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Best Credit Card Concierge [2024 Review]

Coordinating a foreign trip by yourself can be exhausting and turn out to be a nuisance that keeps you from enjoying the experience. I, too, suffered a disastrous first-time international trip because I was unfamiliar with the country. The hotels I booked were subpar, and the tour could have been more enjoyable.

I started investigating when I returned and found out about the concierge service. I am sharing my findings for the best credit card concierge with you to help you upgrade your quality of life.

Our Top Credit Card Concierge Recommendations 

Turns out, the card network manages the concierge service for credit cards rather than the issuer. You get this service if your card is:

A person holding four different cards
  • Visa Signature
  • Visa Infinite
  • World Mastercard
  • World Elite Mastercard
  • American Express

Concierges can get you sold-out tickets to a coveted concert or seal the deal for a car not on the market yet. I have compiled a list of the cards that offer concierge services for various categories. You can find the best credit card concierge to suit your needs and schedule here.

  • Best Overall: Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Best for Visa Signature: Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Best for Luxury Services: American Express Platinum 
  • Best for Concierge Without an Annual Fee: Capital One QuickSilver Cash Rewards
  • Best for Amazon Enthusiasts: Amazon Prime Rewards Card

Best Credit Card Concierge Overall: Chase Sapphire Reserve

You are entitled to high-tier benefits if you have Chase Sapphire Reserve. It operates on Visa Infinite, which has its benefits. You can call 1-877-660-0905 to contact your concierge for free travel planning, personal shopping, and public transportation guidance whenever needed.

I found that the Sapphire Reserve offers a broader scope and more options in luxury categories than the Sapphire Preferred. Both cards operate at separate network tiers. Although you have to pay a $550 annual fee, you get more benefits than other premium cards with concierge assistance.


  • You get one-on-one assistance for travel and personal routine management. You can continue with your business with a peaceful mind.
  • You get a broader scope of benefits and more options because this card operates on the Visa Infinite network. You get more thorough assistance than cards that operate on the Mastercard network.
  • This card offers more rewards and perks than other travel cards with an annual fee.


  • You have to pay a high $550 annual fee that is second only to Amex Platinum for this category.
  • You can choose other cards that have low or no annual fees if you want to get this card for the concierge service only. You might find it expensive if you are not a frequent flyer.

Best Visa Signature Credit Card Concierge: Chase Sapphire Preferred

You can get the maximum value for the concierge assistance because it is a Chase travel card. Although Sapphire Reserve outsmarts it in rewards, the low $95 annual fee for Chase Sapphire Preferred makes up for it. Also, you are exempt from a foreign transaction charge. This allows you to retain your earnings rather than drain them by paying extra dues.

I used the Visa Signature concierge for this card to plan my local transit during one of my international trips. I was provided with the bus routes, the alternative routes, cab service stops, and areas to avoid. You can use this service to arrange meeting venues and business or personal dinners.

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  • You get premium concierge services against a low annual fee. It allows you to utilize your card to its maximum value.
  • You get significant earnings compared to other travel cards. You get 5x points for travel booked through Ultimate Rewards.


  • This is not the best card in the market. You can get more benefits from Sapphire Reserve with the exact credit score requirement.
  • You can go for cards without an annual fee that offer high rewards, like QuickSilver Cash Rewards. 

Best Credit Card Concierge for Luxury Services: American Express Platinum 

This is the most predictable card to have concierge service. American Express credit card company has its own concierge program, where the American Express Platinum card offers you dedicated concierges. With one of the highest annual fees among the cards listed here, this concierge service specializes in luxurious pursuits.

You can call this service for a last-minute reservation at a renowned, over-booked restaurant. You can also get hard-to-access tickets to an event. Furthermore, you get 24/7 assistance for travel and hotel bookings. 

You can avail of the generous statement credits for various bonus and everyday categories. Remember that you can earn more than or up to $1,500 for travel, dining, fitness, and apparel categories. The Platinum is also the American Express card with the highest credit limit.


  • You get 24/7 concierge service during your travel. You can get guidance for the places you plan to visit and a thorough lay of the land.
  • Your concierges can get you unique items, the best gifts, and top-notch eating places. You don’t have to do the digging by yourself.


  • You incur an exorbitant $695 annual fee. You may find it hard to outstrip if you don’t utilize your card to the maximum.
  • You might feel compelled to spend where you don’t need to, just to increase your reward pool.
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Best Credit Card Concierge for Concierge Without an Annual Fee: Capital One QuickSilver Cash Rewards

I was baffled to find that we get concierge service with this flat rate rewards card. Also, without an annual fee! Seeing as the concierge assistance is offered on high-tier travel cards like Amex Platinum, you get the maximum value.

QuickSilver Cash Rewards card operates on the Elite World Mastercard network, known for travel bookings. You can leave the planning for your next recreation trip to the concierge. They can book hotels and cruises, reserve tourist activities, and guide you through unfamiliar territory.

However, you must not get a card only for the concierge. This card is ideal for frequent road-trippers who like to stay in hotels. You get a 5% cash back on hotels and car rentals. Moreover, you get a 1.5 % cash return on all other purchases. It is a higher reward compared to most other cards in this category that offer only a 1% return.


  • You can get the best trip planning without trying to handle everything yourself.
  • You get a flat rate reward for all travel categories. It compares favorably to other premium travel cards.
  • You get a higher reward percentage for all other purchases. It can increase your reward pool.
  • You incur a $0 annual fee. It helps you to focus more on earning without worrying about paying.


  • You can get a broader reward range with other such cards. There are better options out there.
  • You can receive more beneficial service with a card operating on the Visa network.

Best Credit Card Concierge for Amazon Enthusiasts: Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

You will love this card if you are a loyal Amazon shopper. You can get this card if you are a Prime member at Amazon.com. Contact your concierge at 1-800-953-7392 to access pre-sale items, unique purchases, and advice. Your Amazon store navigation can become more accessible and more advantageous.

A man getting bills on her wallet with some cards on it

We all tend to lose ourselves going through the Amazon web store. I, for once, am guilty of loading my cart with excess shopping instead of the two items I had to buy. Your concierge can shop for you and even plan your weekly or monthly purchases. 

Although this service is particular to top-tier travel cards with a high annual fee, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa is an exception. You get the luxury perks without an annual charge. You get a massive 10% cash back on rotating Amazon categories! Also, you get 5% back on travel and 2% back on restaurants and gas stations.


  • You get inside tips to shop efficiently on Amazon.com.
  • Your concierge can make shopping plans and shop for you. This saves you time to do more productive tasks.
  • You get a 10% cash reward for shopping from rotating categories like the most rewarding cash back cards.


  • You will only benefit a little from this card if you are not a regular shopper at Amazon.com.
  • Although this card offers rewards on everyday categories, you can go for better options with higher cash back percentage.

Features to Consider Before Getting the Best Credit Card Concierge

Operating NetworkAnnual FeeOther Rewards
Chase Sapphire ReserveVisa Infinite$55010x points on travel and dining booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards; 5x points on flight bookings; 3x points on travel, dining, and transit booked without Ultimate Rewards; $300 annual travel credit
Chase Sapphire PreferredVisa Signature$955x points on travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards; 3x points on dining, grocery, and streaming services; 2x points on all other travel
American Express PlatinumAmerican Express$6955x points on flights and hotels booked through American Express Travel; Up to $200 statement credit on Fine Hotels + Resorts; Up to $240 credit for digital entertainment; Upto $180 credit on Walmart + membership; Upto $100 annual credit on Saks Fifth Avenue
Capital One QuickSilver Cash RewardsWorld Elite Mastercard$05% flat rate cash back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel; 1.5% back on all other purchases; $200 credit on spending $500 in first 3 months
Amazon Prime Rewards VisaVisa Signature$010% cash back on rotating categories from Amazon.com; 5% back on other Amazon.com purchases; 5% back on Chase Travel with Prime Membership; 2% back on transit, gas stations, and dining

It would be best if you did not opt for a card solely because of the concierge service. It is an undervalued amenity that many people may need to be made aware of. However, you must consider other features before deciding upon a card. Otherwise, you may be stuck with an inconvenient card.

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Card Type

Concierge services are primarily viable for premium travel cards. If you are a frequent traveler and have an excellent credit score, you can choose the most rewarding card, like Sapphire Reserve.

Furthermore, check the network type for the card you want. There is a difference between Visa and Mastercard concierge services. Also, both Visa and Mastercard are further divided into categories that determine the quality and options of the concierge assistance. 

Quality of Life

This service is all about luxury and a hassle-free lifestyle. Ensure you find all the assistance concierges can give you for a particular card. If you lead a busy life with frequent travel and don’t have time to collect mail or manage appointments, assign them to the concierge.

Since this service focuses on travel-related categories because it comes with travel cards, maximize it. If you pay a high annual fee like Amex Platinum or Sapphire Reserve, you are entitled to a helping hand.

Extent of Convenience

Your card concierge has to ensure your convenience within reasonable limits. Although they can not indulge your whims by hook or crook, they can conduct exhaustive research to secure a hard-to-find table at an eating place. It is rumored that some Amex concierges are friends with the hosts of renowned restaurants.

Your concierge should provide you with complete information. This includes the prices and their breakdown, if any. You should know all the options before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

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Cumulative Card Charges

You might scoff at this because you might think this service is for the affluent. Indeed, you wouldn’t care about charges if you can afford expensive cards like Sapphire Reserve or Amex Platinum. However, everyone adores paying less where they can.

If you have just started your busy lifestyle, you can consider cards without an annual charge like QuickSilver Cash Rewards. 

Related Questions

What Is the Best Concierge Benefit?

The best concierge benefit is time management. You do not have to search for travel, dining, and entertainment opportunities yourself. You just have to call your card concierge and tell them what you desire. They will make it happen, although you might sometimes have to go with alternatives.

Is Credit Card Concierge Service Worth It?

Yes, credit card concierge service is worth it because it makes your life hassle-free. Your concierge can find that sought-after, sold-out concert ticket you wouldn’t have managed to secure by yourself. 

Is an Airport Concierge Worth It?

The airport concierge is worth it as it can quickly get you through the security checks and luggage collection. You may be overwhelmed trying to catch an airport taxi at an unfamiliar airport. The concierge will breeze you through the process and on your way to the hotel.


I recommend Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card as the best overall card concierge. It offers you thorough, detailed research, more options, and a quick response time. You can feel demotivated by its high annual fee. However, the annual travel credit can offset it by more than half.