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What to Do When a Chase Card Expires

Swiping an expired card at a restaurant or a mall is embarrassing. I experienced that shame upon paying the bill at a family dinner last week. I tapped my Chase card after eating — and it showed invalid! 

You or I should never go through it again. So, I have researched what to do when a Chase card expires. Read on to look at my findings.

What to Do When a Chase Card Expires

Usually, you have to do nothing. Chase automatically delivers a replacement card a few weeks before the expiry date printed on yours. You will receive it via post and instructions to activate it. You can check the instructions online too, or call Chase customer service directly.

A cup of coffee on a saucer, laptop, and wallet with credit card placed on a table

You won’t be able to make purchases or pay bills if you do not activate your new card. You can fall back on your dues and credit history if you wait for the last day of the expiry month. A few more things to keep in mind when a Chase card expires:

  • Your account remains active even if your card expires
  • You can see your card’s expiration date on its lower front or back. Although there is no indicated day, the card lasts until the end of the printed month of a specific year.
  • You can call the bank’s number on your Chase bank statement if you do not receive your card after 5 days of expiration

Benefits of Credit Card Expiration

The expiration date has advantages, even if you assume it is a nuisance. You can revise your options when your card is about to expire. All good things must come to an end. However, this “good thing” is replaceable.

Updated Technology

You can get an upgraded version of card technology after you replace your expired card. Companies are forever striving to better card protection. The PIN code technology, for example, is steadily becoming a new trend.

Contactless transactions are also replacing the swiping technique. You can get a better card in exchange for the old one.

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Anti-Fraud Practice

Your CVV changes with your replacement card. You will have to update it on your services. Despite that, it benefits you. If someone steals your card information, they cannot abuse it due to a changed CVV. 

Also, card expiry acts as an extra protective layer because every replaced card has an updated structure. This makes it difficult for fraudsters to copy your details. This is also how credit card companies protect you and prevent fraud from happening.

Less Wear-and-Tear

Your cards are plastic or metal and can wear off with constant use. Even if you are not using them, your wallet or drawer can cause your Chase credit card print to fade. The magnetic strip rubs off along with the card print. 

You can face problems if your cards do not expire even after malfunctioning. Therefore, most cards have a three to five-year validity depending on the time they are likely to wear off. 

Renewed Inventory

You can re-evaluate your almost invalid card to decide if it is time for an upgrade. You can revisit any new offers, or rewards programs or opportunities. Moreover, you can choose whether to keep or cancel it.

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Companies also take this opportunity to conduct satisfaction surveys, showcase the latest bonuses, or offer upgrades. Card replacement can become a client-company bonding experience. On the other hand, you may not receive a replacement if the issuer determines that you no longer use the card.

An Inconvenience Due to Card Expiration

You must update your new expiry date and CVV on all automatic billing or payment services. This includes utility bills, monthly card dues, and any online shopping services you use.

How to Dispose of Expired Cards

You must dispose of your invalid card with care. You might leave it lying around. However, your negligence can reap disaster. Especially if your account number remains unchanged, you must be careful.

You Can

  • Cut your plastic cards into tiny pieces with scissors. Be sure to cut through the printed numbers. You can also throw the fragments in different bins.
  • Shred the expired card in the paper shredder. You can get a shredder for a specific slot for cards.
  • Demagnetize your card’s magnetic strip by passing a magnet over it a few times. 
  • Request a return envelope from your issuer company for your metal card. You can return it to them, and they can destroy it properly.
  • Drop your old card at your local issuer branch if you don’t want to send a postal mail.
  • Cut the metal cards with wire cutters if you don’t believe in posting or dropping your card off at the company’s office.
  • Store your card away as a collector’s item. There is a society for card collectors that buy and sell old, especially premium cards like stamps. 
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You Shouldn’t

  • Try to shred your card in a standard shredder. You will have to invest in a new one if you do.
  • Melt your metal card. It can release toxic fumes and can even explode.
  • Use household scissors for metal cards.
  • Dispose of your expired card without cutting it.
  • Hand it over to kids as a toy.

Related Questions

Will A Replacement Credit Card Have The Same Number?

Yes, a replacement card will have the same account number. That said, the number on the card will change if you want an upgrade or a different card. You can also request another number in certain cases.

Does CVV Change When The Card Expires?

Yes, the CVV changes when the card expires. Card companies do it to ensure anti-scam practices.

Can Chase Replace A Card On The Same Day?

No, Chase does not replace a card on the same day. You will have to wait for up to five business days for it. You can call the bank’s number if you don’t receive it after five days.


Chase sends you a brand new card during the month your current card has to expire. Card replacement is necessary for identity protection, technology upgrades, and to avoid erosion. You have to update your new expiration date on your auto patent services. Furthermore, you should shred your card or return it to the issuer after expiration.