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Do Amex Corporate Cards Earn Points?

Do Amex Corporate Cards earn points? Understanding reward structures is crucial for businesses navigating the corporate credit world. I’ve analyzed Amex’s points system with my expertise in this area. This article will explain how Amex Corporate Cards can benefit your business, offering insights to enhance your financial strategy.

Do Amex Corporate Cards Earn Points?

Yes, American Express Corporate Cards do earn points. Companies earn one Corporate Membership Rewards point for every dollar of eligible purchases charged on enrolled American Express® Corporate Cards. This includes many business expenses minus any returns or other credits.

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There’s a lot of flexibility and potential when it comes to accumulating points through everyday business purchases. The great thing about the Corporate Membership Rewards Program is that there’s no cap on the number of points a company can earn. This means the more the employees use their corporate cards for business expenses, the more points the company raises. 

And these points aren’t just fleeting credit card rewards; they don’t have an expiration date. However, it’s important to remember that points can be forfeited under certain conditions, as outlined in the program terms. This aspect underscores the importance of understanding and adhering to the program’s guidelines to maximize benefits.

What Is a Corporate Credit Card?

A corporate credit card is essentially a tool for employees to handle business expenses, offering easy tracking and management features. It’s not just about convenience; these cards often come with perks like flyer miles and lounge access, making business travel a bit more rewarding.

Pros & Cons of Corporate Credit Cards

Navigating the world of corporate credit cards involves weighing their benefits against potential drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Financial Relief for Employees: Eliminates the need for employees to pay out-of-pocket for business expenses.
  • Streamlined Expense Management: Simplifies tracking and managing employee expenses for the company.
  • Asset Protection for Business Owners: No personal guarantee is required to safeguard the owner’s personal assets.
  • Rewards and Perks: Includes benefits like airport lounge access, rental car insurance, and frequent flyer miles.
  • Improved Cash Flow Management: Helps businesses manage cash flow more effectively by consolidating expenses and extending payment terms.
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  • Risk of Personal Expense Misuse: Employees might charge personal expenses to the corporate card.
  • Increased Spending Temptation: Employees may spend more freely during business travel or client hosting.
  • Need for Clear Guidelines: Establishing and enforcing rules to prevent unauthorized charges is essential.
  • Limited Consumer Protections: Corporate cards often lack the protections offered under the CARD Act of 2009.
  • Potential Credit Risk for the Company: If not managed properly, corporate card misuse can lead to credit risks and financial liabilities for the company.

What Is the Amex Corporate Membership Rewards® Program?

The Amex Corporate Membership Rewards® Program is a rewards system for businesses, allowing companies to earn points on purchases made with enrolled Corporate Cards. With no cap on points and no expiry, it turns business spending into valuable investments.

Enrolling in the program is simple, either online or through an American Express representative. Each Corporate Card, up to 98 per company, can be enrolled, with a $90 fee for Corporate Green Cards, waived for Gold and Platinum Cards. This program offers easy management and diverse redemption options, making every dollar spent a step towards rewarding the business.

What You Can Do With American Express Membership Rewards Points

With American Express Membership Rewards points, the possibilities for usage are diverse and rewarding, catering to various needs and preferences. Here’s what you can do with them:

  • Travel with Pay with Points: Book flights using points and get 1 cent per point value while still earning miles.
  • Gift Card Redemption: Exchange points for a wide range of gift cards.
  • Amazon Purchases: Use points directly for shopping on Amazon.
  • Hotel Partnerships: Transfer points to select hotel loyalty programs.
  • Airline Transfers: Convert points on a 1:1 ratio to airlines like Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and British Airways.
  • Special Travel Opportunities: For example, use 12,500 points to fly one-way from the West Coast to Hawaii with British Airways Avios.
  • Transfer Bonuses: Occasionally, take advantage of bonuses for transferring points to airline partners, maximizing their value.

Who Pays Corporate Credit Card Bills?

The responsibility for paying corporate credit card bills varies based on the issuer’s policies and the chosen liability structure. Here’s how it typically breaks down:

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  • Individual Liability: Employees pay card bills and seek reimbursements; soft credit checks are used.
  • Corporate Liability: The company covers approved expenses; employees handle unauthorized charges.
  • Joint Liability: Debt responsibility is shared between employer and employee; the issuer may pursue either for unpaid balances.

Amex Corporate Credit Card Requirements

Amex Corporate Credit Cards, traditionally aimed at larger corporations, are now accessible to businesses of all sizes, including startups. However, the requirements are generally more stringent than those for standard business credit cards:

  • Minimum annual revenue or business bank account balance, often upwards of $2 million
  • A certain minimum number of employees is required
  • Minimum yearly credit card charges, such as $250,000 or more
  • Registration as an LLC, S, or C corporation needed

Related Questions

Do I Get Points From My Corporate Amex?

Yes, you do get points with your corporate Amex. You earn one Corporate Membership Rewards point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases with enrolled American Express® Corporate Cards.

Does Corporate Amex Count Towards Credit Score?

No, a corporate Amex typically doesn’t count towards your personal credit score. Corporate liability cards generally don’t require a credit check for each employee, so they don’t impact the employee’s credit score.

Can I Use My Corporate Amex for Personal Use?

Using your corporate Amex for personal use is not recommended. While not illegal, it usually violates the terms and conditions of your card agreement and can lead to serious consequences.


Amex Corporate Cards enable businesses to earn points on purchases, serving as a valuable financial tool. The Corporate Membership Rewards Program allows for point accumulation without expiry, enhancing business strategies. So, yes, you can earn points with Amex Corporate Cards, adding significant value to your business’s finances.