10 Best College Degrees to Earn a Six Figure Salary

Can you land a six-figure income with a four-year degree? Is it possible to rise to the top of the earning pool without spending time and money on a master’s degree? We take a closer look at a number of professions that prove a bachelor’s degree can still be valuable…if you choose the right field. 

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Ten Tips for Early Retirement

More than ever before, Americans are contemplating the idea of early retirement. But it isn’t easy, and it could take some seriously frugal living and meticulous planning to earn yourself a post-professional lifestyle sooner than later. But it can be done. Read on for a look at the strategies that could help deliver you to that sandy shore, scenic overlook, or late morning wake up while you’re young enough to really enjoy it. 

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Ten Ways to Travel For Free … and Maybe Even Get Paid To Do It

So you want to see the world? You’ve got the time, the energy, and maybe you’ve even picked up a few useful words in several different languages. Obviously, you want to get out there and spend that time wisely, burn that energy constructively, and use those words contextually. There’s just one problem. You don’t have any money. Granted, that isn’t ideal, but it’s also not a dealbreaker. There are actually all kinds of cool ways to adventure both in the U.S. and abroad without so much as a dime to your name. Not only are there lots of amazing ways to travel for free, but if you do it right, you may even find a way to get paid for it!

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What is a Side Hustle? Ten Reasons to Start a Side Hustle

The “side hustle” is one of the great phenomena of the Internet age. Now that we all have access to this wide world of engagement, communication, and commerce, we also have access to a certain type of economic and professional freedom that never previously existed. That doesn’t mean we can all just turn around and quit our day jobs in a blaze of digitally-liberated glory. But it does mean each of us has the chance to explore a side hustle—a personal pursuit that earns you a few extra dollars while fulfilling something within you that can’t be met by the responsibilities of your day job. 

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Young Woman Saving Money

Money-Earning and -Saving Tips for Teens

Getting a job to earn money during your teen years is a good idea for several reasons. First, you can learn valuable skills and acquire valuable knowledge while you’re working. You can gain experience in everything from technical skills like how to use computer software or operate a cash register, to communication and customer service […]

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Why are Lumber Prices So High?

If you’ve tried to do any home improvements in the last few months, you’ve already learned about the increase in lumber prices the hard way. It’s making the prices of homes skyrocket. But what exactly is going on with lumber? Why are prices so high? Is there really a lumber shortage, or is something else […]

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Life in the Caymans: Not So Taxing

When the words “tax haven” are uttered, the Cayman Islands are one of the first locations that come to mind. The Caymans are one of the most well-known tax havens on the planet. [NOTE: This article is a chapter in ourComprehensive Guide to Tax Havens.] The Tax-Free Caymanian Life Tax Laws in the Cayman Islands […]

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