Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman, né Alexei Fedotov / b. 1983 / Chkalovsk (now Buston), Tajikistan, USSR / Computer Scientist, AI Researcher, Podcaster

Note: The following quotations lack specific sources; however, they probably derive from Fridman’s numerous podcasts and tweets.

Artificial Intelligence

We will become AI. AI will become us.


Curiosity is the spark that ignites the fire of knowledge.


I believe disagreement is an art. It requires care. It requires skills, it requires compassion and respect. When there’s underlying respect you get to play, there’s humor, there’s wit. Ultimately you arrive at something profound as a result.


School should inspire not just educate.

Fridman on Fridman

Being an adult is overrated. I refuse to grow up.

Writing music and poetry have been a part of my life for many years, along with science and martial arts. I’ve written a lot of songs, almost all of which no one has ever heard, including close friends.


Don’t cancel history. Learn from it.

Now is the best time to be alive. I’m grateful for this moment and for the entire history of life on Earth that led up to it.

The Human Mind

The quest for understanding the human mind is a journey without a final destination.

Human Nature

We humans are better at pointing out the elephants in other rooms than in our own.

Kindness and empathy is not weakness, it’s strength.

No one is perfect. If you look for the bad you will find it. If you look for the good, you will find it. Choose wisely what you look for.


Sometimes it feels like ideas come from outside the mind.

Good execution is more important than a good idea. But one helps the other.


Life can end at any moment.


The most profound conversations often arise from a willingness to listen and learn from others.


People need love more than they need advice. Most people know the right thing to do, they just need someone to believe in them.

When you turn your back on the voices of those who are in pain and who are angry, you breed hate. Love is the way out, not hate.

Every love story ends in loss. The deeper the love, the more painful the loss. This is a feature not a bug. It’s all worth it.

The Military-Industrial Complex

Beware of the military-industrial complex and the warmongers who exploit tragedy to advocate for more war. A global war would lead to immeasurable suffering. Diplomacy, conversation between leaders is the way out.


Resentment and cynicism suffocate the human spirit. Choose optimism, and fight for the best possible future you can imagine.

I look for the good in people. Sometimes I get hurt for it, but it’s rare and it’s worth it. You may hear me say optimistic things that sound naive. I’m not naive. I’ve read too much history to be naive. I just think love wins out over the darker parts of human nature in the end.

Everything is possible.


Most of us are politically in the middle. Don’t let the far left or far right convince you otherwise.

Propaganda machines are hard at work stoking the fires of outrage and division, while more and more innocent people suffer.

One person can change the world. That person can be you.


All scientific articles should be free and accessible to everyone.


Complain less. Build more.


Technology has the power to both heal and harm; it depends on how we choose to use it.


There are a lot of hours in a day, plenty to get stuff done if you focus


Truth is a process not a final destination. The former requires humility and curiosity. The latter dogmatic certainty. There’s always more nuance and wisdom to discover, through empathy and reason.

Truth. If you’re struggling, stay strong and keep fighting! We’re in this together.

Silencing “wrong” ideas will eventually destroy our ability to discover the truth.