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Delta Credit Card vs Chase Sapphire

Looking for the perfect travel credit card can confuse and frustrate you. You need one that connects you to renowned airlines and earns optimal rewards. Delta and Sapphire offer both features. Nonetheless, you may not be able to make up your mind.

I have researched and compiled a thorough comparison of Delta credit card vs. Chase Sapphire here. Please read through it to reach the final decision.

General Overview of Delta and Chase Sapphire Cards

Delta and Chase Sapphire are two families of travel cards offered by American Express and JP Morgan Chase, respectively. Delta houses four cards ranging from low to top-tier levels. On the other hand, Chase Sapphire owns two cards of mid-tier and premium statuses each.

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You can enjoy the unique features of one or more of these cards. Whether you are a plane-dweller or an occasional flier, you will find a tailor-made card.

Overview of Delta Cards

You will notice a variety of welcome bonuses for each card. You can choose your pick from 10,000 miles on spending $1,000 in the first six months to 60,000 miles for $5,000. 

The distinguishing feature of the Delta cards from Chase Sapphire is that you earn miles as rewards. You can earn up to 3x miles for international hotel stays and dining. However, I find the Delta redemption of 1.2 cents per mile low against up to 1.5 cents with Sapphire.

You can buy an in-flight snack or Wi-Fi at a 20% discount. Another remarkable fact is that you can check up to nine bags for free! You can carry your shopping spree with you, along with a companion. Top-tier Delta cards allow you to bring one companion on a flight.

Overview of Chase Sapphire Cards

You can easily label Sapphire cards as the two most rewarding cards in the Chase portfolio. Although both incur annual fees, their generous yearly rewards offset them by more than half. Along with a points boost each anniversary, you will go right with any Sapphire card.

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You can add an authorized user for $0 with Chase Sapphire Preferred. The return 10X points you get for hotel bookings and Chase dining also made me rub my eyes. Also, you earn 5x points back for flight bookings through Chase Ultimate Rewards. It is a solid offer compared to the 2x and 3x miles with Delta cards.

Furthermore, you get complimentary subscriptions on Lyft, DoorDash, Peloton, and GoPuff. You are also covered for luggage mishaps and rental collision waivers.

Comparing Delta and Chase Sapphire Cards

You will discover that Delta and Sapphire are similar and different species at the same time. Both host versatile arrays of popular cards.


  • The average APR for both categories is between 20% – 29%. You have to pay a median percentage of your yearly expenses.
  • You can earn rewards for spending on hotel stays and dining out on Delta and Sapphire cards.
  • Both families exempt you from paying a foreign transaction fee so that you can shop and earn easily.
  • You can access airport lounges with Delta and Sapphire.


  • You earn in miles through Delta cards and get return points through Sapphire. 
  • Sapphire cards focus on travel and luggage insurance, while Delta focuses on in-flight discounts, which is one way to take advantage of your free airline miles.
  • Both Sapphire cards incur an annual fee. Whereas Delta Blue and Delta Gold have a $0 annual fee policy.
  • You can earn between 5x and 10x bonus points with Sapphire Reserve. Contrarily, Delta cards earn at most 3X miles. 
  • You get up to $10,000 coverage for a damaged or lost purchase through Sapphire. Comparatively, Delta covers any damage to your cell phone.
  • Sapphire cards offer 1x points on routine purchases, while Deltas offer 2x and 3x.
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Major Distinguishing Factor

The most significant difference between the two families is their rewards system. You can earn miles purchasing through Delta. It can limit you to redeem them during travel only.

On the other hand, Sapphire reward points can be redeemed in various ways. You can:

  • Redeem your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards without diminishing their value.
  • Transfer points to one of the 14 Chase travel partners. You can travel with several airlines as per your needs instead of getting bound by one.
  • Convert your points into gift cards. 

When to Use Delta Cards

You can get a Delta card if you are a frequent domestic flier. It is the first choice for national travelers. You will benefit more if you pledge loyalty and earn during trips. 

You can also get a primary Delta card to avoid the annual fee. You can save money until you accumulate enough miles. Then, you can switch to a high-tier member of the family.

When to Use Chase Sapphire Cards

You can go for one of these if you are a hardcore international and domestic traveler. If you like or need to use multiple airlines, this category is for you. With an emphasis on trip and luggage compensation, these cards are genuine tourist cards.

Also, you should get it to squeeze maximum benefits from your travel card. If you are passionate about having a pool of reward points ready to redeem anytime, you should have this card. Sapphire is one of the best airline credit cards Chase has.

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Which Card Family Is Better?

Both Delta and Sapphire are the ultimate travel-friendly card species. Sapphire cards count among the most rewarding Chase products. They earn up to 10x points, the maximum reward among credit cards. You earn annual cashback you can offset the annual fee with, too.

The Delta family has diverse welcome offers to accommodate occasional to consistent travelers. You get up to nine free bag checks and extra miles on shopping at supermarkets. 

That said, Chase Sapphire outweighs Delta by the number of travel partners, versatile redemption, and maximum rewards.

Related Questions

Is Chase Sapphire Good for Delta?

Yes, Sapphire cards are good for Delta airlines. Although Delta loyalists get priority, you can still earn points flying with them.

Can You Convert Chase Sapphire Points to Delta?

No, you can not convert Sapphire points to Delta. Alternatively, you can transfer points to other SkyMiles partners like Virgin Atlantic.

Does Chase Sapphire Reserve Get Delta Lounge?

Yes, Sapphire Reserve does get airport lounge access. You can get a Priority Pass Select to gain entry.

Final Verdict

Delta and Sapphire are two powerful competitors in the industry of credit cards. Both are similar by exempting foreign transaction fees and interest rates. Despite that, both differ in their reward structure and limit. Consequently, I recommend the Chase Sapphire family as the better contemporary.