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Why Is My Chase Credit Card Being Declined?

Swiping a declined card at the counter in front of a long line is suffocating. I can relate because I faced the same pressure when I was new to credit cards. I swiped my card at Walmart on a hot sunny day, and it was declined! 

I grew wiser then and discovered why my Chase card was declined. I am sharing the answer with you so that you can find a solution, too.

Why Is My Chase Credit Card Being Declined?

The most common reason your Chase credit card is being declined is that you are over your credit limit. This is one common credit card mistake you need to avoid. Using your maximum available credit indicates a poor financial attitude. It has consequences. Your credit score can drop, your interest rate climb, and card issuers lose trust in you. Although there are ways to build your credit, it can still affect your performance with your company.

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You can stay within the limit if you know how much you can spend. Alternatively, you can apply for an increased credit line. You can also avoid overspending by planning your purchases according to a set budget.

6 More Reasons for Declining Your Card

Your card can be rejected for many reasons, from harmless to severe. Your card may be on hold for big purchases. Or, it can just be a computer mishap. Whatever the reason, know that you can not help your card be declined. The best approach is to be aware of all possible reasons.

Fraud Suspicion

Your card company can suspect fraudulent activity if you:

  • Use your card at a different place than usual
  • Pay for a big purchase that you have never done before
  • Show any card usage behavior that is different from what you usually do

The company can freeze your card, so it will appear declined. This is how companies protect their consumers and prevent fraud. You will have to explain before your card unfreezes.

Card Expiration

Your card can be rejected because it has expired. Although card companies send you a replacement card before the expiry date, you might still carry the old card.

The best approach to resolve this issue is to set reminders to alert you before your card expires. 

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Deactivated Card

You may need to activate it before swiping your replaced card. It can happen the first time you receive a brand-new card, too. Remember to read the instructions before setting out to shop.

Contrarily, the primary user can also deactivate your card if you are registered as an authorized user.

Incorrect Information

This glitch mostly happens when entering information manually for online transactions. You might type an inaccurate mailing address, phone number, or CVV. 

You can sign up for a virtual wallet that updates your details to the seller’s database.

Traveling Without Telling

If you make purchases internationally or even in another city, your card can be declined. Your issuer can restrict or freeze it due to a potential scam. 

Remember to inform your bank or company before traveling so that they allow you to use your card there.

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Late Payments

You can risk a card rejection at the counter if you are a regular late payer. Missed or late payments can make you a defaulter, and your card can be terminated.

You can opt for automatic payments to resolve this problem.

Follow These Steps to Resolve the Issue

You might feel pressured and embarrassed when your card is declined. However, the first thing to do is take a deep breath. Then, follow these steps systematically to get out of the situation unscathed:

  • Re-Check and Re-Enter. Swipe the card again to rule out potential technical faults. Enter your details again.
  • Choose Another Payment Method. Complete your purchase by cash or check if the store accepts it. Otherwise, you can cancel your shopping if you don’t have other options.
  • Contact Customer Service. Call, visit, or email your card company’s customer support. Discuss and work out a solution with them, especially that you have the credit card consumer protections.

4 Ways to Make Sure It Does Not Repeat

You should take the necessary precautions to avoid further card rejection. There is no surefire way to determine that your card is always accepted. That said, you can devise a few rules to avoid this mishap.

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  • Keep Backup Cards or Cash. You must carry some cash with you whenever you go shopping or pay bills. Especially when your card expiry is near, paying by the conventional method helps. Moreover, never stop at a single card. If your primary card fails, you must have at least one backup card to cover you.
  • Know Your Credit Limit. Chase prints your available limit on your monthly credit statements. Memorize it, and plan accordingly. You can set alerts when you reach your expense target to make the most of your card.
  • Set Travel Alerts. Keep your card provider in the loop whenever you travel. Share the contact details of your destination in case of an abrupt necessity. Also, you can request a PIN to secure your card during your trip.
  • Pay On Time. You must stay on top of your dues. You can incur a high interest if you carry a monthly balance. If you miss or postpone a payment, it can affect your relationship with your card issuer negatively. 

Related Questions

Is it Bad if Your Credit Card Is Declined?

It is not bad if your card is declined for a minor reason, like misinformation or deactivation. However, you might face consequences if your card is rejected due to overutilization.

Why Was My Credit Card Declined Online?

The most common reason for your card being declined online is inaccurate details. You can make a mistake in typing your contact number or CVV. You can re-enter your information to get approved.

What Number Do I Call If My Chase Card Is Declined?

You can call the number in your Chase wallet or the dedicated phone line for credit cards: 1-800-432-3117.


The most common reason your Chase card can be declined is your overspending. If that happens, your credit score can plummet, so you must control your expenditure. Card rejection also includes fraud susceptibility, inaccurate information, and late payments. You should contact customer support and maintain positive financial behavior to avoid rejection in the future.