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Does Chase Credit Card Cover Rental Car Insurance

Braving a colossal expense right after encountering a road accident during travel is overwhelming. I had to experience it during my trip to France, where our rental car collided with a bike. I had to pay for the damages because I didn’t know about the waiver on my Sapphire Preferred.

However, after thorough research, I can satisfactorily answer the question, “Does Chase credit card cover rental car insurance?”. Read through my findings to know all about it.

Does the Chase Credit Card Cover Rental Car Insurance?

Yes, Chase credit cards cover rental car insurance under collision damage waiver (CDW). You must decline the rental company’s liability offer and pay for the damages through your Chase card. Then, you should file a claim for reimbursement. You can get the most out of this insurance during international tours.

Man holding three different credit cards

Remember to pay for the rental vehicle through the same card you will use for any potential incidents. Also, educate yourself on whether your card offers a primary or a secondary security. Most Chase cards do not provide primary collision damage waivers inside the US.

Primary insurance means that your personal or other travel-related insurance will remain untouched. Your card will cover the entire cost of destruction. In contrast, secondary coverage kicks in only when your other insurance can not cover the damage categories, like towing charges or theft.

Conditions Included In the Insurance

This insurance covers all the potential damages that can happen to a vehicle. However, you should contact your issuer before booking your trip to understand everything covered. Remember that the payout facility can differ according to your card. 

You can refuse the rental agency’s waiver and claim Chase CDW if:

  • Your rental vehicle was stolen or collided with another vehicle.
  • The car had to be towed to the nearest repair facility. Remember that the maximum distance covered is five miles.
  • You incurred valid loss-of-use charges. It excludes towing due to illegal parking.
  • You booked the car for less than 31 days.

Conditions Excluded By the Insurance

You can not claim insurance on a rented caravan or a recreational bus. Similarly, other conditions are excluded from the car rental coverage:

  • Any injuries to you or the people and things inside or outside the vehicle.
  • Destroyed or lost personal belongings.
  • Your employer or company insured your rental.
  • The damage happened due to a violation of your rental agreement.
  • You rented for more than 31 consecutive days. 
  • Your destination country is excluded from this insurance.
  • Exotic and antique vehicles and any vehicle seating nine or more people are excluded.

Chase Cards That Cover Rental Car Security

With an extensive portfolio of 39 personal and business cards, Chase has 19 cards that cover rental car damage. Not all of them are primary, though. 

However, find out if you can change your card to primary insurance. Alternatively, you can buy additional security if you are unsatisfied with the reimbursable sum.

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Primary Security

You can contact the Benefits Administrator immediately after an accident if you have one of these cards. The cards listed below offer primary security locally and internationally. Additionally, they cover up to the cash value of the rental car.

On the other hand, you get primary coverage for business renting inside and outside the US. However, you must exhaust your personal insurance first if you have a rental car mishap going to the spa. Chase business cards offer secondary reimbursement for personal use.

Secondary Security

You can avail of these offers if your primary insurance does not cover damage costs. All these cards have secondary insurance inside the US. Also, you get coverage up to the cash value of the rental car on all of these.

Another thing to remember about secondary security is that it activates automatically if you do not own a car. It means that you do not have personal car insurance to begin with.

How to Claim Rental Car Insurance

You can file a travel insurance claim with Chase at Eclaim online within 60 days of the mishap. Alternatively, you can email your application with the scanned documents at [email protected]. Or, you can call the bank. However, you might have to play tag for a while because different cards have different service numbers.

Regardless of the claiming method, you will receive a form to fill out and submit along with relevant documents within 100 days. If the bank requires more proof, provide it within the next 265 days. 

Make sure to complete the filing process within 365 days. Otherwise, your claim will become null and void.

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Related Questions

Does Chase Sapphire Cover Rental Car Insurance Internationally?

Yes, Chase Sapphire covers rental car insurance internationally. As per the bank, this insurance is viable in “most foreign countries”. The excluded countries are not disclosed. You will have to contact Chase to find out more.

Do You Need Extra Insurance When Renting a Car In the USA?

Yes, you need extra insurance when renting a car in the USA. Although you get a minimal liability when renting a car, it is not enough. Additional security covers the damages you might cause, like an accident or a burst tire.

Does Chase Amazon Card Cover Rental Car Insurance?

Yes, the Chase Amazon card covers rental car insurance. However, it is a secondary security. You can avail it only after you have exhausted any other insurance beforehand.


Several Chase cards cover rental car insurance to reimburse for accidents, theft, or towing of the rental vehicle. You must be aware of the maximum limit your security can protect you. Moreover, your card security can be primary or secondary, depending on your destination and travel route.