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Best Capital One Credit Cards for Students [2024 Review]

Pursuing higher education increases your expenses drastically, making it the right opportunity to start building your credit score and mastering money management. Whether you prioritize rewards or are looking forward to building a solid credit score, our list of the best Capital One credit cards for students offers a variety of choices.

Our Top Capital One Credit Cards for Students

The best Capital One credit cards for students cater to everything they need most for a smooth credit journey. Be it credit-building, recurring purchases, or buying food, we have suitable cards for each category.

  • Best altogether: Capital One SavorOne Students Rewards
  • Best for flat-rate rewards: Capital One Quicksilver Students Rewards
  • Best for building credit: Capital One Platinum Secured

Best Altogether: Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students

The best thing about the Capital One SavorOne Students Rewards card is its generous cash back feature. You can get this card even with a limited credit score and earn on basic categories students typically spend on.

Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students

You can also claim an extended warranty for one year more than what the seller promised you. For example, you can get a 4-year warranty on a 3-year warranty on selected products.


  • 3% cashback on dining, entertainment, streaming services (like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, etc.), and grocery stores (does not include Target and Walmart).
  • 5% return on booking hotels and rental cars.
  • 8% back on purchasing tickets through Capital One Entertainment.

Students also earn 1% on every other purchase, which is lower than the 1.5% flat-rate return on Quicksilver Students card. Additionally, with this card, you get a one-time $50 cash bonus after spending $100 in the first three months.


  • There’s no annual fee like every Capital One student card.
  • You get a high reward rate for dining and entertainment.
  • The reward percentages are similar to several mid-tier cards in the market.


  • You incur a maximum APR if you choose to carry a monthly balance.
  • You get a low flat-rate reward percentage compared to some other flat-rate cards.
  • You don’t get an introductory APR period. It can make huge payoffs difficult if you carry a statement balance.

Best for Flat-Rate Rewards: Capital One Quicksilver Student Rewards

The Capital One Quicksilver Students Rewards is your best choice if you want to keep things simple. You can build credit responsibly while earning a steady amount. Like every Capital One student card, you don’t pay an annual fee or a foreign transaction fee here.

Capital One Quicksilver Student Rewards

Furthermore, you can get discounted deals (wherever applicable) on products if you shop at Amazon. The Capital One shopping portal applies coupon codes to the products you need to buy, allowing you to save more money.


You get a straightforward 1.5% cash back on purchases, making it easy to earn rewards without a price cap. It is way better than the Platinum Secured card, which doesn’t offer rewards. You also get an unlimited 5% return on booking hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel.

Furthermore, you get a one-time $50 cash bonus if you spend $100 within 3 months. We find it an easy goal to achieve.


  • It is easy to earn flat-rate rewards, unlike the SavorOne Students card, which requires you to keep track of the reward categories.
  • You pay a $0 foreign transaction fee here, giving you the opportunity to make international purchases easily.
  • You get travel accident insurance with this card. Plus, you get reimbursed if a flight-related mishap occurs.


  • Students who spend heavily in specific categories like dining or groceries might find this card less rewarding.
  • You can incur a maximum APR if you don’t pay off your monthly dues.
  • You don’t earn cash back on entertainment purchases like that with the SavorOne Student card.

Best for Building Credit: Capital One Platinum Secured

You can get a credit limit raise within six months if you use the Capital One Platinum Secured card responsibly. You must clear your monthly dues to avoid accumulating debt and build your credit. Although it is mostly used by consumers who want to rebuild damaged credit, students can also get approved for this card.

Capital One Platinum Secured

Besides a $0 annual fee, you are also exempt from:

  • Foreign transaction fee
  • Replacement card fee
  • Authorized user fee

You can also opt for the auto pay feature so you don’t miss a payment. Furthermore, you can get security alerts through the bank’s online assistant, Eno, to keep your identity secure. Eno also generates virtual card numbers when you shop online, so you don’t have to provide your original card number. This facility acts like an added layer of security.


The Capital One Platinum Secured Card does not offer rewards like other cards on this list. It is because it is designed to help students build credit. You must deposit a refundable security deposit of $49, $99, or $200 to get it. The bank returns it once you upgrade to an unsecured card or close this card account.


  • It helps you build credit with responsible use.
  • It reports to three major credit bureaus. This keeps your credit score updated and lets you know how much you must work on your credit history.
  • Like the other cards on this list, you pay a $0 annual fee for this card.


  • You don’t get cashback or rewards with Platinum Secured.
  • It requires a security deposit, which you may find unnecessary.
  • You get a higher APR compared to other Capital One student cards. You can incur a variable APR with them. However, you pay a maximum of 29.99% with this card.

Features to Consider for Capital One Credit Cards for Students

When selecting a Capital One card for students, you must focus on features like fees, rewards, and credit-building features. Choosing a suitable option through these categories can help you maximize the benefits of your card while managing your finances responsibly.

Annual FeeAPRRewards
Capital One SavorOne Students Rewards$019.99% – 29.99% on purchases and balance transfersUnlimited 3% cash back on groceries, dining, streaming, and entertainment
Capital One Quicksilver Students Rewards$019.99% – 29.99% on purchases and balance transfersUnlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase
Capital One Platinum Secured$029.99% N/A


Student cards like the Quicksilver Students Rewards do not charge an annual fee. It is a significant benefit for students on a tight budget. Also, you pay a $0 foreign transaction fee, which is ideal for studying abroad or traveling.

You must avoid late payments, though. These fees can add up quickly. It is important to be aware of the late payment penalties to avoid unnecessary charges.

Rewards and Benefits

Student cards like the SavorOne Students Rewards often offer cash back on specific categories like dining, groceries, or gas. Some cards may come with introductory offers such as higher cash back rates for the first few months or a sign-up bonus after spending a specific amount.

Other benefits can include travel accident insurance, extended purchase warranty, and rental car insurance. These can help students save money and add value.

Credit Building Features

Capital One often provides free credit tracking tools like CreditWise, which can help students monitor their credit score for cards like the Platinum Secured. They report to major credit bureaus regularly, which can help students build their credit history if they use the card responsibly.

The bank’s student cards also offer the possibility to transition to a card with a higher credit limit after demonstrating responsible use.

Two female students studying

Related Questions

Can a College Student Get a Capital One Card?

Yes, a college student can get a Capital One card. The bank offers cards specifically designed for students, such as the Quicksilver Students Rewards card. It helps students build credit and offers flat 1.5% cashback on purchases. It requires a limited credit history to qualify, making it accessible for students new to credit cards.

Can International Students Get a Capital One Credit Card?

International students may face more challenges while trying to get a Capital One card. You might need a US credit history, which many international students lack. However, having a co-signer with a good credit history can significantly increase your chances of approval. Additionally, you should have the necessary documentation, such as a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Is It Good to Get a Credit Card as a Student?

Getting a credit card as a student can be beneficial. It helps build a credit history, which is necessary for future financial transactions like renting an apartment or getting a loan. Responsible use of a card teaches financial discipline and budgeting. Students can also enjoy rewards and cashback benefits that some cards offer, adding value to everyday purchases.


The SavorOne Students Rewards is the best Capital One card for students because it offers generous rewards on specific categories. Alternatively, you can get the Quicksilver Students Rewards card if you want steady, flat-rate earnings. If your priority is to build your credit score, then you can consider opting for the Platinum Secured card.