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Chase Southwest Credit Card Review

Flying with multiple airlines and keeping track of various reward programs and systems is exhausting. I reached this conclusion a year ago when I missed point-earning opportunities. I knew I must become a one-airline person.

So, I investigated and compiled a detailed Chase Southwest credit card review for you. Look at my findings to make an impactful decision!

Chase Southwest Credit Card Review

Chase Southwest credit card review is a review of five different cards. You will find it a lucrative category if you want to be dedicated to a single airline. With three personal and two business cards, you have a wide variety to choose a suitable one. 

A woman sitting on the bed holding a credit card

Although the cards have different annual fees, most do not accrue a foreign transaction fee. All the cards operate on the Visa network to avail yourself of free theft protection.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card

Are you a frequent domestic flier? Or do you love tropical vacations? If you do, then this card is the perfect fit for you. You get 50,000 points, $750 approximately, a welcome bonus after spending $1,000 in the first trimester. You can use them to accumulate 135,000 annual points to take your partner or a family member on a free flight.

The best benefit I found here was the annual $75 travel credit. With a $149 yearly fee, this credit off-loaded my burden to $74 only. Moreover, you get 7,500 yearly points you can use wisely to pay the annual fee. I use public transit regularly when I am not traveling, and I get 2 points per dollar I spend on it. If you rideshare frequently or commute publicly, you must get a Southwest Priority card.

Although you don’t get private lounge access, compulsory upgrades, and free checked bags, you get other perks. I got a 25% statement credit for using in-flight internet for my trip to Denver a few months back. Also, you don’t incur a foreign transaction fee! This factor alone, in my opinion, makes it a solid credit card for international travel.

Things to Love

  • You get credit if you upgrade four times a year based on availability.
  • You get travel coverage for on-the-road emergencies and baggage issues. Trip delays or cancellations can be reimbursed, too.
  • There is no budget cap on reward categories. You can earn as much as you spend.
  • No foreign transaction fee allows you to save money on exotic vacations.

Things to Note

  • A $149 annual fee can offset your earnings if you don’t optimize your card enough.
  • You don’t get luxury airport perks.
  • You can not transfer your bonus points to someone.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card

You should get this card if you are a Southwest loyalist wanting to earn rewards with a reasonable annual fee. You can start working towards the A-List status as soon as Southwest Premier arrives in the mail. You get an intro bonus of 50,000 points after spending $1,000 in 3 months. It can be easy to achieve even if you are a moderate spender like me.

I accumulated points even when I was not flying to another state. I prefer to use public transport instead of driving, which earns 2x points back per dollar. You also get 2x points for billing your phone and internet services through this card.

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Although you do not get an annual travel credit like Southwest Priority, you get 6,500-anniversary points. They are valued at approximately $90. I use the amount towards the annual fee or let them accumulate for a big trip. You can even get a buy-one-get-one ticket if you have 135,000 points at the end of the year.

Things to Love

  • You get two free checked bags on your Southwest flights.
  • You get two free early bird check-ins each year. You should get this card to reach the airport as soon as possible and settle down.
  • You don’t have to pay a foreign transaction fee. This can make your travel so much cheaper and a great tip to save money for a Japanese trip, for example.
  • You get three points per dollar you spend on Southwest purchases.
  • You get reimbursements for trip delays and cancellations. Also, you get coverage for damaged or lost luggage.

Things to Note

  • You must pay a high APR if you carry a balance on your statement.
  • You can not transfer Southwest points to another airline. If you are a frequent global traveler, it can be expensive for you.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card

You should get this card if you:

  • Are a frequent domestic flier
  • Pay the total balance every month to avoid a 29.49% APR.
  • Are looking for a Southwest card with the lowest possible annual fee.

I got Southwest Plus as an entry-level card to collect reward points before getting an A-List card. Despite its high balance transfer and late fee, the $69 yearly fee became my main attraction. You can pay it quickly through the 3,000 end-of-the-year points, though. 

You also get 50,000 welcome points on spending $1,000 in the first three months. I highly recommend that you practice frugality with this card. Use it only for public transit and Southwest purchases instead of grocery and gas stations. You get 2x points for commuting against 1x points on routine purchases. 

Things to Love

  • You can use your points to pay your annual fee through the Chase Pay Yourself Back service. This way, you can save money.
  • You get 120-day purchase protection. This means you can get up to $500 back if your ordered product arrives damaged.
  • Southwest Plus provides a one-year extended warranty for eligible products. Your money would be returned if the product was faulty or lost.
  • You can enjoy a trip with a friend with enough points for a companion pass.
  • You get coverage for trip cancellation, roadside emergencies, and luggage-related issues.

Things to Note

  • You can not attain A-List status with this card. It can hurt your chances of earning in-flight points.
  • It accrues a 3% foreign transaction fee, which makes it an expensive travel card.
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Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card

You are a small business owner who has to fly through the States to close deals, right? You don’t mind paying a substantial annual fee as long as you can collect loads of points? Also, do you want to avoid the hassle of using multiple airlines? If you are that person, you should have this card.

You can forget the $199 yearly fee in the face of 80,000 welcome points and 9,000 anniversary points. Remember that you must spend $10,000 during the first three months to earn the intro bonus. Additionally, you can earn 4 points per dollar for Southwest purchases and 2x on social media advertising. 

You get up to $100 Global Entry credit if you expand your business. One remarkable fact is that there is no foreign transaction fee. So, you can save and earn 2x points on Southwest hotels and rentals. You can add an authorized user, get an employee card, and even a companion pass to delegate work.

Things to Love

  • You can earn tier-qualifying points while flying with Southwest. An A-List status can guarantee you a more enjoyable flight experience.
  • You get four upgraded boardings every year based on availability.
  • You can earn 2x points on phone, cable, and internet services for your office. 
  • If you or your authorized user travel by bus or train, you get 2x points with a Southwest Performance Business card.

Things to Note

  • You are liable to pay $40 for missed or late payments.
  • A late payment can also cause you to pay the default high APR of 29.49%.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card

You must get a Southwest Premier Business card now if you are a small business owner who doesn’t fly frequently. You can benefit from the generous 60,000 points welcome bonus after spending $3,000 in the three-month introductory period.

You can get free employee cards, increasing your earnings through tier-qualifying points. If there are 100 one-way flights on your Southwest Premier Business in a year, you get the revered companion pass. 

You can earn 3x for every dollar on Southwest purchases and 2x points for hotels, commute, and ridesharing. I won’t advise using this card for everyday expenses as it earns only 1x points. Moreover, you can quickly clear the $99 annual fee through the 6,000 card-member anniversary points.

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Things to Love

  • You can earn 1500 tier-qualifying points if you or your authorized employees take 25 one-way flights annually.
  • You can make international purchases cheaper due to no foreign transaction fee.
  • You get luggage and roadside emergency coverage. Also, you can avoid paying for a canceled and rebooked flight. 

Things to Note

  • This card will limit you if you are a frequent Southwest flier. The rewards are less flexible than the Southwest Performance Business card.

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It is easy if you have a good to excellent credit score. However, it can be tricky if you have just started building your credit or have a low score. Although there are some credit cards ideal for those with poor credit, you might want to know how to improve your credit score to get a Chase Southwest Card soon.

Can You Use Southwest Points for International Flights?

You can use the Southwest More Rewards program to use your points towards other flights. That said, you may need to earn more bonus points and save money for a Mexico vacation. You can also burn through existing points quickly.

Does Southwest Credit Card Provide Travel Insurance?

This card provides insurance for trip delays and cancellations. It also covers rental auto collisions, on-the-road emergencies, and lost or damaged baggage.


The Southwest Priority card is the best for personal use due to its power-packed reward ecosystem. However, its high annual fee can put a damper on its perks. The Southwest Performance Business card is best for national business owners. It also provides competitive advantages as you can extend it to your employees.