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Does American Express Offer Contactless Cards?

American Express does offer contactless cards as well as contactless payments using the leading mobile options. This means that you can “tap to pay” anywhere that merchants accept contactless payments by using your American Express card. You can also load your card information into your smartphone in order to make contactless mobile payments using leading apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In fact, American Express was among the very first credit card companies to fully embrace this emergent technology, becoming an early adopter of Apple Pay in 2015. Interested in learning other cool historical tidbits about the American Express credit card company? Check out our list of 30 interesting facts about this iconic brand.

Otherwise, read on to learn more about contactless technology and how you can access it using your American Express card.

What is a contactless card?

A contactless card is a debit, charge or credit card that allows you to make in person purchases without a signature or the need to insert your card into a payment terminal. 

When using a contactless credit card, you can tap to pay at any participating payment terminal. Most contactless cards also include additional ways to pay including the magnetic stripe used to swipe a card and the chip that can be inserted into a card reader. This means you can still use this same contactless card to make traditional credit card purchases and payments in locations without contactless payment technology.

Simply stated, a contactless card gives you more ways to pay.

How do I know if my American Express credit card has contactless payment technology?

Just look for the contactless payment symbol on your American Express credit card:

This is the universal symbol for contactless payment.

If you see this symbol on your card, you have contactless payment. If you don’t see this symbol, your card does not have the option for making contactless payments.

If you are interested in replacing a standard American Express card with a contactless card, reach out to customer service to learn more. Check out our list of American Express contact channels to find out where you can direct your questions.

Where can I use my American Express contactless card?

Your AmEx contactless credit cards can be used literally anywhere that you see a contactless enabled payment terminal. Once again, you’ll want to look out for the contactless payments icon pictured above. If you see this symbol on a payment terminal or card reader, it means that the merchant’s payment system is compatible with your contactless card.

American Express identifies a few leading merchants on its website including Best Buy, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Staples, Aldi and McDonald’s, all of which allow contactless payments at all locations across the U.S. 

Beyond these widely recognized brands, a rapidly growing number of merchants both large and small now accept contactless payments. As long as you see that icon, you’re free to tap.

And again, if you don’t see that icon, you can still use your American Express card to pay. You’ll just need to do it the old fashioned way–with a swipe or a chip.

How do I use an American Express contactless card?

Using your American Express contactless card could not be simpler. Once you’ve located the contactless symbol at a payment terminal, you need only to hold your credit card a few inches from the corresponding icon. Wait for the ding to confirm your purchase, grab your receipt and go. That’s it!

How secure is my contactless card?

American Express notes that users enjoy the same top tier protections against fraudulent transactions, identity theft, and other security risks when using contactless cards as with traditional credit cards. According to the American Express website, “Contactless is just as secure as your current chip Card, and you are still protected by the same fraud protection and great benefits and services you expect of American Express.”

Of course, you can never be too safe. All reputable credit card issuers will offer comprehensive fraud protections. But you’ll still want to go that extra mile to keep your accounts, information, and identity secure. With that in mind, check out our look at ten ways you can protect yourself against fraud.

Can I add American Express to my Mobile Wallet?

You can add your American Express to your smartphone or other devices in order to make mobile payments. American Express is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Fitbit Pay. This means you can upload your card information to your smartphone, connect it directly to your American Express account number, and begin making contactless payments using the payment app on your mobile device.

This option offers a few notable advantages. In particular, contactless mobile payments provide a clever solution for making secure payments while reducing the likelihood of having your credit card lost or stolen. Another benefit is that you can upload a full selection of American Express credit cards to your digital wallet instead of weighing your pockets down with plastic.

So if, for instance, you carry the so-called AmEx Trifecta–The Platinum Card® from American Express for travel rewards; the American Express Gold Card for dining rewards; and the The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express for all other purchases–a digital wallet could make it easier to organize your cards and optimize your rewards.

Curious how many American Express cards you can actually have at once? Check out our article to see what the rules are when it comes to applying for multiple AmEx credit cards.

Does AmEx have “quick pay” options for online shoppers?

Yes, as long as you have registered your American Express credit card account through the website or through your AmEx mobile app, you have access to a quick-pay option called Click to Pay.

When you register your online account, your credit card is connected to your email address. You will use this email address to complete payment without having to enter personal information every time you make a purchase.

Just as with contactless payment, you’ll need to look for the Click to Pay icon first:

When you see this icon along with an AmEx icon, it means the merchant offers a Click to Pay option.

So if you see this Click to Pay icon displayed by an online merchant, this means you can use your email to complete fast and easy payments on your American Express credit card. The idea behind this secure payment method is that it should allow you to make fast online payments without constantly reentering shipping info, remembering passwords, or adding payment methods every time you shop through a new vendor.

You may be required to verify your identity. American Express advises, “If prompted, enter a one-time verification code to confirm it’s you. You can then select your preferred American Express Card from the list to continue.”

Not sure how to use your Click to Pay option? Jump to the American Express website to learn more.