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Capital One Venture Miles vs American Express Membership Rewards Points

Are you looking for a credit card with the highest reward redemption value? Capital One and American Express cards have the most attractive redemption options. However, which is the best? Bonus question: Are you a traveler?

Read our analysis of Capital One Venture Miles vs American Express Membership Rewards Points to find answers.

Capital One Venture Miles vs. American Express Membership Rewards Points

Capital One Venture Miles vs American Express Membership Rewards Points have several unique features. Both offer lucrative benefits in their respective categories.

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However, both give each other tough competition regarding travel perks and discounts.

Overview of Capital One Venture Miles

Capital One Venture Miles is a simple and flexible program. You earn unlimited miles per dollar on every purchase with the Venture credit cards. You don’t have to stay alert to choose and activate rotating categories like several rewards cards offer every few months.

You can get airport lounge access if you book through the bank’s travel portal. However, Capital One has announced that the Venture Rewards credit card and the Spark Miles for Business card will not have lounge access after December 31, 2024.

You can redeem your reward miles for travel purchases at 1 cent per point. It means that 60,000 miles earn you $600 in Capital One Travel bookings. Or, you can transfer your reward miles to Capital One’s 15+ airline and hotel partners at a higher value conditionally. Other redemption options include:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Purchases through PayPal
  • Statement credit
  • Buying events and venue tickets with Capital One Entertainment

Overview of American Express Membership Rewards Points

The American Express, Membership Rewards program, is famous for its rich rewards and an exhaustive list of transfer partners. With a card like the Amex Platinum, you can earn a high return on travel-related purchases, sometimes up to 11%. The value of Membership Rewards Points is estimated at 2 cents per point. 

For non-travel purchases, the Amex Gold Card, for instance, offers 4x points at U.S. supermarkets and a solid 2 miles per dollar spent on other eligible purchases. This program is best for frequent travelers. They can transfer points to airline and hotel loyalty programs for potential added value.

Besides offsetting travel expenses, you can redeem your points towards:

  • Amazon purchases
  • General online shopping
  • Gift cards for lifestyle and dining purchases
  • Statement credit
  • PayPal purchases
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Comparing Capital One Venture Miles and American Express Membership Rewards Points

When weighing Capital One Venture Miles against American Express Membership Rewards Points, it’s important to consider how they affect your spending habits and travel goals.


  • Both programs offer high points or miles value with their respective travel transfer partners.
  • You can redeem your reward miles or points through multiple options with both programs.
  • Both rewards programs offer access to airport lounges to keep you relaxed and refreshed.
  • Your rewards do not expire until your account stays open with Capital One or Amex. 


  • You can get up to 2 transfer points per 1 Amex reward point when you redeem with their transfer partners, i.e., 2:1. Contrarily, Capital One Venture Miles are transferred up to a 1:1 ratio.
  • Amex has better airline and hotel transfer partners than Capital One. This increases Amex points value. However, Capital One partners with Turkish Airlines, which makes its Miles program attractive.
  • You can choose from several lifestyle brand cards if you redeem Amex points towards gift cards. On the other hand, Capital One is more inclined towards more straightforward options, like Amazon and Capital One Entertainment.
  • You earn a straightforward reward with Capital One. However, Amex offers reward points at flat rates and rotating categories.
  • You can get access to 6 partner lounges at 100+ airports if you pay for travel through Amex reward points. In contrast, Capital One Miles can access the bank’s three lounges at three airports.

Major Distinguishing Factors

  • The points value of Amex membership rewards is higher than Capital One Venture Miles.
  • Both programs have different gift card choices.
  • You get lounge access to several airports using Amex membership reward points. Meanwhile, Capital One Venture Miles allows access to three airport lounges.
  • Amex reward points can have a price cap in some categories. On the other hand, Capital One Venture Miles offers unlimited 2 miles per dollar on routine purchases.

When to Use Capital One Venture Miles

If you ask us, the most significant advantage of this rewards program is its straightforward approach. You don’t need to sift through cards trying to find one that redeems the highest value. When booking travel through the Capital One travel portal, your miles are worth one cent each. This no-frills valuation makes booking flights or hotels easy and transparent.

You can also use your miles to ‘erase’ travel purchases off your credit card statement at the same rate. This feature offers flexibility after your travels are booked. If something unexpected comes up, it could be a convenient benefit.

You can transfer your Venture Miles to one of Capital One’s travel partners if you want more value. Alternatively, you can use this program to redeem rewards for gift cards or cash back. You also get:

  • Alerts about the cheapest flight rates and the best time to book travel.
  • A total price match if you find a cheaper flight than Capital One’s recommended rates.
  • Flexibility to cancel your flight at any time at a nominal fee. You must select this option at the time of booking.
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When to Use American Express Membership Rewards Points

If you want access to luxury lounges, you should use these reward points. Enjoy the tranquility of Centurion Lounges or relax at Delta Sky Clubs when you fly with Delta. Additionally, your points can grant you entry into lounges worldwide through Priority Pass.

However, we recommend redeeming your points for Amex airline and hotel transfer partners. Booking flights or upgrades with participating airlines provides the highest value. Your reward points can also help secure elite benefits with hotel partners. It can make your stay both comfortable and rewarding.

You can also get these benefits:

  • Redeem your points for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry application fees.
  • Points can be used for travel credits to cover incidental airline fees or booking trips through American Express Travel. 
  • You can redeem membership points towards various cosmetics, clothing, and gadget brands.

Which Rewards Program Is Better?

When comparing the two rewards programs, consider what matters most for your spending habits and travel goals. Amex rewards incline towards premium perks while Capital One has a simpler approach. Also, both issuers have prestigious travel partners. Your airline and hotel choices can also impact your decision.

That said, Capital One Venture Miles can be redeemed with its transfer partners at a 1:1 ratio. However, you might get more value if you book your flights well in advance. Contrarily, Amex membership reward points can get you up to a 4:5 ratio with Amex transfer partners. This value is higher than Capital One.

Also, you get a wide range of airport lounge access with Amex points. It compares unfavorably to the three lounges you can access with Capital One Venture Miles. Analyzing these factors, we find the Amex Membership Rewards Points the better reward program.

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Related Questions

Is Amex Platinum Better Than Capital One Venture?

The Capital One Venture Rewards Card is known for its simplicity and generous daily purchase rewards rate. It offers you 2 miles per dollar spent on purchases. However, the Amex Platinum leans towards a higher earning potential on travel. 

You get 5 points per dollar on flights you book with airlines or through Amex Travel. If your spending is heavily travel-oriented, you might find Amex Platinum’s rewards more attractive. It also offers you additional travel benefits and statement credits.

Which AmEx Gets the Most Points?

The Platinum Card from American Express gets the most points among the best credit cards for frequent travelers. You earn a high reward rate of 5 points per dollar on flights and hotels you book with the airline or through Amex Travel. 

It outpaces many other consumer rewards credit cards in this category. Also, its suite of luxury benefits enhances its value proposition if you use the travel-centric perks it offers.

How Good are Capital One Miles?

Capital One Miles is highly regarded for its flexibility and straightforward earnings. With Venture X card, you can earn 10X miles on hotels and rental vehicles you book through Capital One Travel. You also earn 2 miles per dollar on daily purchases, translating to a solid return on spending. 

The strong appeal of the Capital One Venture cards also lies in their easy redemption options. This makes your miles user-friendly and a great choice if you value a straightforward reward approach. 


Capital One Venture Miles is a simple rewards program with straightforward redemption options. Meanwhile, Amex Membership Rewards Points focus on luxury perks. Although both programs offer the best deals in the travel category, you find a difference in the value of redeemed miles and points. Amex rewards program grabs the win here.