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Chase Freedom Credit Card Review

Paying off installments and earning cashback without an annual fee is blissful. I searched for such a card when I got stuck in debt due to my short finances. I knew I had to share it with you when I finally found it. Read my Chase Freedom credit card review now if you want a similar solution.

Chase Freedom Credit Card Review

Chase Freedom credit card review consists of three reviews for the individual members of the Chase Freedom family. All three cards are personal and cashback types. This category ranges from the “dawn of time card” (Freedom Rise) to the “weatherbeaten card” (Freedom Unlimited).

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The most significant feature is that you do not have to pay an annual fee for any of them. That, and their perks, makes it best to clear credit card debts.

Freedom Unlimited Card

You will be right with this card if you love earning while shopping for groceries. If you are like me and want a no-strings-attached card with decent earnings, get it now. Freedom Unlimited Card offers a generous 1.5% cashback on everyday purchases with a $0 annual fee.

Are you loving it already? There’s more. You get welcome bonuses in the form of higher cash back percentages. I was overwhelmed by the card’s intro offer of 6.5% cashback on travel purchases! This, and a 4.5% return on dining and drugstore spending, allowed me to accumulate during my frequent round trips. 

You can use your intro period to pay off a big purchase. This card offers a 0% interest for the first 15 months. It was a blessing as I successfully paid off my new refrigerator. Alternatively, you can direct your cash returns to Chase Ultimate Rewards and pool them for your next trip.

Things to Love 

  • After the intro period ends, you get a 3% cashback on dining and drugstore purchases. You have a significant advantage here if you like to dine out or have a sick relative needing regular medication.
  • You can earn a 5% return on all flights and hotel bookings. It is a lucrative offer considering the $0 annual fee.
  • You can take advantage of the low introductory cash advance surcharge. Transferring balance to or from Freedom Unlimited for 3% instead of 5% is a solid saving.
  • This card has a Visa network, so you are entitled to fraud protection services.
  • You get a free Dash Pass subscription for the first three months. Remember to unsubscribe timely if you don’t want to pay $9.99 monthly.
  • I was reimbursed for my canceled trip due to extreme weather. Apart from that, Freedom Unlimited covers you for damaged purchases and warranty claims.
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Things to Note

  • The 3% foreign transaction fee renders this card useless for international purchases.
  • You must mix and match it with other cards to get a redemption bonus through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Freedom Unlimited does not offer this bonus.
  • You may incur a high APR of 29.99% if you miss a payment.

Freedom Flex Card

It should be your card if you crave reward points without worrying about a high annual fee. It gives you a 5% cashback on rotating bonus categories and another 5% on travel purchases. You must get this card if you are a born traveler waiting for the right fit for your expenses.

I love my Freedom Flex Card mainly because of its variety of rotating categories. You must spend $1,500 to get 5% reward points every quarter. I love juggling my points. However, the manual activation of the quarterly categories might be bothersome. So, consider another card if you prefer a laid-back approach to return gains.

The 0% intro APR and the $0 yearly fee made my experience with this card exquisite. This, and the $200 bonus, went straight to clear an outstanding debt. Also, my dining out experience has taken a significant turn because of the generous 3% cash return it offers. You get a great deal if you are a diner who wants to earn rewards at a zero-annual-fee card.

Things to Love

  • You get a 3% cash return on buying medicines.
  • You get a 5% cashback on Lyft service through March 2025.
  • Freedom Flex offers a $200 bonus after spending only $500 in the first trimester. It is a generous deal compared to other competitor cards requiring $1,000 expenditure.
  • It is the best choice for new travelers who want to earn while booking. This card gives 5% back on flights and hotels. 
  • The best use of this card is to pay installments for a large purchase. It incurs a $0 annual fee, a 0% interest for 15 months, and a 3% intro balance transfer fee.
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Things to Note

  • It has a 3% foreign transaction surcharge, which requires you to keep another no-foreign fee card.
  • You have to stay alert to activate the rotating categories every four months. It can be a hassle if you are an easygoing person.
  • You get little out of it for daily purchases. It offers 1% return cash in all basic categories.

Freedom Rise Card

Are you a student and have just started your first paying job? Do you want to start building credit while earning a bit? Do you want to begin with impressive financial behavior? If yes, then you must have a Freedom Rise Card as your breaking-in card. There are also ways graduating students can build credit before graduating.

Although I can not be approved for it because I am a veteran here, I recommended it to my niece. We opened a Chase checking account with a minimum of $250 in her name before applying for it. Since this card does not require a security deposit, I find it very cheap. Moreover, she just got an increased credit limit after her six-month credit review.

You also get a 1.5% return on all purchases, which compares with the higher Freedom cards. Additionally, you get a $25 credit when you sign up for autopay within the first three months. My niece found it helpful as she did not have to keep tabs to avoid late payments.

Things to Love

  • You do not have to pay an annual fee for Freedom Rise. You can maintain a steady spending stream without the added burden of a security deposit.
  • This card compels you to make timely payments because it has a non-waived 26.99% APR. Besides late fees, you must avoid carrying a monthly balance to avoid the interest rate.
  • The 1.5% cashback is uncapped. It means you can earn as much as you spend.
  • I recommend you to let your return gains collect. If you redeem them early, they will lose value because they convert into Chase Ultimate Reward points. 
  • You can upgrade to the top-tier Freedom family cards once you build an excellent score. You will have a reasonable opportunity of being approved for a house loan that way.
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Things to Note

  • You can only apply for it if you have a good credit history. In case of bankruptcy or default payment charges, look for other options specific to rebuilding credit or ways to improve your credit score. If you don’t have any chance of doing so, you can also opt for some of the best credit cards for those with bad credit.
  • It has a high APR, which prevents you from carrying a statement-to-statement balance.

Related Questions

Can I Use My Chase Freedom Unlimited Card Internationally?

Yes, you can use your Freedom Unlimited card for international purchases. However, it is not recommended because it incurs a foreign transaction fee. It can make your travel expensive. You can opt for some credit cards best for international travel instead.

What Income Do I Need for Chase Freedom Flex?

You must generate enough to cover your monthly bill payments. Although there is no apparent income range, you can safely assume that a good to high income is suitable for Freedom Flex.

Can I Use the 100% Limit on My Credit Card?

Yes, you can use the maximum credit limit on your card if you want to. That said, it is not a wise decision. Utilizing 100% of your credit limit may negatively affect your overall creditworthiness. You can also carry a high balance you might need more time to clear.


You should have Freedom Unlimited as your primary card if you want to earn while taking frequent flights. On the other hand, Freedom Flex is for those who like to maximize their rewards through rotating categories. Finally, Freedom Rise is your go-to card if you have just started your credit-building journey.