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Do Chase Credit Cards Have Travel Insurance

Paying a massive sum for losses after accidents during travel is an off-putting deal breaker. I, too, didn’t know about my Chase travel security until my urgent trip to California was canceled due to a hailstorm. I had to use my trip money at the hotel to wait for the next flight.

I have educated myself since then. So, do Chase credit cards have travel insurance? Read on to find out the results.

Do Chase Credit Cards Have Travel Insurance?

Yes, Chase credit cards have travel insurance like. Your card type determines the amount of insurance you will receive. Also, you may find out that although Chase covers a variety of insurance, your card only includes some of them. 

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You get reimbursed for situations ranging from bad weather to jury duty, military summons, and doctor’s orders. However, consider buying additional security before your trip if your card does not cover a particular category. Moreover, some cards exhaust your personal reimbursement amount before activating travel insurance.

Additionally, there are things, situations, and services that trip security does not include. You must educate yourself about every aspect of your insurance beforehand. Otherwise, you might have to pay hundreds of dollars for winching because your airline miles card does not cover it.

Types and Benefits of Travel Insurance

Your trip security can save you from the worst-case scenario even if you might never need it. You can think of it as a catalyst for your love for tourism.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

You must decline the car rental company’s waiver and call Chase to cover the damage costs. Although a waiver is not classified as insurance, it covers up to $75,000, depending on your card tier. 

Make sure to clarify beforehand whether the offer is primary or secondary. If allowed, change it to your primary security payout. 

Trip Delay

If your flight was delayed overnight or more than 12 hours, your trip insurance will cover up to $500 per ticket. Your travel companion and immediate family members are included in this offer, too, if they are registered. 

This compensation covers hotel stays, meals, toiletries, and some medication. The amount varies according to your card status and flight type. Remember that this security kicks in after your personal trip coverage is used.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption

If you have an accident requiring trip cancellation, they cover you as Chase has great travel credit cards.

You get up to $10,000 per ticket and up to $20,000 per trip in any Case-approved mishap. 

Remember that your trip should be non-refundable. Otherwise, your card travel security won’t activate.

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Lost Luggage

You can claim this insurance if your luggage does not follow you to your destination. You can get up to $3,000 per checked and carry-on bag. 

If your carry-on had jewelry, watches, or electronics, you can get up to $500 combined reimbursement. Money or documents lost will not be compensated.

Baggage Delay

You would panic if your baggage were delayed while traveling to another state for a wedding or an interview. Chase will pay you up to $100 daily to buy essentials for five days.

You will get this coverage only if your luggage is delayed more than six hours.

Emergency Evacuation and Transportation

You and your immediate family are entitled to it if you are a top-tier cardholder. You get up to $100,000 if a doctor approves that evacuation was crucial due to severe illness or injury.

Emergency Medical and Dental Services

Weirdly, your trip must be booked through a travel agent for this service. You, your spouse, and kids up to 19 can get up to $2,500 for these services. 

Remember that tourist adventures like skydiving, parachuting, or snorkeling are excluded.

Things Not Included In Chase Card Travel Insurance

Hold back before you anticipate reimbursement for trip cancellation due to a financial emergency. You will find several incidents not insured through your card, this scenario being one of them. Chase will not cover your travel if:

  • You did not book your trip through your Chase card
  • You canceled because of financial situations or a change of heart
  • You travel against your doctor’s advice
  • You could not be on board because of drug abuse or self-harm
  • You booked travel to a high-risk area after knowing you should avoid going there
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Timeline to Claim Insurance From Chase 

Although you must file a claim as soon as possible, an acceptable typical period is 90 days. Furthermore, depending on your insurance type, you can submit your application around this time.

  • Auto rental collision damage waiver: 120 – 365 days since the accident
  • Trip delay: Within 60 days of delay
  • Trip cancellation and interruption: Within 20 days of cancellation or interruption
  • Lost luggage: Within 20 days of loss. You will receive a claim form within 15 days that you must submit before a 90-day deadline
  • Baggage delay: Within 20 days of the delay
  • Emergency evacuation and transportation: Contact the Benefit Administrator immediately. Then, submit the claim within 180 days
  • Emergency medical and dental services: Within 180 days of the emergency

Related Questions

Do Credit Cards Automatically Have Travel Insurance?

Yes, most Chase beginner-friendly cards automatically have travel insurance. For Chase, you get insured trip categories. However, you must find the card with the best insurance coverage because each card offers a different type of security. Likewise, if you have plans to travel abroad, get cards ideal for international trips.

Can I Get Travel Insurance After Booking?

Yes, you can get travel insurance after booking. However, you should consider it before confirming your trip. Contact your issuer to learn what you are covered for. You may have to purchase additional security if you think the payout is insufficient

How Do You File A Travel Insurance Claim With Chase?

You can file a travel insurance claim with Chase through their Eclaim online service. You can also email your application with scanned documents at [email protected]. Calling can be a hassle because of different phone numbers for different cards.


Your Chase card has travel insurance for every possible bad scenario during travel. You and your travel companions can claim for trip and baggage mishaps, car rental collision waiver, and emergency medical aid and evacuation. However, you must know the type and amount of coverage you can get before booking your next trip.