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Does a Chase Credit Card Balance Include Pending?

An undetermined balance with tight finances can be unnerving. I too went through a dilemma trying to sort through paid and unpaid debts. Multiple balance types annoyed me.

Not anymore since I sorted it out. So, does a Chase credit card balance include pending? Read on to find out.

Does a Chase Credit Card Balance Include Pending?

No, a Chase credit card balance does not include pending. That is if you are looking at your available balance, which is the amount you have in hand. All your purchases are deducted from your account on the same day. The available balance is the result.

However, if you are looking at the current balance you may need clarification. It is usually higher because it still includes the amount of your pending transaction. 

The reason is that the merchants you dealt with have only informed your bank about the charges. They have yet to take the money out of your account and are still processing it. 

Calculating Your Balance

You can calculate your pending balance by deducting your available balance from your current balance. The processing of this unsettled credit might take a few business days. Once the merchants have completed their undertaking, the Chase bank will take time to finish their procedure.

Further Difference Between Pending and Available Balance

Your Chase account shows pending whenever you make a recent purchase. This includes restaurant tips and the predictory holds for home improvement tool purchases, house furniture payments, weekly grocery hauls, car rentals, and hotels. Even so, undeposited written checks and scheduled bills are not included in this category.

The available balance is an anticipatory amount you will ultimately have after clearing your transactions. It could take a few days, so spending according to this category would be wise. We recommend keeping a check register to stay updated about your budget and finances.

Pending Transactions vs. Posted Transactions

Pending, or on-hold transactions may be subjected to changes as it is potential. In contrast, a posted transaction is a fully processed credit. It can not be modified unless of an anomaly.

Effect of Pending Transactions on Your Balance

Credit repayments are succeeding new debts as numerical awareness increases among the global population. It also has an effect on consumers’ psychology about pending transactions. They seem concerned about the spending bind until the charges are processed. 

Man holding a white credit card while browsing through his laptop

Nonetheless, it can be advantageous for your spending behavior if you go by your available balance. Another benefit is that Chase Bank won’t charge interest on your pending credit. Also, your credit statement would not include it in the required payment.

Reasons For Canceling a Pending Charge

In fact, one advantage credit cards provide is this time window before you pay. There may be several reasons why you would want to cancel a purchase. 

Remember that returning a pending transaction might cost you a fee. If you practice paying minimum dues, you can plan your purchases smartly.

An important fact to remember is that Chase Bank, or any bank for that matter, can not cancel a pending charge. The reason is that it is the business owners who initiate the process. Hence, it would be better if you contact the sellers directly. 

Change of Heart

It is also called a user error. You may realize you don’t want an item as soon as a few minutes or a day after checkout. In any case, you can contact the merchant immediately. Your unsettled transaction can be dissolved if the item is not shipped yet.

Billing Error

This type of error can happen if you are an avid internet shopper. You can click “Submit” twice or be billed for two of the same items by mistake. Moreover, the merchant could have charged you twice. You can contact them to reverse the bill as soon as you recognize the error on your credit card.

You might also notice some duplicate charges that might not be so. This is because one charge would be the authorized charge while the other would be the final transactional sum. The difference can be the additional taxes.

Disputed Charge

You can claim a dispute if the business owner refuses to cancel the under-processed transaction. If so, you can wait until the amount is posted and then file a dispute with your bank. It is also termed as a chargeback. 

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In turn, the business may decide to contest your claim because they stand to lose more if you win it. They will lose money from the sale and also from the chargeback penalty. They may also incur high processing rates.

Fraudulent Charge

You can contact Chase Bank directly in this scenario. As a tip, identity thefts are the responsibility of card issuing companies, and you have zero liability here. If you notice a substantial amount you know you or your authorized sharing users did not sanction, report it immediately.

Even if you see the transaction go from pending to posted, don’t worry. Chase Bank can reverse it and take necessary measures for the future.

Related Questions

Why Is My Chase Account Still Pending?

Your Chase account is still pending because the held transaction has yet to be processed by either the merchant or the bank. Your account can take a few business days to normalize.

Why Are Chase Transactions Pending For So Long?

Chase transactions have been pending for so long because sellers can process the payments for two to seven business days. Then the bank has to complete the operation at its end. Pending can take longer to resolve if you had a hotel stay.

Can Chase Cancel a Pending Transaction?

No, Chase can not cancel a pending transaction in process. However, you can file a claim if you want to dispute a charge afterward. 


The available balance on your charge card is the amount after subtracting the pending charges. The current balance indicates that the sellers still need to receive the payments. You can cancel your awaiting credit only by contacting the sellers.