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100 Online Finance Tools To Manage Your Money & Investments

In a dream world, we’d all never spend another minute worrying about our finances. But here in reality, understanding how you make your money, what your money is capable of, and knowing exactly where it’s going is crucial to your financial success. Setting and sticking to financial goals. Budgeting. Saving. Investing. Spending responsibly. It can seem like a lot to manage all at once, but with the right tools, it can be both fun and easy.

Whether you’re looking for an app to help you keep track of your monthly bills or searching for the perfect place to manage your stocks and investments, modern financial tools make everything a little easier. Let’s take a closer look at 100 online finance management tools and online resources to keep your financial knowledge up to date.

1. Bring all of your accounts, bills, and more together in one place with Mint.

2. Just getting started on your financial future? You Need A Budget (YNAB) will teach you everything you need to know about budgeting.

3. Creating a monthly budget couldn’t be easier with EveryDollar.

4. Goodbudget is a virtual budgeting program that utilizes the envelope budgeting method.

5. BudgetTracker is an online money management tools that keeps all of your financial info in one place.

6. Organize your expenses and bank accounts with BudgetPulse.

7. Grow your savings automatically and optimize your spending with PocketGuard.

8. Open a high-yield online savings account through Clarity Money.

9. Get tips on saving, investing, and more from The Penny Hoarder.

10. Manage your money better with the comprehensive financial software from Moneyspire.

11. Can you afford it? CalcXML will help you figure out the answer to that question.

12. Sync your banking, credit card, and retirement data in one place that you can access from work, home, or on the go with CountAbout.

13. If it has to do with your personal finances, you can do it through Money Patrol.

14. Use Splitwise to help manage shared bills like rent, utilities, and entertainment.

15. Pay off your debt and grow your wealth through Banktivity.

16. Moneydance is a one-stop-shop kind of personal finance software, allowing you to manage, save, spend, and track your money.

17. GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software that you can download for free.

18. WealthFront optimizes finances and to make banking, investing, borrowing, and planning easier.

19. Use PocketSmith to build a path towards your financial freedom by tracking your money and checking out personalized financial insights.

20. Make sure you pay your bills on time each month through Prism.

21. Looking to save for that dream vacation or perfect holiday gift? SmartyPig is a free online piggy bank that will help you hold onto your money.

22. Monitor your spending, account balances, and bills through Albert.

23. Knowledge is power and MoneyStrands helps you visualize your cash flow and expenses so you can stay on top of your budget and goals.

24. Manage your bills, savings, and spending through Quicken.

25. No frills or thrills, Buddi is a simple software that helps you stay on top of your monthly budget.

26. Make money while spending money through Ibotta.

27. Take control of your spending habits and learn new financial ways through Mvelopes.

28. Moving Financially Forward provides invaluable resources about loans, credit cards, credit scores, mortgages, and more.

29. Managing your taxes is a crucial part of your financial life, and you can do it easily through TurboTax.

30. Manage your funds, make secure online purchases, and more with PayPal.

31. Make your funds go further by earning rewards on every purchase through Birch.

32. Tiller Money takes everything you love about making financial spreadsheets and puts it in one, easily manageable place.

33. Set specific goals and save for them without thinking through Qapital.

34. Use Wally to break your budgets down into specific categories for easier management.

35. Get your finances in check by using Simplifi’s personal spending plan.

36. Manage your net worth, financial goals, and budgets through BankBook.

37. Keep your budgeting simple with Budget 5000.

38. Build and maintain your free financial road map with a little help from Savology.

39. is a simple calculator designed to help you understand how to get out of debt.

40. Track spending habits, start investing, and get your money right with SoFi.

41. Bankrate provides vital information about personal loans, mortgages, home equity, and other financial topics.

42. Fundrise allows you to invest in quality, low-cost real estate.

43. is a budgeting and investing website focused on helping military families manage their money.

44. With You Invest by J.P. Morgan, you can trade on your own or invest with a robo-advisor.

45. Spend, invest, and borrow through the M1 Finance app.

46. From retirement plans to stock investments, Fidelity has you covered.

47. Invest, trade, and manage your portfolio with Ally.

48. Diversify your portfolio through Webull.

49. Take a deep dive into your investments with the planning and analytic tools from Personal Capital.

50. It’s never too early to start planning for retirement with Empower Retirement.

51. Keep planning free and simple by making budgets with Google Sheets.

52. Compare rates from multiple lenders to get the lowest rates possible with Credible.

53. TD Ameritrade offers both education and investing.

54. E*trade is definitely for more experienced traders, so if you’re just starting out, work your way up to this one.

55. Vanguard’s Retirement Nest Egg Calculator will help you learn vital information to plan your retirement.

56. Access datasets and visual analyses to make better informed financial decision with Trefis.

57. Find, analyze, and compare stocks through Better Investing.

58. Pass your portfolio off to Wall Street’s top fund managers through Round.

59. Start investing affordably through Groundfloor.

60. combines social media and the stock market to create a place where you can follow investors, learn about different companies, and invest your money.

61. Use Earnings Cast to manage your earnings calls.

62. Keep an eye on your credit score with

63. AceMoney Lite allows you to manage your investments and track your finances all in one place.

64. FutureAdvisor uses algorithms and other software to fill in for a financial advisor.

65. Prepare for retirement with Ballast Financial.

66. Invest your spare change and focus on growing your money with Acorns.

67. Expanding your trading skills? TastyWorks offers a variety of accounts focused on different trading interests.

68. The forecasting offered through Buxfer will give you the opportunity to plan your financial future more efficiently.

69. Keep track of your credit score for free with Credit Karma.

70. Work towards your investment goals by utilizing Robinhood.

71. Get a feel for the stock market by monitoring Zacks Stock Screener.

72. FeeX will help you figure out which financial management tools have the smallest fees.

73. Estimize collects data to provide accurate earnings estimates.

74. Stash allows you to earn stocks while making regular purchases.

75. Expand your long-term investment goals by utilizing Betterment.

76. Portfolio Visualizer uses data and analytics to help you make informed financial decisions.

77. Save and grow your investments through Blooom.

78. Before investing your own money, get a feel for the stock market with Investopedia’s Stock Market Game.

79. Utilize Credit Sesame to learn about credit, check your credit score, and bank digitally.

80. Track your financial progress and prepare for your upcoming financial goals with BodesWell.

Financial Literacy

81. Start your financial education with classes through Finance at Khan Academy.

82. Learn about the basics of financial literacy with CNN’s Money Essentials.

83. Explore your financial wellbeing with the resources available through

84. Yahoo Finance offers up-to-date news about investing, stocks, personal finances, and more.

85. Prepare for retirement with a little help from Merrill.

86. Let data from Yodlee help you make better financial decisions.

87. Stay informed about financial news through Google Finance.

88. Utilize financial tools and calculators and learn how to protect your investments at

89. Foundation for Financial Planning is a pro-bono financial planning site, perfect for those just starting out.

90. Jill on Money is a daily newsletter designed to help your financial knowledge fresh.

91. Work to build a retirement worth getting excited about at Northwestern Mutual.

92. From tax planing to saving for retirement, Morningstar offers resources, tools, portfolio management, and more.

93. Gurufocus offers a wealth of financial knowledge, articles, tips, and more to those hoping to increase their financial know-how.

94. Charles Schwab offers advice on retirement, investment, and personal banking.

95. The Money Guy Show is a podcast that explores how to take your finances to the next level.

96. Start every morning off with financial advice from the Morning Brew financial newsletter.

97. NerdWallet has expert advice, helpful tools, and valuable insights about financial planning.

98. Get one step closer to financial freedom by listening to Good Financial Cents podcast with Certified Financial Planner Jeff Rose.

99. Pay attention to how the world around you affects your money by staying up-to-date with Your Money by The New York Times.

100. Learn about different budgeting tools, online banking, saving, and investing through Elements Financial Budgeting Tools.