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How To Pay American Express Credit Card Bills

American Express offers its customers a variety of fast and easy ways to pay their credit card bills. Whether you prefer to complete your payment process online, over the phone, through your mobile app, or even in person, American Express offers a way to get it done.

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Otherwise, read on for a look at all the different ways that American Express makes it easy to pay your bills.

What are my Amex Bill Pay options?

American Express gives its customers a wide variety of ways to stay on top of their monthly bills. From online and mobile payments to payment by phone, mail and even in person payments, check out these seven payment processing options for AmEx customers.

Mobile App

American Express strongly advises its customers to download the mobile app, which is available for all current iOS and Android smartphones and mobile devices. The mobile app allows you to manage your account, view transactions, and make payments using your smartphone or tablet. 

The mobile app also gives you access to a few unique flex payment features including the Pay It Plan and the Plan It Feature. In short, Pay It allows the cardholder to make small payments toward qualifying purchases as a way of managing account balances, one small transaction at a time. Plan It allows cardholders to create installment plans to complete qualifying purchases over several months at 0% interest. In addition to making your monthly payments using your mobile app, you can access both of these features 24/7 using your smartphone or tablet.

Online Payments

Along with the American Express app, this is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to pay. Use your “My Account” dashboard through the website to submit payments. It’s easy to link your debit card or bank account to your AmEx card and make fast monthly payments using the online portal. You will typically be required to provide a username and password to log in, and may be required to verify your identity before processing your electronic payment. While the Pay It Plan is only available through the mobile app, you can access the Plan It feature and initiate installment based payment plans using your online account.

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Set Up Direct Autopay

In addition to one-time authorized monthly online payments, you can use your mobile app or online account to set up a pre-authorized payment plan with American Express. This autopay option allows American Express to automatically withdraw your minimum payment or full statement balance from your linked bank account each month. If you’re looking for a payment method that ensures on-time payments and mitigates the risk of late fees or interest charges, this is the payment method for you.

By Phone

If you prefer to make your payments over the phone, American Express offers a fast, easy and navigable automated phone system as well. American Express actually provides focused customer service departments for many of its specialized cards. So the best way to pay by phone is to simply call the phone number on the back of your card and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

If you don’t have access to this number, you can start by calling the general line for American Express payment processing at 1-800-472-9297.

American Express notes that you have the flexibility to schedule payments by phone as far out as 25 days from the payment due date.


While American Express notes that you can make payments online anytime, they do accept payment by mail in the form of checks or money orders. Of course, if you choose this method, it’s important to mail your payment allowing sufficient time for arrival ahead of the due date. Moreover, you should be sure to include all pertinent information including your account number and a recent billing statement. If you do choose this method, American Express offers the following options:

First Class Mail

American Express

PO Box 96001

Los Angeles, CA

90096 – 8000

Express Mail

American Express

Attn: Express Mail Remittance Processing

20500 Belshaw Ave.

Carson, CA 90746

In-Person Payments

It’s actually possible to make payments in person through your local financial institution as well. According to American Express, you should be able to visit your local bank during regular business hours and initiate payment with the support of a teller. While American Express does not charge any fees for this service, your financial institution may charge a processing fee.

In addition, this method of payment can often require as much as three to five business days for processing. If this is your chosen method of payment, you are strongly advised to initiate the payment process well ahead of your due date.

ATM Payments

American Express also notes that you may be able to make payments on your credit card using the ATM affiliated with your local financial institution. This option may only be available through enrollment and by request. If you are interested in processing your AmEx payments this way, reach out to your local financial institution to learn more.

How do I change my monthly payment Due Date?

American Express credit cardholders can easily request a change to their credit card due date using the online portal. Simply look for the link at the bottom of your online “My Account” dashboard to change your payment due date and follow the prompts. As long as your account is in good standing, you should be able to update your payment due date according to your needs.

If you have a premium charge card like the American Express Platinum, Gold, or Green Card, you may need to contact customer service directly in order to change your payment due date. You can do this either using the live chat feature through your online account or by phone.

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Regardless of how you plan to make your payments, it is crucial to honor your due dates, ensure on-time payments, and avoid late fees. Fortunately, American Express has a few cool tools designed to help you stay on top of your payment responsibilities. In fact, you can even set up card alerts for various events, including payment reminders. Jump to the American Express website to learn more.