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Does My Chase Credit Card Have a PIN?

It is awful to feel at a loss at the ATM. I had a similar experience with my Chase-issued card. I inserted it in the ATM slot in a rush and screeched to a halt at “Enter PIN”. I realized — I didn’t know it! If you were like me, wondering: Does my Chase credit card have a PIN? Look at my detailed notes to find out!

Does My Chase Credit Card Have a PIN?

Your Chase credit card has a PIN, if you are using Chase Freedom Unlimited. You can look for it in the letter you receive along with your newly purchased charge card. Another place to find it is your e-banking portal. Check Account Details or Security Settings to locate it. 

Chase Freedom Unlimited is the only card with PIN technology. Chase went contactless for almost all of its cards due to a surge in online shopping deals and trends. The fact that a sizable percentage of the global population faces difficulty in remembering their credit card PIN is one factor. Contrarily, you can argue that a PIN code adds an extra security layer to online transactions. 

Instances Where Chase Check Card PIN Comes Handy

Chase Bank has taken a variety of steps to make the consumer experience smooth through check-in and checkout. Your card PIN seems extra when replacing it with fingerprints seems the better idea. However, you need a PIN for your Chase check card in these two scenarios.

Foreign Travels

You might not find a Chase Bank during your tour. Imagine your dismay when you need immediate cash and you are helpless. Make sure to get a PIN on your Chase charge card well before your flight date.

Upfront Cash

Another case where you need a PIN at home is when you need to debit upfront cash. Although cashless transactions have become a norm, you might need paper money for some purchases.

Helpful Tip: You can request a PIN for your Chase card through their website or a direct call. However, keep in mind that PIN code issuance takes around two weeks.

More About Chip-And-PIN Type Cards

Are you wondering why you should use PIN-based cards? Well, it is easier than a password, for one thing. A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a four or six digit number unique to you. The major use of the PIN code is at ATMs. Nonetheless, you may require it at some gas stations too.

Chase Freedom Unlimited is the only Chip-and-PIN check card Chase Bank offers. Moreover, remember that Chase-issued cards have different PINs for cash withdrawals and purchases. 

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Things to Love

  • Code encryption disguises your charge card number and any information obtained becomes useless.
  • Multifactor authentication and PIN combine to strengthen data integrity.
  • It is easy to remember.
  • It is a conventional method and several stores still use it.

Things to Note

Chip-and-PIN is considered the most secure method of check card payment. However, let’s discuss Chip-and-Signature cards here because Chase-issued cards use this technique.

Chip-And-Signature Type Cards

All the Chase-approved cards except one operate on chip-and-signature. It is the most common method used by credit card issuers today. The main difference between PINs and signature cards is the verification process.

You might find this system easier as it does not require you to type a digital code. Your unique identity for this type of card is stored in a microchip instead of tied to a PIN. 

Things to Love

  • It is more difficult for criminals to embezzle your money than the magstripe cards.
  • You do not have to memorize a code.

Things to Note

Now that you are aware of both chip technologies credit card companies use, let us move on to the benefits you avail for using contactless payments.

Benefits of Contactless Payments

Contactless payment, or “tap-to-pay”, is the method nowadays and businesses and consumers alike are falling for it. Going cashless becomes the norm as satisfaction scores increase for mobile payments. 

An interesting thing to note is that you do not need to “tap” the card at a machine. You can just hold your credit card above it and it will catch the signals. 

Person using a card reader to swipe a credit card for payment

Chase is all in with the new era. You will find a wi-fi-shaped icon on your Chase check card indicating it is contactless. You can make online purchases, redeem credit rewards, and stay updated on spending through your phone.

Things to Love

  • This method provides the convenience of staying at home.
  • It saves time compared to PIN codes.
  • You don’t have to fret about compromising your sanitization.
  • A contactless charge card is long-lasting.

Things to Note

  • You can suffer losses if your phone is stolen because contactless operates through mobile.
  • It may not work for foreign travel.

Related Questions

What Can I Do if I Forget My PIN From Chase?

Firstly, be careful because your PIN will be locked after the third failed attempt. If you can’t remember, click the “Forgot PIN” option and enter the required details. Another way is to call or visit your bank with your government-issued ID.

Can I Get a Chase Credit Card PIN Online?

Yes, you can usually obtain or change your Chase credit card PIN online, but the process may vary depending on the specific card and your account setup. Log in to your Chase online account, navigate to the credit card account you want to manage, and look for an option to set or change your PIN.

Alternatively, you can also call Chase customer service, and they can assist you with PIN-related requests, including generating or changing your PIN.

How Do I Change My Credit Card PIN?

You can look for the option Change PIN to do it directly at the ATM. Follow the instructions from there. You can also request a new PIN through your online bank account. You will receive it within two weeks. A third option is to simply show up at the bank and talk to a representative.


If you do not use Chase Freedom Unlimited, your Chase-issued card does not have a PIN. You can apply to get one for using an ATM or during travel.