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What Chase Credit Card Is Easiest to Get?

Dreaming about a premium Chase card while having a negligible credit history is — mostly a dream. I also craved one recently when my creditworthiness plummeted due to my company’s recession. I needed to get back into the bank’s good books. However, it seemed impossible.

Finally, my continuous research found out what Chase credit card is easiest to get. Look at what I discovered.

What Chase Credit Card Is Easiest to Get?

Freedom Rise is the easiest Chase card to get approved. It is a recently launched product for beginners. Also, those who want to redeem from bad credit can apply for it. It has replaced Freedom Student, which was a starter card restricted to students only.

A woman getting a credit card on her wallet

Chase can be picky about its customers because of its outstanding perks and millions of users. So, you can not apply for its cards if you have a low credit score since Chase can deny your application. However, the bank has addressed this and has introduced Freedom Rise for credit builders. A jaw-dropping feature of this card is its 1.5% reward points on all purchases.

What Makes Freedom Rise an Easy Approval?

This card is more flexible than others in this category. Many factors make it an easy target for low scorers.

No Credit History Required

You don’t need an excellent score to apply for this card. This can be categorized as a first because all Chase cards are premium and require positive financial behavior. If you are young and want to start your credit-building journey, you can go for it. Still, you may want to learn your credit card consumer rights before applying.

Also, the bank can approve you for it if your credit statements show bankruptcy or a negative payment attitude. You can use this card as a second chance to restore your creditworthiness.

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No Security Deposit

You don’t have to worry about collecting enough cash for a security deposit for this Freedom card. Unlike some opponents, this card exempts you from recurring administrative or additional surcharges. 

Additionally, you get a $25 bonus if you sign up for automatic payments within the first three months. This card is designed to keep you on the credit scoring path.

No Prior Account Needed

You can send your application for this card even if you do not have a previous relationship with the bank. If you want to set a good pre-requisite, you can open a Chase account within two days of submitting your request. You need to deposit a minimum of $250 to initiate your account.

Immediate Possibility of Credit Increase

You can increase your credit limit if you maintain responsible payment behavior. Your credit utilization ratio can expand as early as six months for not missing dues. It will allow you more room to wiggle around your expenditures. 

You can balance your spending against your available limit and increase your score.

Other Chase Cards You Can Get Easily

You can get two other cards from the Freedom family relatively quickly. The main reason, however, is different from the credit score. 

  • Freedom Flex has a $0 annual fee policy for the first 15 months. This, and a staggering cashback rate, make it the next easy-on-the-eyes card. You will need a 680 score for this one, though.
  • Freedom Unlimited also has no APR rule for the introductory period. You get generous cash-back percentages and purchase protection. It is also a strong candidate for the famous Chase trifecta.
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4 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your First Card

You must be aware to look for a few things before applying for your first personal card. You will not get the best card suited to your exact needs. However, you can find a better one.

Interest Rate

Consider interest rate as a crucial deal maker or breaker.

  • Find out how much APR you will have to pay. Although beginner cards require you to avoid carrying a monthly balance, circumstances can change. 
  • You may want to avoid clearing your dues, which can cost you a high annual fee.
  • Try to choose a card that incurs the least APR to dodge an exorbitant payment per annum. It is best if you choose a card without an interest to pay.

Required Payments

It may seem cliched, however, it helps you in the long run:

  • Make sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing the application. 
  • Find out every potential applicable charge and the possibility of circumventing it.
  • You must calculate them against your income to check if you can pay them in the long run.

Grace Period

This is important if you are recovering from a bad credit reputation. 

  • Find out if your chosen card allows a grace period for late payments. However, you may not get it if you have a due balance from last month.
  • Normally, you will have to pay a penalty for constant missed payments on beginner cards. Therefore, plan to stay on top of things before you get your card.
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Bonus Rewards or Points

Although it can be a secondary consideration for a beginner, you should look into it nonetheless.

  • You will find a few credit-building cards that offer rewards. 
  • Freedom Rise is an efficient card offering 1.5% return points on all purchases you make. Look for such a card if you want to start earning straightaway.

Related Questions

What Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Chase Credit Card?

You need a 670 – 690 credit score to get a Chase card. All the cards from the bank’s portfolio are premium and offer high bonuses. Hence, a strong score ensures customer loyalty.

Is Chase Credit Card Easy to Get Approved?

Any Chase card is easy to get approved if you have an excellent credit score. If not, you can apply for Freedom Rise to build your score. You can then upgrade to a high-tier card.

What Chase Credit Card Can I Get With Bad Credit?

You can get Freedom Rise with bad credit. It is a recent addition to the bank’s card family. Specifically designed for thin credit history files, this card offers rewards programs unlike its contemporaries.


Freedom Rise is the ideal card for you if you want an easy way into the Chase family. The best thing about it is that it can accommodate low credit scores. Also, it offers reward points, which is unusual for credit-building cards. Lastly, this card allows you an increased credit limit if you make timely payments.