History and Background of the Social Security Act of 1935

Economic security is important to everyone, but for centuries, people who were economically disadvantaged had little to protect them from serious problems like hunger and homelessness. Often, some of the poorest citizens in a society were the elderly, who could no longer work to support themselves. This problem was always worse in difficult economic times, […]

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The California Gold Rush: 1848-1855

After word of James W. Marshall’s 1848 gold discovery in the creeks of California got out, everyone around the world dreamed of gold. His discovery launched a seven-year period in American history known as the Gold Rush. Prospective miners packed up their bags and left their homes to travel to California, desperate to pan for […]

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Money and Finance Lessons for Homeschooling

Learning about how to get and use money is something that you should start doing as early as possible, long before you have a job. If you learn about managing money, a skill called financial literacy, it will be much easier for you to be happy and successful when you’re grown up and have to […]

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