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How to Pay With an American Express Credit Card

American Express cards come with perks and protections that other credit cards can’t match, but using them at checkout isn’t always straightforward. Between entering the correct information, checking a merchant’s acceptance policy, and keeping an eye out for extra fees, paying with an AmEx card has its own unique workflow. 

Follow this brief guide to breeze through AmEx purchases like a pro and unlock the full value of your membership rewards and other benefits.

How to Pay With an American Express Credit Card

You can pay with an American Express credit card through multiple ways. The easiest and most popular method is Swipe-and-Signature. You swipe your card and sign the generated receipt. However, the Chip-and-PIN method is a more secure way. It is becoming popular fast.

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You may also want a contactless payment method for further identity security. However, several stores still haven’t adopted this method. So, your Amex card may not be accepted for a contactless transaction. It is better to use the methods mentioned above or pay online.

You have several options to pay with your Amex card online. You can opt for a bank transfer, direct debit transfer, Quick Pay, or Amex Click to Pay. Multiple methods are discussed in this article in detail. You can also pay your bills through this card via a cash advance, balance transfer, or a mobile payment service.

Ways to Pay With an American Express Card

You get more options to pay with or for your credit card now than ever. The methods are easy to adopt. However, you should choose according to your requirements. 


You have to insert your card into the store owner’s POS terminal. Alternatively, you have to tap it on the machine. Chip-and-PIN is safer than swiping because you need a four or six-digit code to charge the card. This way, if a scammer tries to steal your info and use it, they won’t be able to because they won’t have the code.

This technology stores your information on a chip rather than a magnetic strip. This dispels any chances of fraudsters carding your details for personal gain. You can request a PIN for your Amex card now if you don’t have it already.


It is the most popular and widely used card payment method. Most store owners offer it as the sole mode of payment. You must swipe your card through the card reader and sign the receipt. Although it is an easy and seemingly hassle-free method, it provides poor security.

When you swipe your card, the magnetic strip at the back provides the required information. However, this makes it easy for the skimmers to just copy those details on a separate card. This can happen at any card machine. You will do better to switch to the PIN method.

Contactless Payment

You don’t have to insert or swipe your card here. You just have to hover it over the card reading machine. You will then get a one-time generated code via text message. Your transaction will be completed once you enter it.

It is the safest method to ensure privacy for your Amex credit card. It is challenging for hackers to copy the one-time code, so they can not steal the information on your card.

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Amex Click to Pay

You can use this payment mode for physical as well as online stores. You just have to select American Express at the checkout. Amex click-to-pay allows you to enter and save your details for the first time only. Your details will show up every time you access Click to Pay for payment after that.

One drawback here is that Amex Click to Pay has not yet become a popular mode of payment. Although you might have enrolled in this service, merchants might not. Although it is one of the safest methods for online transactions, several sellers lack awareness of it. That is why it has yet to be widely adopted.

Add Your Card to Quick Pay

Card issuers have started to flock towards this payment method because it is secure and protective of your privacy. You have to install Quick Pay on your phone to add your card. You then have to access Quick Pay Manager to navigate the app.

You have to go by the route Settings to Acquirers, then to Tellers. You then have to select “Accept Amex” in the Tellers option. Once you have added your card to Quick Pay, you can choose it whenever you checkout from online stores. 

Enable Auto Pay

You can use this option to pay for recurring expenses. Bills, fees, and loan payments can be covered by enabling the Auto Pay option. You must navigate to the Amex app’s Payment section and select Enable Auto Pay. You can choose from four types of scheduled payments.

You can schedule:

  • Minimum due payment: The least amount you must pay to keep your account running.
  • Total Balance: Your total due monthly balance, including the APR, balance transfers, and other fees.
  • Adjusted Balance: You can break your total payable balance to pay in installments.
  • Customized amount: You can enter any amount to be paid monthly, i.e., loans, debts, bills, etc.

Pay One Time 

You will have to pay the minimum due payment to be able to choose this option. You must link the bank account you want to pay into to your account. You must log in to your Amex online account and select “Make a Payment.”

You can transfer funds once you have added the beneficiary account to your profile. You can schedule the payable amount by changing the payment date in the options.

How to Pay Your Amex Card Bill

This is crucial to retain your Amex card. You must pay your card off to keep paying for things with it. You can pay your card bill online in a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your Amex online banking account.
  2. Select the card you want to pay.
  3. Then select “Make a Payment”.
  4. Select the card you wish to pay your bill from: your nominated card or any other card.
  5. Enter your card details and the amount you have to pay.
  6. Click Continue. This will take you to the review page.
  7. Check the amount, account number, etc., and click Continue again.
  8. Your payment goes through.
  9. You can schedule your bill payment by selecting “Direct Debit” under “Payments.”
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Related Questions

Can I Pay Someone With My American Express Card?

Yes, you can pay someone with your Amex credit card. You have to link your Amex account to the account you want to pay. Then, you can make a one-time payment or schedule it.

Can I Pay With Amex Without Card?

Yes, you can pay with Amex without the card. You must install a digital wallet on your phone and add your Amex card. You can hover your mobile over the card reader at the checkout counter to make a payment.

Can I Transfer Money From an American Express Credit Card to a Bank Account?

No, you can not transfer money from an Amex credit card to a bank account. You can use an Amex prepaid card for balance transfers instead.


You can pay with an Amex card in several ways. The safest in-store method is the Contactless method. Additionally, Amex Click to Pay is best to pay for online purchases. You should select the Click to Pay option at the checkout every time. You can also schedule recurring payments with your Amex card.