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What American Express Card Has the Highest Credit Limit?

The Platinum Card from American Express offers the highest credit limit to applicants. It’s important to note that American Express does not explicitly list either a minimum or maximum credit limit when outlining card details. This is because your credit limit will be based primarily on personal financial circumstances.

That said, American Express notes that all of its credit cards do have preset spending limits. In addition, all of its credit cards come with minimum credit limits.

That said, the Platinum Card from American Express is likely to provide account holders with the greatest spending power among American Express credit card offers. (American Express does offer highly exclusive charge cards without spending limits, but these are not technically credit cards. Find out more about the Centurion card below.)

Back to the Platinum Card

Applicants for the Platinum Card will have the ability to request a specific credit limit. The applicant’s personal financial factors will be taken into consideration in determining eligibility for the requested limit.

The Platinum Card from American Express is a high limit credit card that is typically only accessible to applicants with excellent credit scores. Before applying, make sure you’re hitting all the marks on our good credit checklist.

If you’ve already got excellent credit scores, read on to find out more about the Platinum Card and other high limit credit cards from American Express.

Why get a Platinum Card?

The Platinum Card from American Express is a high limit credit card with a premier rewards program a number of excellent benefits:

  • Welcome Offer: New applicants may receive as many as 150,000 membership points for spending $8000 in their first 6 months as an account holder.
  • Statement Credits: You may be able to unlock up to $1500 in annual statement credits through purchases with participating vendors.
  • Travel Benefits: Get 5x membership rewards points for flights booked with your Platinum Card and 1x reward points for other travel purchases. You can also get 5x rewards for using your Platinum Card to book hotel stays. You’ll also get an annual hotel credit of $200, an airline fee credit of $200, and even $200 in Uber Cash each year.
  • Access: Your Platinum Card also comes with access to the American Express Global Lounge Collection. Your card provides an entryway into over 1400 lounges in more than 500 airports around the world. And when you pair your Platinum Card with your Resy app, you may be able to score access to some of the most exclusive restaurants and in-demand tables in the world. Your Platinum Card may also help you access exclusive tickets and seating accommodations for cultural performances, sporting events, concerts, and more.
  • Everyday Purchases: The Platinum Card also includes credits on everyday purchases including a digital entertainment credit of $240, a Walmart monthly membership credit, and credits for participating gym and fitness clubs.

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What factors will American Express take into consideration to determine my credit limit?

As noted above, you will be asked to specify your desired credit limit on your application for your Platinum Card. This specification is optional. If you do not specify an amount, one will be assigned to you by your credit card issuers upon approval. This number will generally fall somewhere between the maximum and minimum credit limit for a given credit card.

If you do request a specific credit limit, your issuer will determine your eligibility based on the following factors:

  • FICO Credit Score
  • Credit History
  • Debt Utilization Ratio
  • Debt to Income Ratio
  • Income

It is advisable to request a credit limit that aligns with your financial reality. Requesting an unrealistically high credit limit based on your earnings or credit history, for instance, could result in rejection. If you choose to specify a credit limit on your application, choose a figure that is compatible with your financial flexibility.

Can I request a higher credit limit?

Once you are a Platinum Card holder in good standing, you may request a higher credit limit at any time. You may request a higher credit limit either through your online account dashboard or by calling the number on the back of your American Express Card. You will be asked to answer a few basic questions to determine your eligibility for a higher credit limit. If you meet this threshold, your higher credit limit may be available to you in as little as one hour.

What’s the Deal with the Centurion Card?

Perhaps you’ve heard of an American Express Card with no preset spending limits? It’s true, it does exist, but it’s not a credit card. Technically, Centurion is a charge card reserved entirely for “high net worth individuals” and it can only be obtained through personal invitation.

In other words, you won’t find an application for this prestigious charge card on the American Express website, though you can find a few vague and tantalizing details about what having access to this premium rewards program might look like.

If you have a personal worth in the millions, a taste for fine restaurants, and a love of travel, Centurion card membership offers access to the highest credit limits. It also comes with a $5000 annual fee and a $10,000 initiation fee.

Side Question: What’s the difference between a credit card and a charge card?

A credit card comes with a preset spending limit. As long as you remain within that credit limit and meet your monthly minimum payments, you may carry a balance forward. However, carrying a balance forward may result in interest charges.

A charge card comes with no preset spending limit. The user is free to spend with complete flexibility each month. However, the account holder must pay the balance in full each month. This combination of flexibility and responsibility is one reason that the charge card is largely reserved for high net worth individuals.


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