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How to See a Capital One Credit Card Number Online

Did you know that everytime you shop online, you increase the risk of exposing your identity to fraudsters? That’s because providing your original physical credit card number increases the chances of hacking. As scammers get smarter, using a different card number online is one of the viable options to protect yourself from falling prey to their tactics.

In this article, I will help explain how to see a Capital One credit card number online, and keep your identity and finances safe.

How to See a Capital One Credit Card Number Online

The Capital One mobile app lets you see a Capital One credit card number online. Once you sign in, you should select the “Get Your Virtual Card” option below your current balance. You may have to verify your account via email or text as a security check. 

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If you want to see your card number via the browser, tap “Recent Transactions” after selecting your Capital One card after logging into your account. Then, select “Virtual Card” to copy your card number for online transactions. 

Select “Control Your Card” under “I Want To…”. Click on “View Card Number” to pull up your card information. Remember that all Capital One cards do not have a built-in virtual number. You should read your card’s manual thoroughly to determine if you can access a virtual card.

Benefits of Owning a Virtual Card

A virtual card is your link to online purchases. It is created as an additional security line and serves the same purpose as your physical card.

Privacy Protection

A virtual card is an auto-generated stand-in and a measure to protect you from online scams. Your personal information can be exposed and used without your permission if you add your actual card number to every online site. 

Virtual numbers cannot be hacked easily as they do not contain your information. 

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Ease of Access

You can continue using your virtual card even if your physical card is lost or stolen. You don’t have to remember the virtual numbers because they are auto-filled at every online checkout window. Eno saves unique card numbers in a file for each store so you won’t be hassled.

More Control

Virtual cards have spending limits that can help your online shopping experience. Some also allow you to set an expiration date of your choice. It can help you and your authorized users to keep expenses in check.

Risks of Owning a Virtual Card

The foremost disadvantage is that virtual cards are not widespread. Capital One is among the very few issuers who offer this feature. 

Also, you cannot use it for real-world purchases until you receive your physical card. Additionally, it would be useless if you have to prove your identity to pick up your online purchases.

Another risk of getting virtual card numbers through tools is that you can not use them on your phone. You need to open your desktop browser every time you make online purchases. It can quickly become an inconvenience, especially on the go.

Process of Getting a Virtual Card

Usually, your card company generates and links a virtual card to your physical credit card account beforehand. If you don’t have it, you can get one when you want to shop online. You will need Capital One Eno for it. It is a browser extension that helps you manage your account.

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Here are some things you should know about it:

  • Once you have installed Eno on your desktop, sign in and add your card to enroll. 
  • From then on, it will pop up every time you check out from an online store. Select it to generate virtual cards for transactions. Eno will generate an online merchant-specific virtual card that will be linked to your credit card account.
  • These cards will have the exact mechanism as your physical card: An expiration date and a CVV number. 
  • You won’t need to remember the card numbers. Eno will save them for future use.

Best Uses of an Online Card Number

While virtual cards are virtually useless in the real world, you will enjoy using it more than your traditional, physical credit cards if:

  • Your most frequent online stores are Amazon, Shopify, etc.
  • You subscribe to monthly services like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, etc.
  • You don’t want online stores to get your identity details or data.
  • You often try out new online merchants for one-time purchases.
  • You have meal delivery subscriptions like Uber Eats etc.

Capital One Cards with Immediate Access to Virtual Card Numbers

Although Capital One doesn’t have an official list of cards that have access to immediate virtual numbers, I still dug out a few:

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Related Questions

Can I Use my Capital One Card Online Before it Arrives?

Yes, you can use your Capital One card before it arrives through a virtual card. However, you will have to check with the bank to see if you can avail this facility. Capital One cards do not usually have an online card number for immediate use.

Can I Use Virtual Card Numbers with my Current Credit Card, or do I Need to Apply for a New Card?

You can use virtual card numbers without applying for a new card. However, since Capital One does not offer this option on all credit cards, you should check whether your current credit card qualifies for virtual numbers through their website or a representative.

Will I Still Get the Same Credit Card Benefits as With Virtual Card Numbers?

Yes, you will still enjoy the same card benefits when you pay with virtual card numbers. Since they are linked to your physical card account, you will earn the same rewards and receive similar perks.


You can find your Capital One card number online by tapping on “Get Your Virtual Card” in your mobile app. A virtual card is a powerful tool for your identity protection against online fraud. Capital One offers this feature on some cards, though. So, you may have to install Capital One Eno to receive card numbers at online checkouts.