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Capital One VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit Review

US citizens spent around $920 billion on travel in 2022, which keeps increasing. Who wouldn’t like cheap travel credit cards that earn well in this situation? Capital One has one card that fits the bill. You only need a good credit score to get it.

How pocket-friendly is it? Find out in the Capital One VentureOne for Good Credit review.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit Review

The Capital One VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit Card is an efficient choice if you are a traveler and prefer a card with a $0 annual fee. It offers a straightforward rewards program for everyday spending and travel.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit


  • You enjoy the perks of a rewards credit card without the burden of a yearly charge.
  • Earn an unlimited 1.25 miles for every dollar you spend on purchases. It can be a steady way to accumulate miles over time.
  • You get more value when you book hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel, earning 5 miles per dollar.
  • You are exempt from a foreign transaction fee. You don’t pay extra on purchases made outside the US. It makes this card a good travel companion.


  • 1.25 miles per dollar is not the highest reward rate compared to other credit cards. We suggest you get a higher value if you have an excellent credit score.
  • The card offers fewer premium benefits and features than other rewards cards with annual fees.

Features and Benefits Table

Low FeesYou can pay off a cheaper card easily
Reward StructureYou don’t have to remember to activate revolving categories repeatedly
Rewards RedemptionYou can choose different ways to spend your earnings
Card SecurityYou are not liable to pay extra for a card fraud
Card ManagementYou can control your finances with regular updates
Travel BenefitsYou can book flights for a reduced price
Capital One EntertainmentYou can gain access to presale tickets and VIP events

Low Fees

A low fee is one of the most appealing features of this card. You don’t pay:

  • Annual Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Balance transfer fee, only for balances transferred at the transfer APR

Rewards Structure

You get a straightforward rewards structure. You earn:

  • 1.25 miles for every dollar spent on daily purchases
  • 5 miles per dollar for booking hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel.

You can earn more mileage with other cards. However, we recommend this card as a safe option for earning and building credit before upgrading to better choices.

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Rewards Redemption

You get multiple redemption options with the Capital One VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit. You can: 

  • Use your miles to book flights, hotels, or rental cars through the Capital One Travel portal. With no blackout dates or restrictions, it is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • You can transfer your reward miles to Capital One’s travel partners and travel cheaper or even free.
  • You can also exchange miles for gift cards like 
  • The travel miles can be redeemed as a statement credit towards past travel purchases.

Card Security

The bank keeps updating its security protocols to protect you against card fraud or identity theft. Some of the measures include:

  • You are covered with $0 fraud liability if your card is lost or stolen. This means you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges.
  • The bank offers the service to generate virtual card numbers through Eno. It is an intelligent assistant that provides additional security for online shopping.
  • Stay informed with customizable security alerts. Capital One can notify you via text, email, or phone if they detect unusual activity on your account.
  • You can lock your card through the bank’s mobile app if it is misplaced. This prevents new purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances until you receive a new card.
  • Advanced encryption technology protects your account to secure your personal and financial information.

Card Management

Capital One offers a range of digital tools to help you stay in control of your finances:

  • You can control your expenses, view statements, and pay bills through Capital One’s secure website. You can install the Capital One Mobile app for easier access.
  • You can set up AutoPay to make sure you will not miss a payment. This can help maintain your good credit score and avoid late fees.
  • We found Capital One’s personalized email or text alert service valuable. It helps you remember due dates and spending limits.
  • Easily keep track of the miles earned directly from your online account or mobile app. This way, you can plan your next trip with the rewards you accumulate.
  • If you need emergency assistance, customer support is available through multiple channels, i.e., phone, email, and chat.

Travel Benefits

Besides earning miles, you gain other valuable benefits by using this card to book travel:

  • You get an emergency replacement if your card is stolen or lost.
  • You can receive up to $100 for Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check in reimbursement.
  • You can add a “No Penalty” clause while booking your flights. You won’t be charged a fee if you cancel your flight.
  • The bank alerts you when flights are the cheapest. You get a full-price match if you booked at that price and found a more affordable flight that the bank missed within the next 24 hours.
  • You also get access to Capital One Lounge, where you can relax until boarding.
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Capital One Entertainment

You can get tickets to several venues through this feature:

  • Priority Access – You may often be at the front line for presale tickets.
  • Exclusive Events – Gain entry to VIP packages and one-of-a-kind events.
  • Concerts – Get your hands on tickets to see top artists and bands. You can also get a chance to meet and greet your favorite bands. It is subject to conditions, though.
  • Sports – Experience the thrill of the game with presales for major sporting events.
  • Culinary Events – Savor the chance to attend prestigious culinary events.

Select cafes can also offer a 50% discount on handcrafted beverages.

Related Questions

What Is Better, Quicksilver or Venture One?

Whether the Capital One Quicksilver or the VentureOne card is better depends on your financial attitude. If you prefer a straightforward cash-back card, the Quicksilver card offers a 1.5% cash return on every purchase. It is beneficial for everyday spending. Conversely, the VentureOne card is more appealing if you prioritize earning travel rewards with no annual fee.

Is Capital One VentureOne a Good Card?

The Capital One VentureOne is a solid no-annual-fee credit card. It is a perfect fit if you have good to excellent credit and want to earn travel rewards without paying a yearly fee. You earn 1.25 miles per dollar on daily purchases. These miles can be used for travel expenses or transferred to partner loyalty programs, increasing their reward potential.

What Is the Difference Between Capital One Venture and Venture One?

The main differences between these cards are their reward earning rate and the annual fee. The Venture card charges a $95 annual fee and offers 2 miles per dollar on every purchase. It is lucrative for frequent travelers. The VentureOne card incurs no annual fee and offers 1.25 miles per dollar. It is cost-effective for more casual users with its good credit score requirements.


If you are a mid-tier traveler, you should get the Capital One VentureOne Rewards for Good Credit card. Additionally, you don’t pay annual and foreign transaction fees, making it a good fit for credit builders. Finally, although you earn less than 2x miles on daily purchases, you get 5x miles for travel bookings.