request has been successful.

Upgrading to a Chase Sapphire Preferred® from Chase Freedom

For those holding a card in the Chase Freedom family, such as the Chase Freedom Unlimited® or Chase Freedom Flex℠, upgrading to a Sapphire card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® is possible. This move can be particularly appealing if you’re looking to step into a card with more robust travel rewards. 

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To initiate the upgrade, just contact Chase. Keep in mind, though, that the Sapphire cards have higher credit and income requirements compared to the Freedom cards, so there’s a chance your upgrade request might not be approved.

Related Questions

Does Upgrading a Chase Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

Upgrading your Chase card typically has minimal impact on your credit score. Since the credit history associated with the account remains intact, the upgrade process doesn’t significantly affect your credit history or score.

What Happens to Your Old Credit Card After an Upgrade?

Once you upgrade your credit card, your old card becomes inactive. This usually happens either when you start using your new upgraded card, within 60 days of the upgrade, or on the date your old card was set to expire, whichever comes first.

Will Chase Give You a Higher Credit Limit When You Upgrade?

Chase may automatically increase your credit limit when you upgrade your card, although this isn’t guaranteed. Factors like your credit score, credit utilization rate, and the duration your account has been open are considered before offering an automatic credit limit increase.


Upgrading your Chase credit card is a practical choice for aligning with your financial goals and lifestyle changes. It offers enhanced rewards, improved perks, and possibly a higher credit limit, while preserving your credit history. Chase makes this transition smooth, catering to your evolving spending habits and needs.