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Capital One Venture X Business Review

If you are a high-expense business owner who needs premium travel benefits, we know exactly which card will check all your boxes. This Capital One Venture X Business review will help you find your next best travel buddy who rewards you along the way! 

Capital One Venture X Business Card Review

The Capital One Venture X Business Card is perfect for those looking for premium business travel perks. Also, cardholders can earn steady rewards along with some extra cash once a year. 

Capital One Venture X Business Card


  • Cardholders earn reward miles on every purchase, with no limits or category restrictions.
  • You can earn a significant bonus after spending a certain amount within the first few months, increasing your reward pool.
  • Cardholders can get complimentary access to 1,000+ airport lounges worldwide through Priority Pass and Capital One Lounge network.
  • You can offset the high annual fee with a yearly travel credit, making the card somewhat affordable.
  • You do not pay a foreign transaction fee while using this card, saving you from extra expenditure.


  • The card comes with a relatively high annual fee, which might be expensive for some.
  • The value of miles can vary based on redemption choices. It means that maximizing value requires strategic management of earned miles.

Feature and Benefits

Fees and APRYou don’t accumulate debt with the pay-in-full requirement.
RewardsThe simple structure of the rewards program lets you focus more on your business.
Rewards redemptionYou can redeem rewards through different methods as per your needs.
Travel benefitsYou get luxury travel benefits like access to 1000+ airport lounges across the globe.
Card securityYou do not pay a liability for card fraud, meaning the bank pays you back the money scammers stole through your card.
Card managementCapital One provides tools so you can control your card’s features and usage easily.
Card perksAdded value allows you to maximize the card’s benefits.

Fees and APR

With a $395 annual fee, this card is the most expensive option on Capital One’s list. The Venture X Business is a pay-in-full card, meaning you cannot carry forward a balance.


Capital One Venture X Business card holders earn reward miles through purchases. They get:

  • Unlimited 2X miles on every purchase.
  • Unlimited 5X miles on booking flights and hotels through Capital One Travel.

You also earn a welcome bonus of 15,000 miles when you spend $3,000 in the first three months of account opening. 

Furthermore, you receive a $300 annual travel credit for using Capital One Travel. We suggest you use it to offset the annual fee that comes with the card. Card holders also get 10,000 bonus miles on every card anniversary.

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Rewards Redemption

You have several options for redeeming rewards with this card:

  • You can transfer miles to a variety of airline and hotel partners, often at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Miles can be redeemed for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more via Capital One Travel. You get the added benefit of no blackout dates.
  • You may apply your miles as a statement credit against past travel purchases.
  • You can use rewards on gift cards or to cover purchases, albeit at a potentially lower value than travel redemptions.

The standard redemption rate for travel and statement credits is 1 cent per mile. Redemption rates for non-travel options, like gift cards or merchandise, can vary.

Travel Benefits

This card offers valuable travel benefits that cater to frequent travelers’ needs:

  • Users are provided with insurance coverage for accidental death or dismemberment during travel when they purchase fares with the card.
  • The auto rental collision waiver offers secondary insurance coverage for theft or collision damage.
  • Cardholders may receive a credit for the application fee for Global Entry or TSA Pre✓, enhancing their travel experience with expedited security screening.
  • Emergency assistance services provide cardholders with 24-hour travel assistance services. It includes lost card replacement and emergency cash advances.
  • You can call Visa if you get into a minor accident on the road. You may get towing, jump-starting, and tire-changing services as roadside assistance.

The following additional perks are also part of the package:

  • Hertz President’s Circle Status. Some of us used to get upgrades and up to 50% more points on car rentals with Hertz. You can do that, too.
  • Complimentary Priority Pass Select membership, providing access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide.

Card Security

Capital One incorporates advanced security features in its cards to protect cardholders from unauthorized transactions and identity theft:

  • Cardholders can immediately lock their card through the mobile app if it gets lost or stolen, preventing any financial losses.
  • Capital One provides $0 fraud liability if the card is used for unauthorized transactions.
  • The card offers custom transaction alerts via text, email, or push notifications to monitor suspicious activity.
  • For online shopping, users can generate virtual card numbers to keep their actual card numbers secure.
  • Capital One monitors accounts for potential security threats and swiftly alerts cardholders of unusual activity.

Furthermore, this card has an EMV chip that provides additional security during transactions. This makes it more difficult for fraudsters to replicate the card’s information.

Card Management

The bank provides cardholders with various tools to manage their accounts effectively:

  • You can access your account online through Capital One’s website. You can check your balance, view statements, monitor recent transactions, and pay your bill.
  • A comprehensive mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It offers real-time purchase notifications, card lock/unlock, and spending summaries.
  • You can set up autopay to make sure you never miss a payment. We recommend you activate customizable alerts for payment due dates, spending limits, and unusual activity.
  • Businesses can provide employees with their own cards linked to the Venture X Business. You can set individual spending limits while maintaining control over the main account.
  • Capital One offers 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues or inquiries related to card management.

Card Perks

This card offers added benefits designed to appeal to business owners. These include:

  • Year-end summary: Detailed report of the year’s transactions. It helps in deciding on a budget and cutting tax time.
  • Extended warranty: You can claim an extended warranty on selected items. The items must have an original warranty of up to three years. The Visa does not cover more than that.
  • Purchase security: You get coverage of up to $10,000 per claim on eligible items in case of theft or damage. You get a claim limit of $50,000 per cardholder.
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Related Questions

Is Capital One Venture X Hard to Get Approved?

The Capital One Venture X card usually requires applicants to have a good to excellent credit score. Those with credit scores in the higher range have a greater likelihood of approval. This suggests that individuals with a strong credit history are preferred.

What are the Disadvantages of Capital One Venture X?

Despite its benefits, the Capital One Venture X card may include certain disadvantages for some users:

There’s a significant annual fee, which may outweigh the card’s value for those who don’t travel frequently. Applicants need a strong credit background, potentially excluding those with lower credit scores from obtaining the card.

Is Capital One Venture a Hard Pull?

Yes, it is a hard pull. When applying for the Capital One Venture card, the issuer performs a hard credit inquiry. This can temporarily impact an applicant’s credit score and will appear on their credit report.


The Capital One Venture X Business card is best for luxury travel benefits and earning reward miles. Although it is the most expensive card the bank offers, you can offset its annual fee with the annual travel credit. If you’re someone who has a long travel bucket list, this card is definitely worth considering.