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Best Credit Card for Gym Membership [2024 Review]

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Buying an expensive gym membership and not earning through it can be demotivating. I wasted hundreds of dollars on a bad gym membership a couple of years ago for two reasons. First, I was unaware that fitness clubs can be an earning opportunity. Second, I was skeptical when I heard that it was.

Since then, I dedicated myself to finding the best gym membership credit card. Look at what I found!

Our Top Gym Membership Credit Card Recommendations 

Your card can help you in your fitness journey in many ways. Some cards offer fitness club memberships, gym gear and outfits, and even fitness foods. Depending on your card offers, you can avail of these amenities for as long as possible. 

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I have compiled a list of the best cards in various fitness-related categories. You can select the best match for yourself to start your healthy lifestyle today.

  • Best Overall: World of Hyatt Credit Card
  • Best for Flexible Choices: US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card
  • Best for Rotating Categories: Citi Custom Cash Card
  • Best for Statement Credits: Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Best for Gym Equipment Purchases: Chase Sapphire Reserve®
  • Best for Individual Gym Classes: Bilt World Elite Mastercard 

Best Gym Membership Card Overall: World of Hyatt by Chase

You will love the fact, like I do, that the gym membership category stays around the year for this card. Where other cards offer it as a bonus category, World of Hyatt has fixed it alongside everyday categories. Although you must pay an annual fee like most travel cards, you can outstrip it through other card perks.

You get double bonus points for spending on a gym membership with your World of Hyatt card. Since the average monthly membership cost is around $70, you make 140 extra points monthly. This makes 1680 points in your annual reward pool. The good news is that this card offers an approximately two-cent value per point! Therefore, you can earn up to $39 annually just for working out.

Alternatively, you can redirect your points towards paying for your fitness club again. However, you should get it only if you are a Hyatt-loyal traveler. You get a whopping nine points per dollar for Hyatt-approved hotel stays. If you stay at hotels for long periods, you can work out at their gyms and earn more points.


  • You get a high value of about two cents per point with this card. You can earn more as you spend more.
  • You get double points for every dollar you spend on your gym membership. This offer increases your reward percentage.
  • You get 2x points on spas, too. You can work out and relax afterward, earning at the same time.
  • Gym memberships are counted as a fixed category. Like other cash-back cards, you do not have to worry about disappearing after three or six months.


  • This card is unsuited for you if you are not a frequent Hyatt traveler. You get more value out of its other benefits.
  • You have to pay a $95 annual fee. It will be a burden if you do not get the maximum value from your World of Hyatt card.
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Best Gym Membership Card for Flexible Choices: US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card

I love how you can choose your own bonus category with US Bank Cash+. Out of twelve, you can select two categories to earn cash back every quarter. You get a 5% cash return if you select gym memberships. You might feel pressured to reach the $2,000 spending goal to earn the maximum 5% return. It can be easily remedied.

Opt for paying one or two years’ worth of membership. You will get way closer to your goal, and the gym will get a loyal customer for two years. It is a win-win! If you want to keep the fitness routine going at home, too, you can select the sporting goods stores category next quarter. You must strategize to get the maximum value out of your card.

You don’t have to pay an annual fee, which is common with plenty of cash-back cards. It is an added benefit for you if you want to center your earnings around your gym membership. Otherwise, you can earn more through this card’s fixed travel categories. You get 5% back for every flight and hotel reservation. This reward is outsmarted only by Chase Sapphire Reserve.


  • You have to pay a $0 annual fee here. It leaves you free to pursue your earnings focused instead of trying to offset the yearly charge.
  • You get 5% cash back on your gym membership. It is a high-value reward for this category compared to other cards if you plan it wisely.
  • You get a 5% return for travel categories. You can get maximum reward value if you are an avid traveler. Also, you can use the hotel gyms if you stay for extended periods of time.


  • You can earn very little if you only get this card for a gym membership. It is a travel card and will unlock its full potential only if you travel frequently.
  • You have to activate the bonus categories manually. You can miss the earning opportunity otherwise.

Best Gym Membership Card for Rotating Categories: Citi Custom Cash Card

This is the most convenient card among cash-back cards because you don’t have to activate the bonus categories! I was overjoyed when I discovered that my bonus categories were auto-renewed every quarter due to my spending habits. I spend a lot on groceries and travel, so my Citi Custom Cash Card selected me for those categories. 

You can center your spending and earnings around fitness. You get a 5% cash return for spending on fitness clubs. Another attractive feature is that you only have to spend $500 to earn the reward. It is unique against a majority of cash-back cards that offer maximum return for spending more than that.

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You get returns in the form of thank-you points. However, you might encounter a glitch while redeeming your rewards. Although there are multiple redemption options, the point value differs. You get 1 cent per point for redeeming as a direct deposit or statement credit. Contrastingly, you get 0.8 cents per point for redeeming in the form of Amazon gift cards.


  • You don’t have to activate the bonus categories like most cash-back cards. Your issuer automates them according to your spending priorities. 
  • You get a 5% return for spending up to $500 on fitness club memberships. You don’t have to spend much to earn the maximum reward.
  • You have to pay a $0 annual fee against generous rewards.
  • You can earn an extra 5% for buying groceries and streaming. This card is worth getting for your basic and workout needs because it is simple.


  • You have to pay maximum fees for balance transfers and foreign transactions. It can put a damper on your earnings.
  • You don’t get the best value for categories other than gyms. You can get better cards for travel and dining categories.

Best Gym Membership Card for Statement Credits: American Express Platinum Card

Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers. Enrollment may be required for select American Express benefits and offers. Visit americanexpress.com to learn more.

Did you imagine that Amex Platinum can win rewards for working out? Well, it does. You get up to $300 annual statement credit for buying an Equinox or Equinox+ membership through your American Express Platinum Card. Although I might be wary because of the exorbitant $695 annual fee (see rates and fees), you can offset it by maximizing your card value. It’s a credit card with a credit limit under Amex company.

Moreover, you can continue exercising at home by buying a bike from Soul-Cycle. You get up to $300 statement credit annually if you pay the full amount at the counter. Remember that you need an Equinox+ membership to get the cashback from Soul-Cycle. Also, you get statement credits for air travel and hotels booked through American Express Travel.

You encounter some drawbacks, too, if you want to get it for workout expenses only. If you don’t have Equinox gyms in your area or are a frequent traveler, you can search for more rewarding cards. World of Hyatt offers more gym options you can find in your vicinity more easily.


  • You get a $300 statement credit for joining Equinox or buying the on-demand Equinox app. It is paralleled only by Sapphire Reserve from Chase, offering up to $300 statement credit.
  • You get up to $300 credit on purchasing from Soul-Cycle.


  • You have to pay a $695 annual fee. It is expensive compared to other cards that reward you for getting gym memberships for less or no annual fee.
  • With this card, you don’t have a strong earning potential in other spending categories.
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Best Credit Card for Gym Equipment Purchases: Chase Sapphire Reserve

Although it may seem an irrelevant category, it isn’t. Although you can get a gym membership, you will not necessarily use it every day. You might be swamped with work, or an urgent commitment may hold you until late. 

You cannot miss out on your fitness goals, right? So, you can keep a cycle or a treadmill at home. You can also earn 5x total points on airline flights booked through Chase Travel℠ immediately after the first $300 is spent annually on travel purchases. The total points rise to 10x on hotel bookings and car rentals purchased under the same conditions.

The only drawback here is the $550 annual fee, which can be difficult to offset. However, you can pay it if you travel often and are eligible for the $300 statement credit. If you want to get the most out of your Chase travel card, pay attention to all the bonuses and everyday offers. It is considered the most lucrative card among some top-tiered ones.


  • Earn 10x total points on hotel bookings and car rentals purchased through Chase Travel℠.
  • Points redeemed for travel booked through Chase Travel℠ earn 50% more in dollar value.
  • You get the highest reward points for travel and basic categories that can supplement your reward pool.


  • You cannot get this card just for fitness goals. You must rely on other categories to earn maximum rewards.
  • You have to pay a high $550 annual fee that can be substantial and a nuisance to pay if you do not travel often.

Best Card for Individual Gym Classes: Bilt World Elite Mastercard

Although it is not the best credit card for gym membership, it has an astounding offer. You get individual fitness classes with this card! It is rewarding because individual attention can do wonders for your physical well-being. Moreover, you can avail of this offer by collecting only 1,600 monthly points.

Bilt World Elite Mastercard offers individual gym lessons as an option for points redemption. You can exercise at three affiliate gyms:

  • Y7 Studio
  • Soul Cycle
  • [solid core]
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Although 1,600 is just the starting cost, you can easily earn points through the card’s reward categories. This card does not charge a transaction fee on rental payments. Moreover, you get up to 1.5 cents per point value for each dollar. This offer is efficient as compared to other cards that charge a maximum balance transfer fee. 

You also get 3x points back on dining and two points per dollar for booking hotels, flights, and car rentals through Bilt Mastercard. However, the most generous reward is 5x points on every Lyft ride you purchase. Reward collection is easier because you don’t have to pay an annual fee. 

Although you can collect enough points, there is a catch. You must use this card at least five times monthly to start collecting points. It compares unfavorably against other cards for traveling that do not have this limitation. Otherwise, you cannot collect any rewards. Nonetheless, you can fund your gym classes easily if you are a cab commuter and love to eat out.


  • You get individual fitness sessions as a points redemption option. It is a unique offer against other cards on this list that offer gym-related offers as earning categories.
  • You have to pay a $0 annual fee. This facility makes it easier to retain and increase your reward pool.
  • You can fund your gym classes easily through a maximum reward of 5x points on booking Lyft rides.
  • You can earn 3x points for eating out. It is a basic category for many people and a serious points booster.


  • You have to use your cards at least five times each month to be eligible to earn reward points. 
  • This card is made for specific users, so don’t get it solely for fitness classes. If you are not a renter, don’t use a cab regularly, or like to cook your meals, you can look for better cards.

Features to Consider Before Getting the Best Credit Card for Gym Membership

Gym-Related OffersOther RewardsAnnual Fee
World of Hyatt By Chase2x points per dollar on gym memberships4x points on Hyatt hotels, restaurants, and spas; 2x points on non-Hyatt flights, restaurants, and transit; One free night at a 1-4 category Hyatt hotel annually$95
US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card5% cash back on fitness and gym membership5% cash back on flights, hotels, and car rentals booked through US Bank’s Cash Reward Centre; 5% cash back on two rotating categories of your choice; 2% cash back on one everyday category of your choice$0
Citi Custom Cash Card5% automated cash back on fitness club membershipWelcome bonus of $200 after spending $1,500 within the first six months; 5% cash back on bonus categories based on your priority expenses$0
American Express Platinum CardUp to $300 statement credit per calendar year for Equinox or Equinox+ auto-renewed membership; up to $300 annual statement credit for purchasing a Soul-Cycle at-home bike5x points on flights and hotels booked through American Express Travel up to $500,000 per calendar year; up to $200 statement credit on Fine Hotels + Resorts; up to $240 credit for digital entertainment; up to $180 credit on Walmart + membership; up to $100 annual credit on Saks Fifth Avenue$695
Chase Sapphire Reserve10 points per dollar (up to 50,000 points) on purchasing eligible Peloton exercise equipment until March 31, 2025. Spending cap at $5,000 with a minimum expense of $15010x points on Chase Dining, hotels, and car rentals booked through Chase Travel℠; 5 points per dollar for flight bookings through Chase Travel℠; 3x points for travel and dining not booked through Chase Travel℠; Up to $300 annual travel credit, after which the reward rates apply$550
Bilt World Elite MastercardBilt Rewards points redemption towards individual fitness classes at one of the following: Soul Cycle, Y7 Studio, [solid core]. The classes start from 1,600 points5x points on every Lyft ride; 3x points on dining; 2x points on flights, hotels, and car rentals; 1x points on rent and other purchases$0

You must choose the most suitable card based on several factors. Although the gym facility is your priority, don’t get a card with little to offer besides that. 

A terminal payment and a credit card

Most of the gym membership cards are big on travel expenses, so you should be specific with your choices.

Reward Value

Always check the reward points value before filling out a card application form. Try to get a card that offers maximum value, like World Of Hyatt, which offers approximately two cents per dollar. 

As for the cashback percentage, look for the payment cap. Most cash-back cards do not award the maximum reward percentage if you do not spend near that cap.

Card Perks

You might be tempted to get a card just because of its generous gym-related earnings like Citi Custom Cash. However, look at all the perks a card has to offer. World of Hyatt, for example, has several earning opportunities in travel and dining categories.

You can go into serious debt otherwise because fitness club memberships are often thrown into the mix of other high-paying categories. Often, the best credit card for gym membership is a card that offers generous rewards for both basic and specific categories.

Card Type

Your card type often determines the type and value of rewards. You can find gym and fitness categories as rotating categories in cash-back cards like US Bank Cash+. 

Avoid secured cards because you will be bound to several stringent payments and additional fee structures.

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Cumulative Card Charges

You must know your expenses before you place all your eggs in the same basket. Make sure that your spending does not offset or exceed your earnings. Annual fees, balance transfers, and APR are the charges that can drain your reward pool if you do not plan carefully. 

Look for cards that have less or no annual fees or additional charges. US Bank Cash+ and Citi Custom Cash are examples of this.

Related Questions

Can You Block a Gym From Your Credit Card?

Like how you can block a merchant on Chase, yes, you can block a gym from any of your credit card. However, try to stop them charging you first. You can ask your issuer to cancel your membership for that particular gym. If you are still being charged after repeated reminders, you can get that gym blocked.

Should I Pay a Gym Membership With a Credit or Debit Card?

You should pay for gym membership with your credit card. It is a better option because your membership can be auto-renewed every year. With a debit card, you must remember to do it yourself. Your membership can be canceled if you forget to renew it.

How Do I Cancel My Gym Membership With a Credit Card?

You can cancel your gym membership with a credit card by contacting the gym directly. You have to provide your account number and proof of payment to do so. Also, you should have a good reason for cancellation, like a financial situation or an illness. Otherwise, you can be blacklisted from that gym.


I recommend World of Hyatt by Chase as the best overall card for gym membership. It offers the best, approximately two-cent, point value compared to other cards, with a maximum value of 1.5 cents per point. You must consider additional rewards a card offers instead of limiting your priority to gym memberships only.

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