10 Books to Read Before Starting a Business

It’s normal to find the idea of starting a business intimidating. There are many things you should carefully consider. Luckily, there are countless books available to help. A question still lingers, however: Which are the best books to read before starting a business? For that question, we have helped you compile 10 books that everyone […]

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How To Budget

While vital to financial success, budgeting is a topic that makes many people cringe. The popular notion seems to be that tracking income and expenses are far too difficult for the average person or household. But learning how to budget is easier than you might expect. There are a few basic principles that back every […]

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The Price of Happiness in Every Country

They say you can’t buy happiness – but money can help prevent you from being unhappy. In fact, Scientists at Purdue have even put a figure on unhappiness. If you live in the United States,  $105,000 per annum will help to stop you  from becoming unhappy. Anything you earn over that figure will have a […]

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2020-2021 Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates Explained

With tax season approaching, you should begin thinking about filing your taxes. The 2021 federal income tax rates have changed, so you should know where you land, and how your tax bracket will affect your return. For taxes that you must file in April 2021 or in October (with an extension), you will land in […]

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How To Buy Stocks

Do you want to trade stocks but aren’t sure how to start? Although it can seem complicated, buying and selling stocks is far more straightforward than many people realize. Our complete guide breaks stock trading down into five simple steps. You’ll learn how to set goals, identify a company, buy a stock, maximize your investment, […]

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The Real Costs of Owning a Home

It goes without saying that buying a house is going to cost. However, many first-time homeowners run into trouble because they don’t plan on the hidden costs that come with owning a property. The real cost of home ownership is more than your basic mortgage. The Hidden Costs of Owning Your Home You may think […]

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How to Choose a Financial Advisor

A financial advisor can be crucial to the optimization of your current state of finances. Regardless of your present financial situation, a financial advisor can be useful. Choosing a financial advisor shouldn’t be a complicated process, and that’s why we are here to help. What Is a Financial Advisor? A financial advisor will meet with […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Business

Starting a small business is a huge undertaking, and the biggest risk you will ever undertake. It’s also one of the few paths to wealth available for the average person. The Millionaire Next Door says self-employed people “are four times more likely to be millionaires than people who work for others.” Working for yourself means […]

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