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How to Pay an Amex Credit Card Bill Through UPI

Wondering how to pay Amex credit card bill through UPI? As a credit card expert, I’ve explored this payment solution. This article will guide you through the process of using UPI to settle your American Express credit card bills, offering easy-to-follow steps for a hassle-free transaction. Begin your journey towards efficient credit card management now.

How to Pay Amex Credit Card Bill Through UPI

Paying an Amex credit card bill through UPI is a straightforward and quick process that can be efficiently completed using your smartphone, catering especially to those with financial connections between the U.S. and India. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make the payment smoothly:

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  1. Login to Your UPI App: Start by logging into any UPI-enabled mobile banking app that you use.
  2. Fund Transfer via VPA: Navigate to the fund transfer section and select the option to transfer via VPA (Virtual Payment Address).
  3. Enter the VPA Details: Type in AEBC followed by your 15-digit Amex card number starting with 37, then @SC. For example, if your card number is 3712 3456789 0123, enter AEBC371234567890123@SC as the VPA.
  4. Enter the Payment Amount: Key in the amount you need to pay towards your card bill.
  5. Authorize with UPI Pin: Confirm the transaction by entering your UPI Pin.

Once you’ve authorized the payment, it will be processed. If you make the payment before 5 P.M. the amount will be credited to your American Express Card by the next day, unless it’s a Sunday or a public holiday.

This payment method is particularly useful for U.S. residents who have financial engagements or family in India, enabling them to manage their Amex bills directly through UPI without the need for intermediary financial services, thereby simplifying cross-border transactions and potentially reducing fees.

What Alternative Payment Methods Are Available for an Amex Card Bill?

Paying your American Express card bill doesn’t have to be a one-way street. There are several convenient methods available, each tailored to different needs and preferences. Let’s explore these options:


For those who prefer banking transactions, NEFT is a reliable method. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Add Payee: First, add your American Express Card as a payee in your bank account. Use these details: Payee Name – American Express, Account Number – Your 15-Digit Card Number starting with 37, Bank Name – Standard Chartered Bank, Account Type – Current, IFSC Code – SCBL0036020, Branch Address – Standard Chartered Bank, Narain Manzil, 23 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi.
  2. Make the Payment: Once the payee is added, select it and enter the amount you want to pay.
  3. Authorize the Transaction: Complete the fund transfer, authorizing it with an OTP if required by your bank.

Payments via NEFT are credited within 24 hours. If you’re using Standard Chartered Online Banking, you can skip entering the IFSC Code.

Auto Pay

Auto Pay is perfect for those who want to automate their bill payments. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Online Enrollment: Fill out the online form for Auto Pay. It takes about five business days to get enrolled.
  2. Offline Enrollment: For offline enrollment, fill out the Charge Card Autopay Enrollment Form or Card Autopay Enrollment Form, depending on your card type. This process takes three to four weeks.

Bill Desk

Bill Desk is a great option for net banking users. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter Details: On the Billdesk – American Express CardNet, enter your 15-digit card number, mobile number, and email.
  2. Payment Amount: Enter the amount to be paid and select your bank.
  3. Authorize Payment: You’ll be redirected to your bank’s portal. Login and authorize the transaction.
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For those who prefer traditional methods, paying by courier is available:

  1. Prepare Check/Draft: Write a check or draft payable to “AEBC Card No. <Your 15-digit card number>.”
  2. Send It: Courier it to American Express Banking Corp., Cyber City, Tower ‘C’, DLF Building No. 8, Sector 25, DLF City Phase II, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana.

The payment is credited once the check is cleared.

Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are convenient for those on the go:

  1. Prepare Check/Draft: As with courier, prepare a check or draft payable to “AEBC Card No. <Your 15-digit card number>.”
  2. Locate and Drop: Find the nearest Amex or Standard Chartered Bank drop box and drop your check there. Remember, no cash payments are accepted.

What is the Processing Time for Different Payment Methods?

When you’re managing your American Express card payments, it’s crucial to know how long different payment methods take to process. This can help you plan better and avoid any late payment fees. Here’s a quick overview of the processing times for various methods:

  • UPI: If you pay through UPI before 5 P.M., the amount will also be credited by the next day.
  • NEFT: Payments made via NEFT are typically credited by the next day.
  • BillDesk: Using BillDesk for your payment takes about one to two business days to process.
  • Direct Debit / NACH: For Direct Debit or NACH, the amount is debited from your account before the due date, ensuring timely payments.
  • Courier: Sending your payment via courier can take up to four days to be credited.
  • Drop Box: Payments dropped in a drop box usually take up to two days to process.

Tips for Avoiding Late Payment Fees on Your Amex Card

Dealing with late payment fees on a credit card can be a real hassle, yet with a bit of planning, it’s totally avoidable, especially with your Amex card. The key is staying on top of your payment schedule. I always recommend setting up payment reminders – you can do this on your phone or even mark it on a physical calendar. It’s a simple step, however; trust me, it works wonders in keeping you ahead of those due dates.

Understanding your Amex billing cycle is crucial. Your statement will show the payment due date, so aim to pay a bit early, factoring in processing times for methods like NEFT or Bill Desk. For those with a hectic schedule, Auto Pay is a lifesaver – it automatically deducts the due or a preset amount from your bank account each month, ensuring you never miss a payment.

Lastly, keep an eye on your email or SMS alerts from American Express. They often send payment reminders, and these can serve as an additional nudge to make your payment. By following these simple tips, you can easily avoid those pesky late payment fees and keep your credit health in top shape.

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Related Questions

What is a UPI ID for Credit Card Payments?

A UPI ID for credit card payments is a unique identifier you create to use UPI services to pay your card bills. It typically follows a format like ‘yourname@bankname’ and can be set up through your UPI-enabled banking app.

Can I Pay My American Express Bill With Google Pay?

Yes, you can pay your American Express bill using Google Pay by adding your card to Google Wallet for tap-to-pay transactions where Google Pay is accepted.

Which Credit Cards Are Allowed on UPI?

For UPI, only RuPay Credit Cards from select banks like Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, and others including HDFC, Axis, and SBI are supported for linking to UPI for payments.


In this article, I’ve outlined how to pay an Amex credit card bill through UPI, providing a simple, step-by-step guide for quick and efficient payment. Additionally, I’ve covered various alternative payment methods like NEFT, Auto Pay, Bill Desk, courier, and drop box options, each with their own processing times.