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Can You Customize Capital One Credit Cards?

“Can you customize your Capital One credit cards?” – who knew this would be such a frequently asked question that it’d prompt me to do an entire article on it. Due to the bank’s on-and-off card customization service, most Capital One credit card owners have been left confused. Credit card customization is an amazing option that could lead to better usage and payment patterns. However, is your Capital One card going to get that personalized look anytime soon? 

Let’s find out.

Can You Customize Capital One Credit Cards?

No, you cannot customize Capital One cards. The bank had discontinued this option back in 2018 and reintroduced it recently. However, they discontinued it again quickly without any indication of bringing it back. You won’t find it on their website either.

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Why Did Capital One Stop Offering Credit Card Personalization

The bank stopped this service abruptly without prior notice, which leaves room for speculation. A plausible reason for this on-and-off service could be manual engagement. 

Card personalization can be a time-consuming process for the issuer. Once you upload your selected images for approval, they are checked by a human. This takes time and resources the bank may not have wanted to dedicate to this process.

Benefits of Customizing Your Credit Card

Besides your card looking more unique than the usual piece of metal or plastic, this service has other benefits for cardholders too. It’s also worth noting that issuers offering this service have seen increased activation and usage of cards that have been personalized by the cardholders.

Increased Loyalty

Having the option to personalize your credit card might mean you’re more likely to stick with the bank that gives you that choice. You might also get more cards from them or recommend them to your friends and family. The bank also reaps the benefits of customization services as a loyal consumer base increases its sales.

Your financial track record can start looking better when you personalize your card. For example, card owners with a family photo on their card may be less likely to pile up a debt or miss payments.

Users tend to feel more connected to a customized credit card, which tends to encourage them to stay up to date with their payments. Thereby, issuers offering this service bank on this aspect of human nature.

Front-of-the-Wallet Placement

If your selected image is of something you care or are passionate about, you are more likely to keep your customized card as your primary card, making it your first choice for most transactions.

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Front-of-the-wallet placement is beneficial for both the issuer and you because:

  • You get to maximize your customized card’s benefits. It can qualify you for certain perks, which are available only if you spend a specific amount.
  • The issuer gets an interest increase every time you use your card. They charge you fees and interest on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.

Reduced Churning

Card churning is where a user gets multiple cards to earn welcome offers, bonuses, and initial perks. They close the cards before they are required to pay a fee. Churning includes:

  • Applying for many cards at once
  • Applying for the same card repeatedly to avail of the welcome offers

Card churning is a concerning issue for card issuing companies because it harms business. It is also a risk for consumers because it turns them into red flags for the issuers. Their credit score may fall, and they may be rejected for big loans, like home or car loans.

On the other hand, users are more likely to use and keep a card that they’ve designed themselves, which automatically reduces their chances of hopping from card to card. This also gives users increased chances of being approved for a higher credit limit faster or earlier than scheduled.

The Risk of Customizing your Credit Card

There is only one reason you shouldn’t personalize your card. Putting your or your family’s pictures on your card can be an additional danger to your data, making it easy for hackers or scammers to identify you and your loved ones.

However, it is a small risk that can be resolved easily by just being careful when choosing an image for your card. From initials or monograms of you and your family to photos of your pets or anything else you are passionate about – choosing something abstract can ensure you are keeping your card secure even as you personalize it. 

Card Customization vs. Card Upgrading

Personalizing your card is very different from upgrading it. The former is related to picture selection while the latter involves card features. 

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Here’s what you need to know about card customization:

  • Customizing your card means redesigning its appearance to match your taste
  • Not all card companies offer this service
  • It can be either complimentary or requires a small fee
  • Does not affect your financial situation at all

Upgrading your card is different from customizing it because:

  • Upgrading involved switching to a better card with more features with the same bank
  • An upgrade signifies that your card payment history is trustworthy
  • Upgrading your card increases your creditworthiness
  • An upgrade usually comes with better rewards, bonuses, and perks

Related Questions

How to Get a Metal Capital One Card?

You can get a metal Capital One card by applying for a top-tier card with an excellent credit score. At the moment, the VentureOne Rewards, Venture X Rewards, and SavorOne Rewards are the three metal cards you can get by sending the bank an email request or a call.

Should you Customize your Credit Card?

Card customization is not a necessity and should be a personal choice for card owners. However, it might serve you better to customize your primary card as you can connect more to it. Customizing your card could also motivate you to keep your card debt-free.

Does the Color of your Credit Card Matter?

No, the color of your card does not matter, as your transactions do not depend on it. The efficiency of a credit card depends on its offers, reward system, and fee structure. Although you can request a color change if your issuer allows it, it is not vital.


Capital One has been inconsistent in offering card customization services. After relaunching it recently, it has discontinued it again. While customizing your card is not necessary, it could help you better connect to your card and keep you from hopping from card to card. Since you’ll be able to personally relate to your card, it may also motivate you to make timely payments, stay debt-free, and build your credit score.