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Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card Review

Earning through cashback during travel is an ideal heaven. I stumbled upon this thought almost a year back when searching for a traveler-rewarding card. Also, I was terrified of the high APR. 

Imagine my joy when I found the perfect card. I am sharing my Chase Freedom Flex credit card review here to help you reach a favorable decision.

Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card Review 

It is your go-to card if you are a reward points collector without worrying about high-interest rates. It offers a whopping 5% return on rotating bonus categories plus another 5% on travel purchases. If you are looking for a solid card to begin your journey as a traveler, you have it right here. It’s one of the best credit cards for international travel.

A man calling someone on the phone while holding his credit card

I love to whip my Chase Freedom Flex card out whenever I need an adrenaline-rush-quarterly-shopping spree. You must spend $1,500 to get 5% reward points every quarter. Additionally, you have to activate the categories manually. So, consider another card if you prefer a laid-back approach to earning points.

I have been using this card for a few months now. The 0% APR, the $200 I earned after spending $500, and the drugstore discount are excellent. Also, my dining out experience has taken a significant turn because of the generous 3% cash return it offers. You get a great deal if you are a diner who wants to earn rewards at a no-annual-fee card.

Things to Love

  • Maximum cashback increases your earnings.
  • A 0% APR during the introductory period allows you to pay the credit card debt without a high-interest rate. Chase charges you up to 29.24% APR after it.
  • You get a $200 initial bonus after spending $500 in the first three months.
  • Best for new travelers.
  • A 3% balance transfer fee during the initial period. You have to pay a 5% fee after that.

Things to Note

  • Manual activation of rotating bonus categories requires tracking.
  • A 3% foreign transaction fee can make travel expensive.

Everything Freedom Flex Can Do For You

  • You can make purchases and build credit peacefully without worrying about paying interest. Its $0 annual fee policy for the first 15 months makes it worthwhile to collect reward points.
  • You get almost half your money back within the first three months. I found this offer helpful as I had to pay the installments for a few kitchen appliances. You can get this card if you have to pay for a big purchase.
  • It can cover almost all your travel expenditures. You get five cents back on every dollar you spend on flights, hotels, and rental vehicles. It’s one way to save money on a trip to Florida, for example.
  • You can invite your friends and family for a dine-out without worrying about the budget. Or, you can enjoy a solo fine dining experience. This card offers 3% cash back on dining out expenses.
  • It runs on the World Elite Mastercard network so you can avail of food and grocery delivery services at highly discounted prices. 

Why I Replaced My Previous Card and Why You Should Too

I highly recommend a card switch if you are still a Chase Freedom user. I, too, requested a product change and replaced my old Freedom card with this one. My reasons were:

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  • This new card comes with way better cashback opportunities.
  • I won’t have to fill out a new application form and wait for approval because it was a familiar request.
  • I won’t violate the infamous 5/24 rule Chase has for its cardholders.
  • Switching to a Chase Flex card won’t affect my credit history as I was not closing my account.

However, there is one thing that I found trifling. Your account number changes when you switch from Chase Freedom as this card operates on the Mastercard. The other Freedom cards have a Visa payment network. It is a minor snag, though, in contrast to the amenities Mastercard offers.

Detailed Benefits of Freedom Flex

If you are looking for an award-accumulating power trip, this card is definitely for you. It offers many advantages that tempt you to keep it as your primary card.

Maximum Reward Points

Cashback is the biggest asset for this card. You can get the best of both worlds, i.e., 5% cash back each on fixed and variable bonus categories. Also, you can earn a 5% return using Lyft through March 2025. If you are an optimizer and want to pool your points longer, it can be your choice. 

Moreover, you can redeem your points at any time. The rewards do not expire and remain viable until your account operates. You can redeem your points in any way, from gift cards to Apple or Amazon purchases. However, I prefer paying for Amazon through my Flex card than converting my points into Amazon payments.

The Best Freedom Card for Travelers

Were you putting your traveling dream off because you could not find an efficient card? Well, problem solved! You can save money while touring by booking through this card. This includes dining out, too. The Flex card encourages its users by offering more cashback percentages than some competitor cards.

Worthy Candidate of the Chase Trifecta

A crucial strategy to maximize your benefits is to mix and match this card with other premium Chase cards. I keep experimenting with my Chase Trifecta. However, I have decided to award it a permanent position in this trio. 

There is a win-win hack if you want to get the most out of your Chase Ultimate Rewards program. Get two Freedom cards plus one Sapphire card—or two Sapphire cards plus Freedom Flex. 

This way, you can pool all your reward points on fixed and rotating categories together. Then, you can redeem them through the card that offers redemption rewards. Note that Chase Flex lacks redemption points. 

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Mastercard Amenities

I have paid for Fandango’s streaming service and got a monetary gift back for a few months. Although I don’t use it now, you can use it because it is a World Elite Mastercard benefit.

Apart from this, you can get discounted rides with Lyft and a one-year complimentary membership of Shop Runner.

Additional Perks

Chase allows you:

  • Collision damage waiver. If you refuse collision insurance from the rental company, Chase Bank reimburses you for your losses.
  • You can get up to $6,000 per trip if your tour is canceled or shortened due to eligible reasons.
  • Chase covers luggage loss or damage if you pay for your flight through this Freedom card.
  • Purchase protection for the first 120 days. If you paid through this card and the item arrived damaged or lost, you can claim up to $500 per purchase.
  • Chase covers a one-year extended warranty on products you pay for with this card.

Some Drawbacks to Look For

As there are two sides to everything, the Flex card has its inconveniences. My most significant nuisance is the credit score required to apply for this card. 

Cashback is a quick way to build credit history and, ultimately, the credit score. A beginner needs help to jump-start their credit journey with this card. You should consider a few other disadvantages before finalizing your application for Freedom Flex.

Activation of Bonus Categories

The quarterly rotating categories have to be activated manually. You have to stay alert and set reminders to remember. Otherwise, you might miss them. If you like to juggle your cards and reward points, you can go for this card.

It Is Not an All-Rounder

I will not advise you to use it as a one-and-only card. Especially during travel, you must have a backup card that does not incur a foreign transaction fee. It incurs a 3% foreign transaction fee and a 5% balance transfer fee. 

You Might Need Self-Motivation to Stay Within Your Budget

You may struggle to quell your urge to tap “Buy Now” to accumulate more points. With such attractive incentives, you have only yourself to stop you from indulging in negative financial behavior. You must keep riveting back to building your creditworthiness.

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Comparison With Other Chase Cards

This card compares directly with Chase Freedom Unlimited with the same introductory structure. However, Freedom Unlimited does not offer rotating categories. Instead, it has a 1.5% cashback on all non-bonus categories, while Freedom Flex has only 1%.

Chase Sapphire Preferred can be another comparison, as both are bonus category cards. Despite that, Sapphire Preferred has no $0 annual fee policy against Flex cards. Also, you have to spend $4,000 in the first trimester to earn reward points.

Related Questions

What’s the Credit Limit on Chase Freedom Flex?

The minimum credit limit on this card is $500. It can range over $20,000 depending on several individual factors. Your income and payment behavior are the most significant determinants of the limit Chase Bank allows you.

Is Chase Freedom Flex for Beginners?

Yes, it is best for beginner travelers and one of the best starter credit cards. It offers competitive reward points on travel and dining purchases. However, you should look elsewhere if you are beginning credit building. You need a good to excellent score to be approved for this card.

Does Chase Freedom Flex Have Pre-Approval?

Yes, Chase Bank may send you a pre-approval email if you have enough credit score to be eligible for this card. That, and your credit history, deem you applicable or otherwise for any credit card.


Freedom Flex is the best option for someone who is a points lover and wants to optimize without an interest rate. The travel-related perks label this card as your faithful travel friend. You can save a lot on your next big trip if you have a companion card without a foreign transaction fee.